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When I come Around: FULL Warriors MAP

Add to EJ Playlist  PARTICIPANTS: (In order of animations) 1: Silverwolfnyght 2: Silverthepuppy 3: Silverthepuppy 4: Meepalso 5: KivaYama 6: flamthecat 7: flamthecat 8: xxCaztooTheKitt enxx 9: megkingo 10: ButterflyDemure 11: Silverwolfnyght 12: Faustina A 13: HulluRichie 14: LunaWolfArtist 15: EnchantedLocket 16: Silverwolfnyght 17: warriorcatslide s 18: Bluekyokitty 19: BoonanaKat 20: BoonanaKat 21: SoulClanWarrior 22: mediocre potato 23: TaigatheCat 24: Grimdark69 25: Silverwolfnyght Thank you to everyone who participated! This turned out so great oh my goodness ; __ ; i didn't watermark each specific part with the artists name because premier would crash every time i tried so sorry about that guys! i put them above. ahh this was very long awaited i think, so i hope everyone enjoys! --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- ----------- DO NOT reference, trace, copy, recolour or repost any of these pictures or animations without the original artist's permission. Respect their work! Thanks x

Warrior Cats Trailer

Add to EJ Playlist  EDIT: disabling comments. first off i am giving credit to whitedranzer91 for this idea. i got this idea from her, and i asked for her permission before making this! nwn oh well i thought this would be a good idea to practice my editing on. i took some clips from upcoming meps, amvs and old videos and mashed them together. hope you like it! audio from deadspace NOTE: there is no warriors movie coming out, and this is NOT an official trailer!

Snowtuft AMV: Human Sacrifice

Add to EJ Playlist  READ THE DESCRIPTION~ I know Hawkfrost AND Snowtuft killed Hollyleaf but I admit I forgot to draw Hawkfrost in there, and also this is aimed at Snowtuft, so I changed it. get over it??? thanks. Song - Sweetbox: Human Sacrifice Programs: Adobe Premier Elements and Paint Tool Sai

Brambleclaw - Mercenary

Add to EJ Playlist  Oh, Brambleclaw. You rapscallion you. Song : Mercenary - Panic! At the Disco -- Follow me on DeviantART - http://alphabet -zoo.deviantart .com/ -- **I Do not own the music used in this production. Music rights belong to original owners**

Spottedleaf's Goodbye - COMPLETE MAP {HD}

Add to EJ Playlist  NOTE: Spoilers for Warriors: The Last hope. Watch at own risk! This MAP tells the story of one cat, a special medicine cat, Goodbye, Spottedleaf. AKA Spottedglomp, Spottedbitch, Spottedsnatch and RIP ex-Spottedslide . Wow finally. I had a heard time trying to upload this thing. Well, a hard time RENDERING it. IT. WOULDN'T. RENDER! And now the quality is messed up FFSSSSS. For some reason it won't render properly in 1080P, sadly, but oh well. 720 P here we go. Wow! Thanks everyone for entering this! A huge shout out and thanks to DreamRising and DuskleafFire for FINISHING A BACKUP PART IN LESS THAN A DAY, ONLY A FEW HOURS YET THE PARTS STILL LOOK AMAZING! BEMotionArts was originally in this and I was originally going to finish her part, but because I was so busy I had to find a replacement. Sorry! D: SOme parts are better quality than the others. The ones who sent me their videos via sendspace have better qualities. Once again thanks everyone! This MAP was one big chaos LOL cause of my other account losing all parts. Now moving on to chaos 2 - -the great escape! xD The ending was a secret and sadly the quality is ruined. D: Voice acting: Spottedleaf: Me Firestar: Nick (Yes, fangirls, it's Longtail! XD ) Yellowfang: Faustina A / GJKou Enjoy! Song: Avril Lavinge - Goodbye (Edited to be longer)

ιη тнє αιя тσηιgнт

Add to EJ Playlist  song: in the air tonight by phil collins another hawkfrost and ivypool video because why not

