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Celeste vs Natasha, round 1

Add to EJ Playlist  Celeste and Natasha make their debuts with KillerCrushes in this scrap filmed a few weeks ago in northern Cali. Natasha comes in with a fair amount of martial arts skill and has the very strong and fit body of a professional dancer, while Celeste is a sexy powerfully built bikini athlete and aspiring physique competitor with legs for days.

Beaten up by a girl

Add to EJ Playlist  6-foot Amazon JC has a special brand of humor, which makes the delivery of her brutal punishment even more humiliating. She totally emasculates poor Tony with a series of schoolgirl pins and scissors, forcing him to get "up close and personal" - against his wishes, of course - as she drives his head into her crotch. And when she gets him into a reverse headscissor, she taunts him by telling him "my butt will be the last thing you ever see". He thought he was headed to heaven, but she takes him to hell again and again, dominating him from start to finish. Oh my. Now available at http://www.kill od

mixed wrestling super asian girl headscissor

Add to EJ Playlist  mixed wrestling super asian girl headscissor

mixed wrestling czech jenny headscissor

Add to EJ Playlist  mixed wrestling czech jenny headscissor

Camel Clutch + Headscissors

Add to EJ Playlist  Axa giving Chloe a nice camel but Chloe uses her strong legs to choke the life out of Axa

mixed wrestling two girls dominate weak guy

Add to EJ Playlist  mixed wrestling two girls dominate weak guy

2014strangle 2

Add to EJ Playlist  首絞め strangle

Choke Out Challenge feet,legs,choke,female,hot,fetish

Add to EJ Playlist  I thought this video clip was pretty nice to jack off too.. especially for all the foot freaks out there. ;)

女催眠術師 相川 葵  頸動脈催眠 太ももで頸動脈をしめる SM催眠術 催眠奴隷

Add to EJ Playlist  女催眠術師 相川 葵  頸動脈催眠 太ももで頸動脈をしめる SM催眠術 性転換 催眠術 メルマガを登録すると限定の特別 催眠動画を限定300名にプレゼ ­ント中 http://cdsform. jp/Idl/fr/0002/ us6pnO 現在10分無料カウンセリングを 実施しておりますのでお気軽にお ­電話ください。  無料レポートプレゼント  「女催眠術師の催眠術のかけ方」 ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ━━━━━━━━━━━━     「女催眠術師の恋愛商材を読んで もモテ男にならない理由」 ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ━━━━━━━━━━━━ 03-6434-1323 催眠メンズエステヒプノ http://ameblo.j p/aoi-hipuno/ 脱毛、リラクゼーションコースも あります 恵比寿ヒプノセラピールーム http://hipuno.j p/ 催眠術体験、うつ病、ED、イン ナーチャイルドセラピー、お仕事 ­の悩み相談などマインドセット 、NLPなど 悩んでいないでどんなお悩みでも 解決に導きます 催眠術の教科書 http://催眠術かけ方.c om/ アメブロ http://ameblo.j p/aoi-hipuno/ フェイスブックで友達申請をして くださると初回1000円割引に ­なります 相川葵で検索してください

Women using Jiujitsu in the Movies

Add to EJ Playlist  A montage dedicated to some dangerous ladies kicking ass on film using Brazilian JiuJitsu techniques.

Basic Crucifix Submission Techniques Tutorial (No Gi Grapplng / MMA)

Add to EJ Playlist  This is a (No Gi) Grappling / Submission Wrestling tutorial that covers some basic submission techniques from the crucifix position, useful in many No-Gi Sport Grappling, & MMA style competitions as well as general street Self-Defense. For more tutorials on no gi grappling & Brazilian Jiujitsu, visit Tess's channel at: http://www.yout lhamer For more tutorials on advanced Full-Contact striking for Kickboxing & MMA, visit my channel at: http://ww.youtu er

New Mixed Wrestling Catfight - Angelina wrest HD

Add to EJ Playlist  world wrestling,wrest ling world,world championship wrestling,world of wrestling,world wrestling federation,worl d wide wrestling,wrest le world,wrestle inc,wrestling diets,masters of wrestling,wrest ling tv,wrestling movie,wrestling poster,mixed wrestling petra,mixed submission wrestling youtube,bodybui lding women wrestling,women mixed wrestling,mixed oil wrestling,Catfi ght

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