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Ashfur AMV - 3 Libras (750+ Subs)

Add to EJ Playlist  This was going to be my 800 subs video but i'm to impatient to wait for 14 more subscribers XD Anyway this video only took a few weeks. The first minute or so was pretty half assed so don't judge. I do not plan on using such a slow song for amv ever again -_- Song is called 3 Libras by A Perfect Circle


Add to EJ Playlist  *UPDATE* Ok so thank you for all of the feedback. But please just remember, I DID NOT MAKE THIS! I just reposted it because someone told me it was unavailable on kaidogryu's channel. Kthanks :) Ok peeps! Hi again! As most of you know, the Ashfur Mr.brightside video posted by ryulovestsute is unavailable. Please let me know in the comments if it becomes available by ryulovestsute and i promise i will take it down!! And i wasnt the one who thought of reposting it. thank you sunsplash51 for telling me it was unavailable and to repost it! Ok, if you have any concerns of the subject, please tell me and or ask me in the comments.

Warriors AMV: Ashfur's Diary of Jane

Add to EJ Playlist  OVER 50,000 VIEWS!? STOP IT THIS ISN'T EVEN GOOD AAGHHGHGH EDIT 2: 35,000 VIEWS!? I LOVE YOU GUYS! :3 EDIT: 12,000 views? THANK YOU!!! BEFORE ANYONE SAYS ANYTHING I DID NOT STEAL THIS! I AM XLBP2GAMERGIRLX AND I AM RE-UPLOADING THIS ONTO MY ALTERNATE ANIMATING ACCOUNT SO THERE. This was supposed to be finished like 7 months ago but I got extreme artblock and didn't work on it for a long time. So this is my Warriors AMV about Ashfur. AND BEFORE ANYONE ASKS: I love Ashfur. I think he's awesome. I don't give him any crap about going insane. In fact, I think I love him even more when he's insane. But mainly because I never liked Squirellflight. She's always been an annoying brat, even before she dumped Ashfur. Anyway, Ashfur is probably one of my favorite characters and it was hard for me when he died. But I don't hate Hollyleaf for killing him. I love Hollyleaf a lot too xD Please don't argue with me about this crap. I don't care about your opinion. I'm not saying mine is any more important than yours, but if you'll respect my opinion, then I'll respect yours. So please NO comments about "AAAW BUT SQUIRRELFLIGHT IS AWESOME AND ASHFUR SUCKS BAAAWWWW" or any of that crap. You can hate Ashfur if you want, but there's no need to shove it in everyone's faces. OKAY! now that my rant is done... I personally really like how this came out. This is definitely the first AMV I've ever finished with it actually turning out pretty decently. True, I was a bit lazy at some parts, but I worked my butt off, nonetheless, and I love it. so I don't own the audio or the characters blah blah but I own the animation and NOBODY IS ALLOWED TO USE THIS ANYWHERE WITHOUT MY PERMISSION! and yeah. the end.

Ashfur AMV ~Fairytail~

Add to EJ Playlist  [ok im turning the comments back on but please please please stop arguing. Ashfur is a douchenugget. end of story.] *looks at views.* ... ... ... *dies* ITS DONE ITS DOEN ITS DONNNNNNNNNNNNN NNNNEEEEEEEE *passes out* Okay, I realize that this video isn't the best ever, but I worked hard on it for you guys, so if you don't have anything nice to say, don't bother. I will take constructive criticism, But I pretty much know everything wrong with this video. (P.S. Stupid doesn't count as constructive ) Programs used: Gimp, Windows Live Movie Maker

Lost In You (Ashfur AMV)

Add to EJ Playlist  Lost in you - Three Days Grace This was a commission from Vitane of DA. (Dunno your YT XD) And before anyone asks, commissions are closed. I for one dislike Ashfur, and love Hollyleaf and Squirrelflight, so if you leave a comment hating on Squirrel/Holly don't be suprised when I back them up. This is pretty much the fastest I've ever made a full length AMV and I'm pretty damn happy about that. X3 Most of this was very lazily put together though, and it does show. All characters drawn and animated paint. Photoshop was used for the backgrounds.

what if ashfur wanted to break (warriors AMV)

