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Lingerie Fighting Championships

Add to EJ Playlist  Some highlights from past LFC events.

girls in the bar fight

Add to EJ Playlist  sexi girls gorgeous fight fight

Sisters Catfighting. In red dress (21) her younger sister is (18)

Add to EJ Playlist  Watch as these two sisters try to dominate the other. The action gets real, so check out the whole video folks. I couldn't believe what I was filming when they got going.....

Gor Slave Girl Fight

Add to EJ Playlist  fight in the bar scene from Gor for a feature over at lasertimepodcas

Lingerie Fighting Championships' Suzanne "Hawaiian Punch" Nakata

Add to EJ Playlist  With her muay-thai and ju-jitsu background, Suzanne is a formidable opponent! See more Lingerie Fighting Championships at the official LFC web-site: www.lingeriefc. com.

Lingerie Fighting Championships' Tara "Guillotine" Gaddy

Add to EJ Playlist  The LFC's Tara Gaddy may be small but she packs a big punch! Just ask coach Arik Loegen. See more at www.lingeriefc. com

CATFIGHT / Female WRESTLING discussion on TALK SHOW pt. 1

Add to EJ Playlist  Prude audience of judgmental females don't make it easy for the guests on this show.

America Olivio & Julia Voth on Bitch Slap Pt.1 of 3

Add to EJ Playlist  America Olivio, Julia Voth, & Erin Cummings on Bitch Slap Pt.1 of 3

America Olivio & Julia Voth on Bitch Slap Pt.2 of 3

Add to EJ Playlist  America Olivio & Julia Voth on Bitch Slap Pt.2 of 3

Steph vs Cindy Test of Strength

Add to EJ Playlist  Test of Strength with Submission Hold Be Sure to like and comment!

TRAPT "Bring It" From New Album "REBORN"

Add to EJ Playlist  Download "Bring It" on iTunes in your country here! http://smarturl .it/Trapt-Rebor n and get TRAPT's NEW ALBUM "REBORN" Produced by Everything Entertainment Directed by our good friends in six finger films, check out their other work www.sixfingerfi

Revenge in Mind Video Preview

Add to EJ Playlist  View all my Preview Videos - http://www.monr - I had lost my first ever two matches........ twice....... to Savannah Scissors....... ....and had..........Re venge in Mind! The way this match worked........i s that the winner of the first competitive fall........... .which lasted a whopping 10 minutes........ ....then controlled the rest of the match in a scripted fashion. This was a hard fought one!


Add to EJ Playlist  commercial starring natalie denise sperl. .com/name/nm091 2420/

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