Squirrelflight - Surprise

Add to EJ Playlist  I started this like a couple months back but I took a break and when I came back to working on it I hadn't drawn cats in a while so I was kinda shakey thus the long necks I'm gomen! Allllllllllllll so guys the end wasn't supposed to show Squirrelflight killing him It's just her mourning his body

Cinderpelt - Just a Game

Add to EJ Playlist  -Edit: Please forgive the edting mistakes, I couldn't fix them- PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION BEFORE COMMENTING!!! Hi everyone! Okay, I know a lot of you are upset with me for not uploading this soone

{MAP} Ashfur & Squirrelflight || Love is just a lie {COMPLETE}

Add to EJ Playlist  Here's the complete version of Love is just a lie map. I had to re-render it and right now it's completely out of sync. I don't have the original file anymore.

Warriors MAP Ʈɦɨȿ Łǿ˅ƹ, Ʈɦɨȿ ɦąƮƹ [complete]

Add to EJ Playlist  before you say i am ruining this quality let me explain you a thing i had a lot of trouble exporting this from my video editing program, so I had to basically render twice......aka worse quality than I would have liked but whatever its done im glad this is off my computer. thanks so much to everyone who helped out, offered to help, or whatever ^u^ im really happy i was able to do this. Song is "This Love, This Hate" by Hollywood Undead also sorry you won't be able to see it if you live in Germany :^(

[COMPLETE] ECHO - warriors map

Add to EJ Playlist  Song is Echo by Jason Walker, I do not own it nor claim to. WOWOW Thanks to everyone that entered, every part was incredible `v` & Sorry about the part quality, some of them got significantly reduced I really don't know what else to say but thank you!!!! This was completed quickly (by my standards) and very well, so everyone thank you ghghghghgh uvu Next MAP to be finished is the warriors video, after that it's enemies!

Cinderpelt PMV - Blame it on the Rain

Add to EJ Playlist  EDIT: Whaa, how can a PMV like this get 1500 likes and 93 000 views? I never thought I could make anything with so many views. :o Noo, Youtuberuinedmy crappytiming... :/ But make sure to watch in HD. Sorry, but no animation this time. :( Anywayz here´s the project, that took me way too long, considering how bad it is. But I guess it´s okay since it´s the first PMV I´ve ever made. When I heard this song I found it fitted really well with Cinderpelt´s crush on Fireheart. So it´s just about Cinderpelt and Fireheart, but I tried to fit something else to it as well. And also I read the first 6 books of Warriors over a year ago so obliviously I couldn´t fit many actual scenes to this. But I improvised! Here´s the story: Cinderpaw gets hit by a car and wakes up in the camp with an injured leg. She gets sad, but then notices Fireheart walking in her direction and she gets excited. But then he walks past her to talk with his new apprentice Cloudpaw. She goes back under the bush and starts sadly drawing hearts in the sand. Well, then later Yellowfang comes and asks her to help with the injured cats after some random battle. Cinderpaw goes embarrassed and wipes the hearts off the sand and follows Yellowfang into the medicine den. When all the cats are treated Yellowfang leaves to collect some marigold or something... Then Fireheart comes in the den. Apparently he was the last to get his wounds treated. Cinderpaw starts treating her, but then Sandstorm enters the den. Cinderpaw gets jealous. Then Sandstorm says to Fireheart "Hey, why don´t you come with me to the freshkill pile?" and he´s like "Okay." So they leave and Cinderpaw watches sadly after them. Crappy story, I know, but nah... Next thing I will be doing is Hollyleaf AMV. And I will be putting A LOT more effort to it. So see ya then.