Add to EJ Playlist  (*DISCLAIMER* I DO NOT OWN THE SONG NOR CLAIMOWNERSHIP FOR IT I AM JUST A FAN) anyway first off guys sorry for the suckish quailty , but since I'm back with my good ol craputer I cant save anything high quailty without it shutting down, deleting it or crashing =.='' anyway tis an ashfur tribute =D so be warned for spoilers ashfur is actually one of my fave cats I hate how everyone now hates him, I'm mean yea what he did was mean but, he never went through withit and he wasnt always bad he was driven into madness by squirrelbetch =.= besides there are plenty of cats that have done waaay worse! anyway ill stop my rant before i get carried away XD cats in this video ashfur squirrelflight hollypaw brambleclaw *** song: the kill by 30 seconds to mars *** animation(c)me warriors(c)erin hunter omg so many honors @.@ thanks you guys #25 - Most Discussed (Today) #6 - Most Discussed (Today) - Entertainment #61 - Most Discussed (Today) - Entertainment - Global #16 - Most Discussed (This Week) - Entertainment #2 - Top Favourited (Today) #59 - Top Favourited (Today) - Global #1 - Top Favourited (Today) - Entertainment #16 - Top Favourited (Today) - Entertainment - Global #51 - Top Favourited (This Week) #6 - Top Favourited (This Week) - Entertainment #34 - Top Favourited (This Month) - Entertainment #23 - Top Rated (Today) #2 - Top Rated (Today) - Entertainment #53 - Top Rated (Today) - Entertainment - Global #6 - Top Rated (This Week) - Entertainment #86 - Top Rated (This Month) - Entertainment

Ashfur AMV ~ Che Guevara (offical 100th video + 2255subs!!)

Add to EJ Playlist  ~*~*~*~*~*~PLEA SE! READ THIS!!~*~*~*~*~ *~ Woot! I have FINALY reached 100 videos...83...a ctualy the line have been passed ages ago, if I wouldn't have been deleting some useless videos... But yeah... This shall be -finaly- my offical 100th video! I bet that it's not unclear, what the video is about =3 Yeah... I bet you guys would have expected for Eeveelutions video or friend tribute...^^; Sorry if I let you guys down this time... But yeah... Why AMV? As everyone knows (or at least them, who follows AKA Stalks me) I uploaded "Ashfur AMV ~ Go-Getter **PREVIEW**" video months ago... Why you haven't seen anything else/new of it? Well... The truth is I have -maybe- lost ALL the files for that forever..:c So...I decided to do something else, which would replace it and this was it ^^ Also for that Go-Getter AMV... I might RESTART it LATER...'cause I honestly like the idea ^^ So I hope -as many of you- that I one day restart it and POSSIBLY finish it! I am really glad, how this turned out =3 One of my BEST videos so far! I maybe wonder how many thinks how mousebrain "I was mousebrain", because I didn't use Flash...xD Well... It would HONESTLY have taken maybe more time to finish it...^^; And another reason why I didn't want to use Flash is that I wanted to practice timing with Windows live Movie Maker... Sorry about that there's few parts, which doesn't "follow" timming 3= Oh, and I bet that many are going to complain about desings (possibly Brambleclaw's) I...DON'T...FRE AKING...CARE!! That's the way I INMAGE them!! So, if you have something to say about, go then else where seeing someone else's desings. For example, I have seen that one have done BROWN Firestar, LIGHT brown Hawkfrost, PURPLE eyed Ravenpaw and so on. So... If you're going to complain about that to me, THEN BE GOOD AND GO COMPLAIN FOR THOSE TOO, who DOESN'T follow descreptions of the cats!! If you have something to ask, feel free ^^ But for now... Enjoy!^^ Also... If you don't mind, COMMENT! If you liked, LIKE!! If you want more videos, SUB!!! Programs: For Drawing/Animati ng: MS Paint 7 For Editing: Windows live Movie Maker Time taken: 2weeks and 5days Music/Song: Che Guevara Artiste/Singer: Happoradio

Ashfur Can't Decide

Add to EJ Playlist  I DO NOT OWN THE AUDIO AND AM PROTECTED UNDER THE FAIR USE STATEMENT. Original(video) : http://www.yout =2zDY-x4Ltn8 This version: http://www.yout =o7OE01D5IPE&fe ature=related of the comic is also pretty awesome. Either way, this isn't my meme; don't ask me if you can make one, guys. ^^;;;; I saw this comic and thought that it fit Ashfur perfectly, so this mini-AMV was created~ Song: I Can't Decide by the Scissor Sisters

ashfur's hellfire [warriors: AMV]

