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Briggs & Stratton on NITRO

Add to EJ Playlist  3hp lawnmover engine souped up with some nitro fuel


Add to EJ Playlist  Testing the rev limiter and launch control....tryi ng to find the right settings actually. Check my other videos and website

GSXR kart TURBO test run

Add to EJ Playlist  Test drive to adjust the A/f mixture. Check my other videos

Baruch 6x6 - dunes again - makeing doughnuts

Add to EJ Playlist  The rig is now 6x6 but can be 8x8 if needed. The problem is that this car is less then 3 tons, combined with 8 big wheels and 550 BHP engine, it has very little grip (when off-roading) on rocks. I posted 2 new flicks after braking the master drive shaft and the third axle drive shaft. you can see that on 4x4 and 2x4 not enough power is being deliver to the ground. hopefully when going to 6x6 each wheel will have more weight on it, giving it more grip.

UNIMOG action at the testtrack

Add to EJ Playlist  This is a Unimog rushing through 3 feet of water at the Unimog testtrack in Oetigheim, Germany

Turbo Go Kart

Add to EJ Playlist  10 sec Turbo Go Kart up Santa pod

ese road train wapo

Add to EJ Playlist  estos camiones son de america i australia i de por ai les llaman road train traduciendotren de carretera

home built twin shaft gas turbine kart

Add to EJ Playlist  This is a video of my bud Dave Rosenlund driving my gas turbine powered gokart. The engine gas producer uses a VT-50 turbocharger coupled to a JFS-100-13a power turbine assembly. The output shaft is run 2.6:1 via chain drive to a jackshaft driving 2 coupled centrifugel clutches which in turn drives the live axle at 6:1 (low speed gear) :). If there is interest shown in this video I have other (night time runs) video showing higher speed runs. Feedback or questions are welcome. Thanks for watching! Bryan Midgley


Add to EJ Playlist  This is a short video of a 1998 yamaha G19 electric golf cart with a 2.5 inch lowering kit from ManBoobsRacing. com. We reached 50.5 miles per hour down this hill. The suspension from ManBoobs racing handles perfectly and can take some serious G's. To get a kit for your cart go to www.manboobsrac The kit on this cart is the newest, with adjustable caster and camber. It is sweet!!!

Jet Kart !!!

Add to EJ Playlist  http://www.tekk | güncel otomotiv haberleri


Add to EJ Playlist  Another one for you jet junkies.

Briggs and stratton running on nitromethane

Add to EJ Playlist  This tired, old two stroke didn't run that well so my friend and I decided we would try something more powerful... Yes, I know the sound is messed up for some reason. It was fine when I uploaded it and was fine for 110,000 views. the problem is on youtubes end, not mine.

6x6 Max climber 2

Add to EJ Playlist  This one is going up turning around and coming down the grassy, and muddy about a 45 degree hill

small jet engine

Add to EJ Playlist  turbocharger based jet engine

500cc GoKart

Add to EJ Playlist  Youtube removed my audio, that was the best part. Gokart ripping up the grass.

Small Oscillating Steam Engine

Add to EJ Playlist  Made from bar stock in the home machine shop on a Sherline lathe.

Pocket jet engine

Add to EJ Playlist  File from http://www.puls b2/ p?t=1748&postda ys=0&postorder= asc&start=75&si d=4a541af3cb5de 90cff2f34fa0670 bfed respect for the constructor: steve


Add to EJ Playlist  gokart w/jet engine

NOS for everyone

Add to EJ Playlist  NOS commercial for all applications from your early 90s dodge daytona 4 banger, 79 IMP Mercruiser Marine Motor, or early 80s Briggs mini bike for the kids.

Truck trial Milovice

Add to EJ Playlist  Truck trial race from Czech Republic

GSXR 1100cc TURBO Go Kart

Add to EJ Playlist  The first start up for my gsxr kart with turbo. The kart has launch control and rev limiter

Expirimental cross-country vehicle ZIL-Э167 (6x6)

Add to EJ Playlist  Expirimental cross-country vehicle ZIL-Э167 (6x6)


Add to EJ Playlist  well here ive been design this goped for a few months now and i finally just put it in progress so here it is!! it not finished as you can see i still have alot of work ahead of me so on here is a 6.5 HP lifan engine that im turbo chaging and putting NITROUS as well i built the chassis from 1 1/4 square tubing racing go kart slick, live axle set up ect. ect so i will post updated vids thanks for looking comment me please with any suggestions

A Tesla Turbine

Add to EJ Playlist  A small model of Tesla's bladeless turbine.

Truck Trial Chříč, Vránov

Add to EJ Playlist  video from Czech truck trial race

Crazy flip

Add to EJ Playlist  Kids doing flips in go kart

homebuilt gas turbin3

Add to EJ Playlist  turbocharger jet engine

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