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"Good Morning Beautiful"- WALTER A. MANGLONA (Cover)

Add to EJ Playlist  A cover I did of Steve Holy's "Good Morning Beautiful". If you like my rendition please subscribe, share, and leave a comment. Thanks. Add me- lter A. Manglona Jade Pro Studios.

"NEVER LEAVE" (Official Music Video) by Walter A. Manglona

Add to EJ Playlist  This is the official music video for my original song "Never Leave".

Davita C. Manglona- Miley Cyrus "THE CLIMB" cover

Add to EJ Playlist  A cover song performed by Davita C. Manglona. Recorded @ Jade Pro Studios. Davita is the daughter of local artist Dean Manglona from the island of Rota.

CHAMORRO SUPERMAN- Dean Manglona, Walter Manglona featuring Cliff Atalig

Add to EJ Playlist  This is the official music video for our hit song "CHAMORRO SUPERMAN" featuring my brother Dean Manglona, cousin Cliff Atalig & myself. The music video was produced right here in the beautiful...

"MY PICK UP LINE"- Walter Manglona-Tommyboy Atalig-Ben b


NO ONE ELSE COMES CLOSE- Walter A. Manglona (Cover)

Add to EJ Playlist  A music video I did of one of my favorite songs. I hope you like it. My personal rendition of Joe's "No one else comes close". Recorded at JADE PRO STUDIOS.

ABE MARIA SONG by Walter A. Manglona (Chamorro)

Add to EJ Playlist  My rendition of a Chamorro church song called "ABE MARIA". Special thanks going out to Maria T. Salinas, Manuel Mesa, Mila Garin, Remy Bowie & Maria Aldan. I would also like to thank my family...

Chamorro - Walter Manglona - Kao Para Taiguini

Add to EJ Playlist  Sunidun Sankattan Siha Na Islas MariĆ„nas (Songs of the Northern Marianas) I do not own the copyrights to this song. It was uploaded for entertainment purposes only!

Walter A. Manglona- (Music Video)- IT'S YOU I MISS

Add to EJ Playlist  A song featured in my latest album featuring Nate. The video was shot in Saipan. Special thanks going out to Aqua Resort/Hyatt for allowing me to shoot @ your hotel. People featured in this...

GIBC Adrienne Francisco Vs Jordan Manglona Fight 10

Add to EJ Playlist  GIBC Boxing Tournament June 8, 2013 Micronesia Mall Adrienne Francisco Vs Jordan Manglona.

Dean Manglona - Let Me Know

Add to EJ Playlist  I DO NOT OWN THIS SONG & i am not dean manglona i got this song from my cousin in saipan,Chek it out.


Add to EJ Playlist  Another rendition of "RIGHT HERE WAITING" by Richard Marx. Featuring Chamorro Rapper Pete "Badu" Magofna and Mistah-A.S.I. Special thanks to D. Sablan for participating in this project. Special...

Kamikaze Tribute - George Manglona Highlights

Add to EJ Playlist  Fighting out of Tinian, Northern Mariana Islands, George "Kamikaze" Manglona.

Everyone is Someone (Benita Manglona)

Add to EJ Playlist  This is the first in a series of members of the administration who tell their story, and why they are grateful for the inclusive leadership of "the governor for everybody." "I was a nobody...

INSTANT TEASE CONCERT CLIPS! Walter Manglona, Tommyboy, Ben, Dean, Cliff, RokJuan

Add to EJ Playlist  Clips from some of our biggest concert events! Guam, Saipan, Australia, and Japan. Instant Tease live! Dean Manglona, Tommyboy Atalig, John "Rokjuan" Guerrero, Cliff Atalig, Benjamin Norita,...

I WON'T GIVE UP (Jason Mraz) Cover by Walter Manglona

Add to EJ Playlist  A cover I did of a song by Jason Mraz called "I won't give up". One of the best songs I've heard in a long time.

Chamorro - Walter Manglona - Podang Japanese

Add to EJ Playlist  Sunidun Sankattan Siha Na Islas MariĆ„nas (Songs of the Northern Marianas) I do not own the copyrights to this song. It was uploaded for entertainment purposes only!

keli "the tinian bad boy" manglona

Add to EJ Playlist  Trench tech "rights of passage 3" watch dis guy get knocked out by a bad boy.

shawn paul manglona n chris blas (Alcoholic cover)

Add to EJ Playlist  shawn paul manglona and christian blas, chamorros, guam boys, 2012 nd seniors, 2012 notre dame high school, alcoholic song.

Shawn Paul Manglona and Christian J. Blas

Add to EJ Playlist  Shawn and CJ singing at a pep rally.

Project 1: Never Let You Go- Walter Manglona (cover, acapella)

Add to EJ Playlist  Just something I did cause I stayed awake for no reason whatsoever...bu t yeah, I hope you guys enjoy it. Pardon my speech impediment, I was sleepy and I couldn't think properly. So please...

Tisha and Tasha Manglona

Add to EJ Playlist  Multi Culture Day at Clovis High.

Manglona starts role as hospital CFO

Add to EJ Playlist  For over twenty years the Guam Memorial Hospital has faced flatlining finances but their newly appointed chief financial officer is confident they can overcome the financial challenges.

How to Love-Lil Wayne (cover) by Austin Sablan & Shawn Manglona

Add to EJ Playlist  This is a Cover of "How to Love" by Lil Wayne. By Austin Sablan & Shawn Manglona. Thank you for watching, please like, comment, or subscribe:)

I Dream of Sparring (An Allen Manglona Sparring Highlight)

Add to EJ Playlist  Allen Manglona June 2013 Sparring Highlights "Indian Boy" by The WIsemen (Gautier Masure, and Alexis Crepin) https://soundcl menband/the-wis emen-indian-boy all rights reserved,...

JSA Stanford Thomas Manglona Final Exam Speech - Zero Tolerance Policies

Add to EJ Playlist  This extemporaneous speech was delivered by Thomas Manglona II from Saipan, CNMI at the 2014 JSA Summer located at Stanford for Dr. Files-Thompson' s Speech and Political Communication Class....

(A cappella) "STAY A WHILE" - Walter Manglona, Tommyboy A., Ben B

Add to EJ Playlist  A short original a cappella song we did. Hope you'll enjoy it.

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