Add to EJ Playlist  please dont forget to vote for me today ^^ thankyou: http://kingofwe 4139555 looks like I wasnt the first person to animate ashfur to this please check out hawkstorm 221's version its epic: http://www.yout =2RzkPALKEHk&fe ature=related more of a video to test out sony vegas than an animation but I kinda like it. cats in this video: ashfur squirrelflight bramleclaw leafpool firestar jayfeather hollyleaf lionblaze hawkfrost {starclancats you see) brindleface bluestar yellowfang (random right?) brindleface is also the starclan cat at the beginning programs used: photoshop paint sony vegas jasc GIF animator warriors(c)erin hunter art/animation(c )me song-hellfire: the hunchback of notre dame

Warriors - This Is War (EXTENDED)

Add to EJ Playlist  Eh, this is all i've done and will ever do of this video. A lot of it is poorly done because i'm lazy xD Don't ask me to finish it. I've started a new project and i hope i will have it up by christmas xD. song is by 30 Seconds To Mars

Warrior Cats AMV: Z O M B I E

Add to EJ Playlist  CATS IN ORDER OF APPEARANCE: 0:25 ~ Jayfeather 0:47 ~ Flintfang 0:52 ~ Badgerpaw 1:08 ~ Brambleclaw 1:10 ~ Tigerstar 1:11 ~ Hawkfrost 1:20 ~ Tigerstar again 1:25 ~ Brindleface 1:30 ~ Cloudtail 1:32 ~ Daisy 1:34 ~ Dustpelt 1:37 ~ Firestar 1:39 ~ Ashfur 1:40 ~ Squirrelflight 1:41 ~ Barmbleclaw again 1:44 ~ Sootfur 1:49 ~ Squirrelflight again 1:54 ~ Birchfall/paw idk 1:56 ~ Brightheart 1:58 ~ Cinderpelt 2:01 ~ Leafpool 2:20 ~ Squirrelflight again 2:25 ~ Hollyleaf 2:31 ~ [Background] Leopardstar 2:35 ~ Jayfeather 2:38 ~ Lionblaze 2:41 ~ Greystripe 2:43 ~ Silverstream 2:48 ~ Stormkit and Featherkit 2:50 ~ Feathertail 2:53 ~ Crowpaw[feather ] 3:02 ~ Feathertail again 3:04 ~ Tigerstar 3:16 ~ Firestar 3:26 ~ Hollyleaf 3:27 ~ Ferncloud 3:28 ~ Mousefur 3:29 ~ Spottedleaf 3:30 ~ Firestar 3:31 ~ Sandstorm 3:38 ~ [Left to right] Ivypool, Bumblestripe, Dovewing, Leafpool, Greystripe [He's in the corner] 3:42 ~ Bramblestar Song: Zombie - Miser Time Taken: Around 4 months Programs: Paint Tool Sai + Ms Paint + Adobe Premier Elements 7 + Photoshop

Hollyleaf - Sober (Warriors AMV)

Add to EJ Playlist  P!nk - Sober Made using MS Paint, and Photoshop at some points to blur things. Wow, I actually finished a full length video in less then a year! 8D I'm proud of myself. Plenty of pictures and animations in this that I hate, buuut I'm too lazy to redo them... YouTube fawk the quality up a bunch. Aaaaand, I know the effects can make your eyes hurt, but there's only so much you can do in Paint and Windows Movie Maker. :I Please don't bother to comment about the anatomy, I don't totaly suck at it, (I'm not great, but this video is just a poor excuse of what I can do), but I would have never gotten this done if I didn't do a poor job on some stuff. XD Also, I hate Ashfur, so don't bother with the stupid "HOW COULD SHE HAVE DONE THAT B'AWWWWWW"

Hollyleaf AMV - A Demon's Fate

Add to EJ Playlist  Edit: This is the original video, please don't bash people who reuploaded this video, I had taken it down for a while and gave them permission at the time! Thank you! D: that was painfully long. PAINFULLY. Anyways, It's done! Yay! ^u^ This is for my 1500 subscribers video, thank you all! Hollyleaf was cool. My birthday was on Feb 10th so I took the day off and after realizing that I don't have a permit so I was pretty much stuck at home, I sat down and animated THIS :D Pshhh it only took twofrickin'mont hs. xD Anways. yes. The reason I had it end like that was because now we have read that she in fact did not die. Also because Adobe Premiere wasn't working properly today so I couldn't add the rockfall animation. xD Butwhatever. Cats in Video: Hollyleaf Lionblaze Jayfeather Crowfeather Brambleclaw Leafpool Squirrelflight Breezepelt Nightcloud Cinderheart Ashfur Song: A Demon's Fate by Within Temptation Programs: Ms Paint 7 for animations, Adobe Premiere for special effects, Paint Tool Sai for backgrounds, and WMM6 for compiling! :D Art(c) Wyethcat Warriors(c) Erin Hunter

HOLLYLEAF AMV --- Quiet Like The Snow...

