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Mixed wrestling... wrestle this

Add to EJ Playlist  Watch the gorgeous woman with a million dollar smile take down the man who dared challenge her

Mixed Wrestling, Mat Grappling, Intergender Wrestling

Add to EJ Playlist  Mixed Wrestling, Mat Grappling, Intergender Wrestling Go to: show_items.asp? Category=5 Mixed Wrestling Mat Grappling by Sexy Woman. Technical wrestling mat grappling mixed wrestling match with sexy female in bikini. For more great mixed wrestling visit Steel Kittens Productions.

Women Wrestler # Bikini Girls Mixed Wrestling

Add to EJ Playlist  For most of its history, women and men would rarely compete against each other in professional wrestling, as it was deemed to be unfair and unchivalrous. Andy Kaufman used this to gain notoriety when he created an Intergender Championship and declared it open to any female challenger. This led to a long (worked) feud with Jerry Lawler. In the 1980s, mixed tag team matches began to take place, with a male and female on each team and a rule stating that each wrestler could only attack the opponent of the same gender. If a tag was made, the other team had to automatically switch their legal wrestler as well. Despite these restrictions, many mixed tag matches do feature some physical interaction between participants of different genders. For example, a heel may take a cheap shot at the female wrestler of the opposing team to draw a negative crowd reaction. In lucha libre, cheap-shots and male-female attacks are not uncommon.[17] Intergender singles bouts were first fought on a national level in the 1990s. This began with Luna Vachon, who faced men in ECW and WWF. Later, Chyna became the first female to hold a belt that was not exclusive to women when she won the WWF Intercontinenta l Championship. While it is a rare feat in WWE, in TNA, ODB participates in singles intergender matches.

Figure Four Headscissors

Add to EJ Playlist  some girl putting the squeeze on her friend

Good mixed wrestling with strong male but stronger female

Add to EJ Playlist  This Channel Female Wrestling Show and videos Database. You can watch Show from for free here.

U S Mixed Wrestling 1

Add to EJ Playlist  This Channel Wrestling TV Show and videos Database. You can watch Show from for free here.

Bikini Girls Mixed Wrestling

Add to EJ Playlist  This Channel Wrestling TV Show and videos Database. You can watch Show from for free here.

Basic Triangle Chokes & Submissions Tutorial - No Gi / BJJ (Tess Kielhamer)

Add to EJ Playlist  Hi guys, Tess here! A lot of you have requested that I start making tutorials, so I decided to partner up with Kwonkicker to bring you guys some basic grappling tutorials (No Gi Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu). There are many effective ways to grapple in a variety of different martial arts styles. The techniques I demonstrate in these tutorials are just some of my personal favorites that work well for me. Thanks again for watching! And remember to subscribe to see more weekly videos! Tess Kielhamer: http://www.yout lhamer Kwonkicker: http://www.yout ker

she scissors him.flv

Add to EJ Playlist  help me!!http://www. scissorvixens.c om/scissorvixen stheater/videos /svdl_432_tande m_school_girl_s cissors/svdl_43 2_tandem_school _girl_scissors. htm download full video mixedwrestlingp lanet. com scissorvixens. com FIGHTINGDOILS.C OM crushwrestling. com

LAW030 Kat vs Rolin Mixed Pro Wrestling Match

Add to EJ Playlist  Kat vs Rolin in a Mixed Pro Wrestling Match at LadiesAllProWre

Stronger woman mixed wrestling scissor.mpg

Add to EJ Playlist  Stronger woman mixed wrestling scissor


Add to EJ Playlist  Pippa Lvinn V Mr Marvelous in a mixed wrestling match, Full version available at: http://www.clip io/29745

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