เ๓ ๓เlєร Ŧг๏๓ ฬђєгє א๏ย คгє - Warrior Cats AMV

Add to EJ Playlist  You might not have gotten a Ruby and Sapphire remake but here's something that my older subscribers might enjoy. Original AMV (not uploaded here because of copyright problems, and I lost the file): http://www.yout =NynTFahE0-8 completed in about a week programs: Flash CS6, Photoshop CS6, Sony Vegas 10.0

Tigerheart x Dovewing AMV: Sin and Punishment

Add to EJ Playlist  I got a few ideas from this video too: http://www.yout =OgFeXAdqRK4 Title: Sin and Punishment Original Music: DECO*27 Arrange: Suzumu Vocals: Amastuki Illustration and Movie: Silverwolfnyght Guitar: Gibson Original Vocals: Hatsune Miku

sσmєthíng чσu wαnt tσ fσrgєt αвσut - HOLLYLEAF MAP [complete]

Add to EJ Playlist  EDIT: closing the comments since the only thing people can do on this video is squabble and argue

Tнe Call

Add to EJ Playlist  Feel free to make your own. "The Call" by Regina Spektor Starring Firestar and Sandstorm. I strongly dislike the first two drawings. _______________ _______________ ____ Wow okay here we go. AMV progress THE ONE THAT A BUNCH OF YOU TRIED OUT FOR:: More or less done, but it's so old now that I know I'm gonna end up redoing everything. And the Hollyleaf's death scene is uber boring, cos I was lazy when I made it. A YELLOWFANG ONE: It's poo, don't expect to see it anytime soon. ?????MYSTERY??? ???:: What I'll probably be working on. It'll be funny. _______________ _______________ __________ Also I seemed to have mysteriously lost half my subscribers, so if you were subscribed to me and now aren't, please subscribe again.

Graystripe x Silverstream AMV- Hymn for the Missing

Add to EJ Playlist  Yay it's done! FINALLY. Hope you enjoy. Please watch in HD for better quality. :) *Si vous voulez avoir le sous-titrage français, cliquez sur le bouton pour les sous-titres au coin bas de la vidéo* My Deviantart account: http://sparksof thestars.devian Huge thanks to the wonderful voice actors, and to GrumpyInsomnica t who taught me some effects on Sony Vegas and helped colour in some of the water animations. :'D I've been working on this on and off for around a year, but I'd say around 80% of it was done during summer vacation. Phew! Well now that I'm done this, I'm going to take a nice long break. =u= For this I drew 900 frames approx. and had to paint all the backgrounds too. It took alot of hard work. x'D Btw some people on Deviantart wanted me to draw their OCs as background characters in this, so take a good look so take a look because they might be there. ;) Voice cast: Graystripe: TheMaskedMockin gbird Silverstream: Lucid Dreamer on Voice Acting Alliance Fireheart: Buidoirican on Voice Acting Alliance Cinderpelt: Butterflyidenti ty Art/Animation (C) Me Songs: - Hymn for the Missing, by RED - Here to Stay, Bleach OST - Kiyoraka no Kagayaki to Kibou, Phantom Requiem OST Programs/Tools used: PSE7, PS CS6 (trial), SV Movie Studio HD Platinum 11, Wacom Bamboo Fun Tablet

Infra-Red (MEP)

Add to EJ Playlist  Infra-Red by Placebo So here it is, the compleate MEP/MAP! :D Oh my gosh, I'm just so excited about this. ;w; Everyone did such an amazing job! I'm VERY sorry about the quality. I was required to process the video twice, so that lowered the quality. And to top if off, I also ripped the videos off YouTube, which lowered the quality as well. People's parts in order: 1. BlueKyoKitty 2. fluffylovey 3. ThePineappleKil ler 4. Redkyokitty 5. BlueKyoKitty 6. Wyethcat 7. BlueKyoKitty 8. lorinflintrox 9. Urnam7 10. IceClaN100 11. DuskleafFire 12. DragonwolfRooke 13. fuzzecka 14. luckdragon01 15. GinjaNinjaOwO 16. SuperTomato007 17. Shakoaa 18. LadyTeelia 19. StarDustel 20. blackmuttofdoom 21. ImmaWolfWarrior 22. BloodstarSpyro8 8

