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Little White Lies - Official Trailer (HD)

Add to EJ Playlist  http://www.jobl - "Little White Lies" - Official Trailer A near-fatal accident leaves one friend in the hospital while the rest go on their annual vacation. But their secrets and personal grief threaten to drive them apart. Director: Guillaume Canet Writer: Guillaume Canet Stars: Jean Dujardin, François Cluzet, Marion Cotillard and Benoît Magimel Copyright @ Europa Corp.

Dedemin İnsanları Filmi Tek Parça

Add to EJ Playlist  Ozan, Egede küçük bir sahil kasabasında yaşayan 10 yaşında bir çocuktur. Girit göçmeni dedesi Mehmet Bey nedeniyle arkadaşları onunla gavur diye alay etmektedir. Yalnız kalmaktan korkan Ozan, başta dedesi olmak üzere ailesine kızar Biz Türküz. diyerek onlara kafa tutar. Ozanın dedesi Mehmet Bey, kasaba eşrafından, saygın bir adamdır. Kasaba halkına kol kanat gerer, sorunlarıyla ilgilenip, onlara yardım eder. Hoşgörürsüyle bilinen Mehmet Bey torununun bu durumundan dolayı üzülmekte ve endişe duymaktadır. Mehmet Bey daha yedi yaşındayken, ailesi zorla topraklarından kopartılmış, mübadeleyle Giritten göçmüşlerdir. Mehmet Beyin en büyük arzusu ölmeden evvel doğduğu toprakları görebilmektir. Bu özlemle sık sık içinde mektuplar olan şişeleri Egenin mavi sularına bırakmaktadır. DEDEMİN İNSANLARI, küçük bir kasabada yaşayan on yaşında bir çocuk ve dedesi aracılığıyla, bir ailenin ve bir ülkenin geçirdiği büyük değişimi anlatıyor. Kalabalık ve sıcak Ege insanlarının hikâyesini izlerken, mübadeleye, öteki olmaya, nereye gidersen git bir yere ait olamamaya, iki yakaya, çok sayıdaki azınlığa, ihtilallere, bir defa daha ama bu kez farklı bir yerden bakacaksınız.

The Turin Horse Trailer

Add to EJ Playlist  The Turin Horse Trailer of the movie directed by Bela Tarr and Agnes Hranitzky. A rural farmer is forced to confront the mortality of his faithful horse. The Turin Horse Trailer and more infos on www.cinemaguild .com/theatrical / m.

We Need to Talk About Kevin (2011) Trailer

Add to EJ Playlist  UK trailer for Lynne Ramsay's We Need to Talk About Kevin, in UK cinemas from this October.

WIN WIN: Official Trailer

Add to EJ Playlist  Tom McCarthy's WIN WIN, starring Paul Giamatti and Amy Ryan, is released March 18th by Fox Searchlight Pictures

Poetry - Official Trailer [HD]

Add to EJ Playlist  Subscribe VA7 | Facebook VAQ | Twitter VBU Release Date: 8 January 2011 Genre: Drama Cast: Jeong-hie Yun, Nae-sang Ahn, Hira Kim Director: Chang-dong Lee Writers: Chang-dong Lee MPAA: N/A Studio: Kino Pictures Plot: A drama centered on a woman at the end of her life in search of new meaning. Subscribe Now: http://www.yout ption_center?ad d_user=trailers

The Tree of Life Movie Trailer Official (HD)

Add to EJ Playlist  http://Twitter. com/ClevverMovi es - Follow Us! The Tree of Life hits theaters on May 27th, 2011. Cast: Brad Pitt, Jessica Chastain, Sean Penn, Fiona Shaw, Crystal Mantecon, Tamara Jolaine, Joanna Going, Jackson Hurst From Terrence Malick, the acclaimed director of such classic films as "Badlands", "Days of Heaven" and "The Thin Red Line", "The Tree of Life" is the impressionistic story of a Midwestern family in the 1950's. The film follows the life journey of the eldest son, Jack, through the innocence of childhood to his disillusioned adult years as he tries to reconcile a complicated relationship with his father (Brad Pitt). Jack (played as an adult by Sean Penn) finds himself a lost soul in the modern world, seeking answers to the origins and meaning of life while questioning the existence of faith. Through Malick's signature imagery, we see how both brute nature and spiritual grace shape not only our lives as individuals and families, but all life. The Tree of Life trailer courtesy Fox Searchlight Pictures.