Add to EJ Playlist  IT'S DONE. HUZZAH~! I FINALLY FINISHED SOMETHING Well, here ye go, my first ACTUAL ANIMATION. I'm actually a bit proud of it (FOR ONCE) at the moment, but I'll probably hate it and be embarrassed about it in a month : D Time Taken -- About 3 months Frames -- 280 Programs Used -- Photoshop 7.0 , Windows Movie Maker , Audacity Voice Actors -- Scartalon9712 (Hollyleaf) Sasuke9tailedwo lf (Leafpool , Cinderheart , Jayfeather , Hollyleaf at one point) Song -- Quiet Like The Snow by The Devil Wears Prada I'M GOING TO GO DO NOTHING NOW. BAI-O~! ------ Yeyyy! Honours : D #42 - Most Discussed (Today)) - Canada #1 - Most Discussed (Today)) - Film & Animation - Canada #32 - Most Discussed (Today)) - Film & Animation #4 - Most Discussed (This Week)) - Film & Animation - Canada #27 - Most Discussed (This Month)) - Film & Animation - Canada #2 - Top Favorited (Today)) - Canada #1 - Top Favorited (Today)) - Film & Animation - Canada #10 - Top Favorited (Today)) - Film & Animation #45 - Top Rated (Today)) - Canada #2 - Top Rated (Today)) - Film & Animation - Canada #44 - Top Rated (Today)) - Film & Animation #3 - Top Rated (This Week)) - Film & Animation - Canada #27 - Top Rated (This Month)) - Film & Animation - Canada

Cinderpelt - Teardrops On My Guitar

Add to EJ Playlist  Taylor Swift - Teardrops on my Guitar PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THAT I STARTED THIS OVER A YEAR AGO. And that no animation is new. As the last one I finished in this was over two months ago. So this video dosn't quite show off my full skills as an animator. Some animations are obviously lazly thrown together, some just don't make a lot of sence. (Like Fireheart/star walking away, but not going any where! XD) However, I do really love this video, and I spent a lot of time on it If you do not belive that Cinderpelt was in love with Firestar, that's your problem. However, it was hinted at quite a bit in the book, so I belive she did love him. These are my veiws, and I'm sorry if you do not follow them. Also, I know that Cinderpelt was never all super emo about loving him, however, fo the sake of making an entertaining video, I had to make her that way. One last thing, I'm actually not a huge Cinderpelt fan. Infact, I quit dislike her. I think she was an annoying apprentice. After her accident I started to like her, but once she became a medicine cat she just got annoying. As you can see, I have no idea how to draw badgers. I made the badger look too much like a dog. XDDDD Cats in the video, in order: Fireheart/star Cinderpelt Sandstorm Brackenfur Ashfur Graystripe Longtail Brightheart Cloudtail Sorreltail

.:Yellowfang:. AMV .:Eet:. [Thanks for the 645 Subs!]

Add to EJ Playlist  Read Please c: I do not own nor claim to own the audio used. Audio used under "Fair Use and Nonprofits". Ffffff I worked my butt off on this thing, the past 4 days have been me sitting and doing most nothing be working on this. And I am still not very happy with it xD I forgot Raggedstar's eye marking in one scene...first time animating fire.....first time animating a colored full amv in pse..... ono Special Thanks To~ Wyethcat for the character idea Luckdragon01 for chatting with me and offering help while I animated this Googlyeyeseyes1 23 for chatting with me whilst I animated And to everyone else who watched my stream of this while it was being worked on Cats In Video Yellowfang (the dark grey she-cat with yellow/orange eyes) Raggedpelt/Ragg edstar (the lighter brown tabby with yellow eyes) Brokenkit/Broke ntail/Brokensta r (the dark brown tabby with yellow eyes) Lizzardstripe (pale tabby she-cat with yellow eyes) Fireheart (orange tom with green eyes and darker markings) Cinderpaw/Cinde rpelt (light grey she-cat with blue eyes) Bluestar (blue-grey she-cat with nicked ear and blue eyes) Yellowfangs Two Unnamed Kits (the silver tabby she-cat and the dark grey marked she-cat) Spottedleaf (tortishell she-cat with amber eyes) Ashkit (dark grey dappled kit with blue eyes) Fernkit (light grey dappled kit with green eyes) Yes, I know Yellowfang looks black in the video, but she's a dark grey. Her ears are supposed to progress from hardly marked to tattered (time passing). Info- Programs Used- PSE7 & PSE8, WMM Tools- Bamboo FUN Tablet Song- Eet by Regina Spektor Art & Animations (C) Myself