FULL Warrior Cats "Criminal" MAP

Add to EJ Playlist  Over 100 000 views 15.7.2013 ● This took for a long time, it was supposed to come out on august. But here it is, I hope you like it (i love it ♥)! Thanks to all of you who took a part of this MAP, I want to hug you all! » The song is Criminal by Britney Spears 1. iikomau 2. StarSoko 3. Chipgirl555 4. Anniegoosie 5. UglyEMOCHU 6. roosku99 7. WhiteFurruTail (HulluRichie) 8. SpringKittenxo 9. 10Touho10 10. HulluRichie 11. Shadowfurwarrio r 12. Jwolwie 13. HulluRichie 14. LotuzTheCat 15. TrixieKitty227 16. StarSoko 17. ChintaFantsu 18. WolfDog921 19. Jwolwie 20. IronPub 21. StarSoko 22. Leafpool905 23. TheHappyCheeze 24. KamRandomAtTime s 25. Globsofglue 26. Illbringyoudown

Warriors PMV - You'll Always be my Hero

Add to EJ Playlist  original inspiration by BlueKyoKitty. My very first PMV, and this one is about warriors. How'd I do? song is (c) Skylar Grey/Rihanna Warriors (c) Erin Hunter

Nightcloud's Tale ::Storyboards::

Add to EJ Playlist  PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION [You have been warned] EDIT MARCH 2014:: As the Ultimate guide for warriors came out Nov2013, I bought it and read it and I didn't like the way Warriors Wiki described her Biography. So here is what it says in brief. "Nightcloud was older than Crowfeather and was starting to be concerned she would never have the chance to bear kits, so when Crowfeather invited her to be his mate, she accepted with a sincere belief she could make the tomcat fall in love with her. However, she soon realized he only did so to be Loyal to WindClan. She is stubborn, short tempered and defensive, so she stuck by Crowfeather's side even though she didn't respect him or liked him all that much, but she truly loved Breezepelt with a ferocity that came from anger because Crowfeather didn't love him equally. Nightcloud coddled her son, making him believe he was better than everyone else, her bitterness for Crowfeather tainted Breezepelt with its poison, but its hard to blame her when Crowfeather put her in such a difficult position. Breezepelt could have been great, but thanks to BOTH his parents, he became arrogant and angry towards his father, that ultimately lead him to join the Dark Forest cats in order to get revenge on everyone that made his life difficult" There's more on Breezepelt but this is a NIghtcloud video :3 Do keep in mind this video was made WAY before that book, merely based on the fact Crow cares for Nightcloud [READ BELOW] I will not tolerate comments to justify your hate for Nightcloud or explaining what I explained above, they irritate me. I didn't make a Nightcloud video for nightcloud haters to flock over here and voice out their hate for her, if you don't like her, why did you even click on this video? ::Spoliers for Power of Three and beyond? Maybe?:: "And maybe she should remember, that of all of Crowfeather's mates, she is the one StarClan have spared to live side by side with him." - Rock. Now I know what most of you are thinking, you hate Nightcloud and that she doesn't deserve to be with Crowfeather or you prefer Crow/Leaf or Crow/Feathertai l, but I chose Nightcloud because I think the song suits her and that her story is pretty sad. Even though she's not a lovable cat, I can't hate her, though I still don't like her because she's jealous and arrogant. As said by Rock...And while Crow may never love Night as much as he loved Leaf and Feather, he DOES care for Nightcloud... Anyway, its not much.. well, not really, its a whole lot of drawings and I do NOT plan on animating it, too much work but I tried finishing this so enjoy? I guess.. time I get back to work... if I can find any.. Credits are in the video!! Disclaimer-- Song: "You don't see me" is by Josie and the Pussycats. Warriors by Erin Hunter PLEASE DO NOT USE, TRACE, STEAL, OR ANIMATE THIS! ASK BUT I WILL SAY NO! UNLESS YOU CAN ACTUALLY CONVINCE ME! I WILL END YOU IF YOU BREAK MY RULES!