Barney's Version Movie Trailer Official (HD)

Add to EJ Playlist  http://Twitter. com/ClevverMovi es - Follow Us! Barney's Version hits theaters on December 31st, 2010. Cast: Paul Giamatti, Dustin Hoffman, Rosamund Pike, Minnie Driver, Rachelle Lefevre, Scott Speedman, Bruce Greenwood, Saul Rubinek, Jake Hoffman, Anna Hopkins, Cle Bennett, Harvey Atkin, Mark Addy, Maury Chaykin, Macha Grenon "Barney's Version" is the warm, wise, and witty story of Barney Panofsky, (Paul Giamatti), a seemingly ordinary man who lives an extraordinary life. A candid confessional, told from Barney's point of view, the film spans four decades and two continents, taking us through the different "acts" of his unusual history. There is his first wife, Clara, (Rachelle Lefevre), a flame-haired, flagrantly unfaithful free sprit with whom Barney briefly lives la vie de Boheme in Rome. The "Second Mrs. P.," (Minnie Driver), is a wealthy Jewish Princess who shops and talks incessantly, barely noticing that Barney is not listening. And it is at their lavish wedding that Barney meets, and starts pursuing, Miriam (Rosamund Pike), his third wife, the mother of his two children, and his true love. With his father, Izzy (Dustin Hoffman) as his sidekick, Barney takes us through the many highs, and a few too many lows, of his long and colorful life. Not only does Barney turn out to be a true romantic, he is also capable of all kinds of sneaky acts of gallantry, generosity, and goodness when we - and he - least expect it. His is a gloriously full life, played out on a grand scale. And, at its center stands an unlikely hero - the unforgettable Barney Panofsky. Barney's Version trailer courtesy Sony Pictures Classics.

Dogtooth - Official Trailer [HD]

Add to EJ Playlist  Release Date: 25 June 2010 Genre: Drama Cast: Christos Stergioglou, Michelle Valley, Aggeliki Papoulia, Mary Tsoni, Hristos Passalis, Anna Kalaitzidou Director: Yorgos Lanthimos Writers: Yorgos Lanthimos, Efthimis Filippou Studio: Kino International Plot: A hyper-stylized mixture of physical violence and verbal comedy, Dogtooth is a darkly funny look at three teenagers confined to their parents' isolated country estate and kept under strict rule and regimen — an inscrutable scenario that suggests a warped experiment in social conditioning and control. Terrorized into submission by their father, the children spend their days devising their own games and learning an invented vocabulary (a salt shaker is a "telephone," an armchair is "the sea") — until a trusted outsider, brought in to satisfy the son's libidinal urges, plans the seeds of rebellion by trading VHS tapes for sexual favors. Subscribe Now: http://www.yout ption_center?ad d_user=trailers

Four Lions by Christopher Morris - Official Trailer

Add to EJ Playlist  ON BLU-RAY, DVD Four Lions tells the story of a group of British jihadists who push their abstract dreams of glory to the breaking point. As the wheels fly off, and their competing ideologies clash, what emerges is an emotionally engaging (and entirely plausible) farce. In a storm of razor-sharp verbal jousting and large-scale set pieces, Four Lions is a comic tour de force; it shows that-while terrorism is about ideology-it can also be about idiots. http://www.amaz ions-Special-Ed ition-DVD/dp/B0 ­03M8OHVA https://www.fac ocanaluk https://www.twi canaluk

HUNGER Trailer (2008) - The Criterion Collection

Add to EJ Playlist  Featuring an intense performance by Michael Fassbender, Hunger, about IRA member Bobby Sands's 1981 prison hunger strike, is an unflinching, transcendent depiction of what a human being is willing to endure to be heard. Learn more: http://www.crit /477

Maria Larssons eviga ögonblick - trailer

Add to EJ Playlist  Maria Larssons eviga ögonblick (Uwiecznione chwile) - trailer

The Jacket Trailer

Add to EJ Playlist  Trailer for the movie 'The Jacket'. Starring Brad Renfro, Adrien Brody and Keira Knightley. For more information on Brad Renfro visit http://www.brad

Dark Horse trailer

Add to EJ Playlist  http://www.voks Three teasers from Dagur Káris Cannes winner Dark Horse. A quirky comedy about Daniel, a graffiti artist who falls in love and suddenly has to make some very grown up decisions.

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