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The mare Kara meets the stallion Jón and gets covered right away

Add to EJ Playlist  Find us on Facebook - and like...if you like ;) http://www.face Pferdezucht-Hof -Geitaskar%C3%B 0-Island/392546 930831124 About this video: This is how it all comes about, horses mating. The black pinto mare was brought to the stallion 20 sec's prior to the recording. Recording date: 2012.07.22

Timoneiro et Lollipop

Add to EJ Playlist  Première saillie de Timoneiro

Saillie de Kirina par Angelo du Bessin. 3ème essai réussi

Add to EJ Playlist  Saillie de Kirina par Angelo du Bessin. Dernière tentative qui fut la bonne

Cobertura de garanhão da raça crioula

Add to EJ Playlist  Vídeo realizado na Fazenda Cabeceira do Prata (Jardim-MS). Cobertura do garanhão Quebra Freio de Santa Angélica x Guiada do Capão Bonito, ambos da raça Crioula. A égua do Capão Bonito estará à venda no II Leilão União da Raça Crioula, no dia 14 de abril de 2012 durante a Expogrande, em Campo Grande MS. Mais informações: http://www.faze ndacabeceiradop ou no site: http://cavalo-c


Add to EJ Playlist  ABDON E UMA JOVEM ÉGUA NO CIO! The objective of video is show how the stallion identifies a mare in heat. O objetivo do vídeo é mostrar como o garanhão identifica uma égua no cio. El objetivo del vídeo es mostrar cómo el caballo identifica una yegua en celo. September 23, 2011 - Brazil

O cavalo Tarado!.3gp

Add to EJ Playlist  senador la rocque-ma_ _ _ _ _ _ _ GFR _ _ _ _ _ Produçoes gidel-freitas@h


Add to EJ Playlist  The objective of this video is to show how a stallion engages in sweet after play with his beloved mare. El objetivo de este vídeo es mostrar cómo un caballo se dedica en dulce después de jugar con su yegua querida.


Add to EJ Playlist  Video shows new mares in the reproduction process. This is the first phase of these mares.


Add to EJ Playlist  Video showing stallion and mares in the process of mating. Video mostrando garanhão e éguas em fase de acasalamento. Video que muestra el garaño y las yeguas en el proceso de apareamiento.


Add to EJ Playlist  Natural Horse Breeding. Horse in Nature... Monta Natural de Caballos y Yeguas. Yeguadas Gameleira. Brasil...

Young Stallion Breeding

Add to EJ Playlist  See http://equineno "CD's Lil Playboy" .... first mare

Presenting New Mare to Stallion

Add to EJ Playlist  Presenting our old mare, Sunniva 324 (the red one with white face), to the stallion Nero. Since our mare is so old and experienced (and failed to get pregnant several other times) we had only intended her to tend as company for the younger mares, but it seemed like the stallion seemed much more interest in our mare and mounted her after she entered his pen. The owner of the other horses has to use a whip to hold the stallion back, as it's breeding season and we can't risk him running out.

Breeding horses - Friesian Gaby and Noris

Add to EJ Playlist  Připouštění kobylky Gaby a hřebce Norise


Add to EJ Playlist  Das die Beine der Stute festgebunden sind, liegt daran, dass es sonnst eventuell austreten kann und somit den Hängst gefährden könnte.

ELEVAGE Nepal - Saillie Laïka 2011

Add to EJ Playlist  Saillie de Népal sur Laïka le 05 juin 2011 aux Chevaux d'Edoras

Cavalo correndo a égua

Add to EJ Playlist  Esse vidio gravado numa fazenda no municipio de Heitorai-GO. O dono da égua é companheiro Casio, gente boa. O rapaz de azul tava com ciúme da égua,sem contar na dó que ele fico dela.

Horse Mating Huge Stallion

Add to EJ Playlist  My Horse mating a famous french stallion in Normandy !! Look forward to see the foal in 11 months !! ^^

Twillars and Mini Lilis love story part 2

Add to EJ Playlist  horses,Mating, greece, markopoulo, baurwna, first time

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