Scourge AMV - Radioactive

Add to EJ Playlist  EDITEDIT: idk if this needs to be said but this is the original upload ((also please don't be angry with those who reuploaded this video, I took it down for a while and gave them permission at the time!)) EDIT: ;w; guys please, I respect your opinions, but the collar comments are driving me crazy! His collar is yellow in Cats of the Clans, and I'd like you to respect that before you tell me that it's purple. thank you! ;w; golly am I glad this is finished! :D I dunno what to say now. I shall figure it out later Hi livestream watchers ALSO. huge thank you to ginjaninjaowo who helped me out on the scene where Scourge and Firestar jump at eachother. ;w; couldn't have done it without you palebro. And thanks to Silverwolfnyght who taught me the powers of motion tweens. Which I abused. but oh well. xD Cats in the Video: Scourge Bone Tigerstar Thistleclaw and Bluefur Bloodclan Bramblepaw, Featherpaw, and Ashpaw Firestar Brokenstar's warrior Boulder Socks and Ruby Song: Radioactive by Imagine Dragons Art and Animation by Wyethcat Video Program: Adobe Premier Elements 9 Art Program: MS Paint & Paint Tool Sai

Warrior Cats AMV: Slipped Away :FeathertailxCrowfeather:

Add to EJ Playlist  Programs: - Paint Tool Sai - Adobe Premier Elements 4 Songs: - Slipped away by Avril Lavigne - When your gone - Avril Lavigne Time taken: - 4-6 months aprox

Warriors AMV - Complete History of The Rise of Scourge

Add to EJ Playlist  EDIT 9/25/13: I want nothing to do with Warriors anymore. I will no longer be making any more Warriors videos at all and will be working on things I find more important to my personal life. My dA if you want like updates er... want to commission me for art and stuff. o3o http://urnam7.d YA SCOURGE HAS A YELLOW COLLAR IN THIS VIDEO, GOT A PROBLEM WITH DAT!???? [I actually drew a trollface on his collar in one scene. lD I made it yellow specifically to troll you. -w- Then it turned red from the blood of his enemies. }:C] But the first two scenes his collar is purple. XD idk, NOBODY CAN COMPLAIN NOW. Actually I was originally going to make it purple but the Russian cover art of "The Darkest Hour" had Scourge with a dirty yellow collar. And since this song is about the Soviet Union... c: I was uber lazy with this let it still has 20 less frames than LIGHT Part 1. O_O Anyway, special thanks to KomicKake for showing me this epic song. Loved it so much I animated to it. XD My friend Solitaireisheav en and I were bored in English class and made Scourge's design. XD FINALLY A SCOURGE DESIGN WITHOUT HIM HAVING EMO HAIR!!! CATS IN THIS VIDEO: Scourge/Tiny [durr] Tigerstar/Tiger paw 1:10 3:24 Thistleclaw 0:23 Bluefur 1:32 Socks 0:27 Ruby 0:27 Quince 0:33 Random Cats 0:21 0:38 1:49 Random BloodClan Cats 2:54 3:14 [PI O:] Firestar 3:34 Whitestorm 3:34 4:04 Sandstorm 4:09 Rogue that died in the hands of Tiny 2:15 2:22 Brokenstar 2:16 Bone 2:57 MYOOSIK - "Complete History of the Soviet Union, Arranged to the Melody of Tetris" (c) Pigwiththefaceo faboy I DO NOT OWN THE CHARACTERS OR MUSIC. I DO OWN THE ANIMATIONS.

Sandstorm PMV: Listen to Your Heart

Add to EJ Playlist  Anyways, I would be a dirty, blasphemous liar if I said that this wasn't inspired from Kitten's 9000 subscriber video. But I watched it, and remembered the song and thought "Omg Sandstorm" and then this happened

Complete Comatose MAP

Add to EJ Playlist  Because then I realized that I should have added the names to the description/vid eo BEFORE deleting the list with the old video. *Headdesk* Oh well. Most of the names are in the opening (Thank you, w


Add to EJ Playlist  I CLAIM NO RIGHTS TO THE AUDIO OR CHARACTERS, THE AUDIO IS BEING USED FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. _______________ _______________ _________ Over 200,000! Thank you so much, guys! _______________ _______________ __________ "You Are the Moon" by the Hush Sound. _______________ _______________ ______ Starring: Thistleclaw Snowfur Bluefur/star Sunstar Goosefeather Tigerstar Brokenstar Whitestorm Rosetail Sweetpaw _______________ _______________ ________ Okay, so, when I was reading the Last Hope, I kept wondering about how Snowfur felt about Thistleclaw being in the Dark Forest and stuff, and if she still loved him or was liek, "OH HELL NAW" And my brain did this. yeh.