.:Snowfur x Thistleclaw:. AMV .:Kiss It All Better:.

Add to EJ Playlist  READ c: Audio Used Under "Fair Use & Nonprofits" Audio (C) He Is We Anyways... Finished :D Whatisthisafull videoin3weeks? Don't get used to this speed. o3o I tried a different sort of style with this. Sorry that there isn't much animation. (fffoneofthelip syncsgotmistime dwhenitsavedbut ohwell). Thanks for the 400+ subs ^u^ This was mostly just practice for me with PSE7 and cats. As I don't typically animate with either. Special Thanks To... Wyethcat for the character idea, adding the texture, for making that amazing opening, & for making me finish this quickly *cough*harassme nt*cough* o3o3 duvchu And to EverySingleNigh t on DA for introducing me to this song Cats In Video -Snowfur/Snowpa w -(the one with the bright light blue eyes) -Thistleclaw/Th istlepaw -(the one with the orange/amber eyes) -Bluestar/Bluef ur -(the one with the deep blue eyes) -Whitekit/White paw/Whitestorm -(the one with the pale blue eyes) Warrior Cats (C) Erin Hunter/Harper Collins Publishing Song- Kiss It All Better by He Is We Art, Animation, & Texture- Myself NOTE: We ended up using Sony Vegas 9 for the texture because Premiere was being uncoopperative. Ffffff... I love this pairing. And I chose the ending with him going to StarClan (like he originally did, he was one of the cats who gave Tigerstar his 9 lives) so no complaining about that c: --------------- --------------- --------------- ---85+ minutes of uploading later.... EDIT: Since I know this seems to be a big controversy with both the He Is We fans and is confusing to some people watching the AMV, the song is about a man who kills his lover's murderer. NO, it is not about a man killing his own lover c: I was going to post the lyrics with an explanation, but youtube won't let me because it makes the description too long.

firepawXspottedleaf -broken [warriors AMV]

Add to EJ Playlist  REUPLOAD like i promised, moving all my warrior cats videos here to save them from my account deletion this is 1 of many: origonal description: i do not claim ownership for the song ~ well this is to say thanks for your paitence for my lack of videos latley! few- anyway sorry it repeats a bit at the end but i just wanted to get this over and done with the song is broken by - amy lee and seether i know someone requested this but i cant remember who sorry got this done so fast thanks to colouring help from demondbunny - so go thank her if you like it! :3 also i got permission from silverthepuppy to use that awesome okami type style on my starclan cats- so thanks for the brilliant idea and letting me use it .;cats in this video:. firepaw bluestar spottedleaf

brambleclaw and hawkfrost feel like monster (warriorsAMV)

Add to EJ Playlist  REUPLOAD this is actually one of my favourites personally just the animation was stuff id never tried before back then~ origonal description: disclaimer:ido not claim the audio or own it!!!! time taken on vid: 6 hours and 30 mins approx *few* finally got this done, worked really hard on this one so tell me what you think ^^ cats in this video: tigerclaw hawkfrost brambleclaw firestar redtail ravenpaw ashfur song: feel like a monster-skillet warriors(c)erin hunter animation(c)fli ghtfootwarrior zomg honors @w@ #29 - Most Discussed (Today) #2 - Most Discussed (Today) - Film & Animation #14 - Most Discussed (Today) - Film & Animation - Global #5 - Top Favourited (Today) #61 - Top Favourited (Today) - Global #2 - Top Favourited (Today) - Film & Animation #8 - Top Favourited (Today) - Film & Animation - Global #47 - Top Rated (Today) #4 - Top Rated (Today) - Film & Animation #23 - Top Rated (Today) - Film & Animation - Global #12 - Top Rated (This Week) - Film & Animation