Warriors AMV - Crookedstar's Promise - "My Lullaby" [The Lion King 2]

Add to EJ Playlist  EDIT 9/25/13: I want nothing to do with Warriors anymore. I will no longer be making any more Warriors videos at all and will be working on things I find more important to my personal life. My dA if you're interested? http://urnam7.d This video was done in exactly 6 days. I'm tired. /dies THANK YOU FLUFFYLOVEY FOR TELLING ME HOW TO PAN/ZOOM THE SAME SPEED DURING THE WHOLE CLIP!!! XD (Pinnacle can be a little bugger at times...) Okay, so, apparently Crookedstar's Promise wasn't all that big. :'D i never see fanart/videos! So I fixed it. XD yayz CATS IN THIS VIDEO: -Mapleshade -Crookedkit/jaw /star (Crookedpaw is not in this. o.o) -Oakkit 2:07 -Rainflower (And her DUMB design! xD) 2:01 -Shellheart 1:10 -Silverstream 0:56 -Willowbreeze 1:00 -Snowtuft 1:17 -Hailstar 1:17 -Goosefeather 1:28 -Mapleshade's Unnamed Mate 1:43 -Antpelt 2:22 I do NOT own the music. Erin Hunter owns all of the characters and Warriors. DO NOT STEAL, TRACE, OR COPY THIS VIDEO. ALL ANIMATION BELONGS TO ME.

Warrior Cats AMV: Z O M B I E

Add to EJ Playlist  CATS IN ORDER OF APPEARANCE: 0:25 ~ Jayfeather 0:47 ~ Flintfang 0:52 ~ Badgerpaw 1:08 ~ Brambleclaw 1:10 ~ Tigerstar 1:11 ~ Hawkfrost 1:20 ~ Tigerstar again 1:25 ~ Brindleface 1:30 ~ Cloudtail 1:32 ~ Daisy 1:34 ~ Dustpelt 1:37 ~ Firestar 1:39 ~ Ashfur 1:40 ~ Squirrelflight 1:41 ~ Barmbleclaw again 1:44 ~ Sootfur 1:49 ~ Squirrelflight again 1:54 ~ Birchfall/paw idk 1:56 ~ Brightheart 1:58 ~ Cinderpelt 2:01 ~ Leafpool 2:20 ~ Squirrelflight again 2:25 ~ Hollyleaf 2:31 ~ [Background] Leopardstar 2:35 ~ Jayfeather 2:38 ~ Lionblaze 2:41 ~ Greystripe 2:43 ~ Silverstream 2:48 ~ Stormkit and Featherkit 2:50 ~ Feathertail 2:53 ~ Crowpaw[feather ] 3:02 ~ Feathertail again 3:04 ~ Tigerstar 3:16 ~ Firestar 3:26 ~ Hollyleaf 3:27 ~ Ferncloud 3:28 ~ Mousefur 3:29 ~ Spottedleaf 3:30 ~ Firestar 3:31 ~ Sandstorm 3:38 ~ [Left to right] Ivypool, Bumblestripe, Dovewing, Leafpool, Greystripe [He's in the corner] 3:42 ~ Bramblestar Song: Zombie - Miser Time Taken: Around 4 months Programs: Paint Tool Sai + Ms Paint + Adobe Premier Elements 7 + Photoshop

Mapleshade AMV - Beautiful Lies

Add to EJ Playlist  EDIT: Sorry bros, this is the real one. xD I should really learn to label things rather than just praying I have the right "Untitled" file :D Your eyes have not mistaken you, I have finished this. *eyes the group of people on who watched me to this* Yussss, soooo Mapleshade! o3o I like the cat. But I also like Ivypool. And Adobe Premiere. Yes. :D Viewer 58, I see you. "well 21kittyluver is the greatest" Cats: Crookedjaw Mapleshade DeadKitten Your mother Ivypool

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