Mapleshade AMV - Beautiful Lies

Add to EJ Playlist  EDIT: Sorry bros, this is the real one. xD I should really learn to label things rather than just praying I have the right "Untitled" file :D Your eyes have not mistaken you, I have finished this. *eyes the group of people on who watched me to this* Yussss, soooo Mapleshade! o3o I like the cat. But I also like Ivypool. And Adobe Premiere. Yes. :D Viewer 58, I see you. "well 21kittyluver is the greatest" Cats: Crookedjaw Mapleshade DeadKitten Your mother Ivypool

Silverstream AMV ~A Thousand Years~

Add to EJ Playlist  EDIT: Oh my god guys I had no idea something like this would happen ;w; thank you so much for all the support and views and favorites and comments and just I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH THANK YOU HAH! I bet you weren't expecting this, now were you? :3 This is the reason I've been so dead and I've been slaving over it for about a month now =w= I first heard the song and the only thing I could think of was "Perfect Silverstream AMV" SO I MADE ONE :D I really hope you guys like this, it's probably the first real quality video I've given you (besides Kokoro) and yeah c: I know, some of the anatomy is funky and the lip-synching isn't that great but please don't knock me about it ;w; I'm a lazy person I don't own Warriors in any way, shape or form Nor do I own the song in any way shape or form Characters: Silverstream, Graystripe, Featherkit, Stormkit, Fireheart and Cinderpelt Song: A Thousand Years by Christina Perry Animation: MilleniumDream Made in: GIMP and iMovie Here's some individual pictures :3 http://milleniu mdream.devianta #/d4n7ng6 http://milleniu mdream.devianta #/d4n7nm1 http://milleniu mdream.devianta #/d4n7nu9 http://milleniu mdream.devianta #/d4t5nrg http://milleniu mdream.devianta herkit-and-Stor mkit-341223765 Enjoy :D

ωну ∂ι∂ уσυ ¢нαηgє? (longtail.darkstripe.tigerclaw)

Add to EJ Playlist  Gotta love the quality of footage after being rendered 4 times in various programs -Info in the credits -I was so lazy through half of this I forgot the notch on Longtail's ear like 5 times -Scene with Tigerclaw jumping forward is from Felidae/Lion King. I don't take credit for it. Have fun. Copyright Disclaimer, Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for 'fair use' for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

MOTH'S WINGS Warrior cats AMV

Add to EJ Playlist  this is my personal favorite out of my AMVs The song is Moth's Wings by Passion Pit programs were paint tool sai, flash cs5 and sony vegas 10 comments will remain closed for now, please dont ask me to open them

Warriors AMV - Dimstar's Past - The Device Has Been Modified

Add to EJ Playlist  EDIT 9/25/13: I want nothing to do with Warriors anymore. I will no longer be making any more Warriors videos at all and will be working on things I find more important to my personal life. EDIT: THIS IS VERY OLD GUYS. It's of my character Dimstar and his whole life. owo Well, the good parts anyway. This took about a week with at least 10 hours of work, I believe. O.o Please enjoy. I hope the audio doesn't disable. o.o NOW FOR THE COPYRIGHTS Music - The Device Has Been Modified (c) Victims of Science Art, all mine except a few pics at the end Warriors, Wariror cats, ShadowClan (c) Erin Hunter (c) Teksuthewerewol f1202/violetheh edgy678 (c) Theblackangel07 (c) PEV1015 (c) Azul10166 Video, most of the art, and all characters (c) Me, Urnam7

Sandstorm PMV: Listen to Your Heart

Add to EJ Playlist  Anyways, I would be a dirty, blasphemous liar if I said that this wasn't inspired from Kitten's 9000 subscriber video. But I watched it, and remembered the song and thought "Omg Sandstorm" and then this happened

Hollyleaf AMV: I'm Not The One

Add to EJ Playlist  can we pls stop the warrior wars i dont care if you think/dont think holly is evil get over it pls

Warrior Cats AMV: Slipped Away :FeathertailxCrowfeather:

Add to EJ Playlist  Programs: - Paint Tool Sai - Adobe Premier Elements 4 Songs: - Slipped away by Avril Lavigne - When your gone - Avril Lavigne Time taken: - 4-6 months aprox

Complete Comatose MAP

Add to EJ Playlist  Because then I realized that I should have added the names to the description/vid eo BEFORE deleting the list with the old video. *Headdesk* Oh well. Most of the names are in the opening (Thank you, w

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