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Brene Brown on The Power of Being Vulnerable

Add to EJ Playlist  SUBSCRIBE & DOWNLOAD THE MP3 at http://www.good - Good Life Project(tm) founder, Jonathan Fields, interviews Brene Brown, researcher, professor and author of Daring Greatly. Topics explored include what it takes to live a good life, vulnerability as strength, how people handle judgment, the intersection between human nature and entrepreneurshi p, how to decide whose opinions matter and so much more. If you'd prefer to listen to this and the entire library of Good Life Project in mp3 format, just go to http://www.good , subscribe and you'll get instant access to the mp3 archive vault.

The Scientific Power of Naps

Add to EJ Playlist  TWEET IT: http://clicktot Want an excuse to sleep on the job? Take these scientific tips on "Power-Naps" to get the most energy out of your day, while remaining productive and non-reliant of caffeine. If done properly, naps can change your life! Written and created by Mitchell Moffit (twitter @mitchellmoffit ) and Gregory Brown (twitter @whalewatchmepl z). TWITTER: http://www.twit ENCE FACEBOOK: http://www.face IENCE Music by Mitchell Moffit http://www.mitc http://www.twit lmoffit http://www.face llmoffit Art by Gregory and Mitchell http://www.greg orybrownart.tum http://www.twit tchmeplz Some Sources --- 1) http://www.ncbi bmed/12220317 2) http://onlineli /doi/10.1111/j. 1365-2869.2008. 00622.x/full 3) http://www.ncbi bmed/17053484 4) http://www.ncbi bmed/16796222 5) http://journals es/280710.pdf Sleep Scoring 1) 5VFXO 2) http://1.usa.go v/MG05oS

Al Jazeera World - Women who refuse to die

Add to EJ Playlist  In July 1995, an estimated 8,000 Muslim men and boys - sons, husbands and brothers - were dragged away never to be seen again. The Srebrenica massacre marks a particularly inhumane and brutal act within the tragedy and bloodshed of the 1992 to 1995 Bosnian War. This film follows four survivors of the massacre as they look to the future despite the pain of their loss and the angst of trying to make sense of the past.

Higgs boson update at CERN: July 4, 2012, press conference

Add to EJ Playlist  Scientists at the world's biggest atom smasher hailed the discovery of "the missing cornerstone of physics" Wednesday, cheering the apparent end of a decades-long quest for the Higgs boson

Noam Chomsky - "The machine, the ghost, and the limits of understanding"

Add to EJ Playlist  Professor Noam Chomsky, Massachusetts Institute of Technology: "The machine, the ghost, and the limits of understanding: Newton's contributions to the study of mind" at the University of Oslo, September 2011. Q&A at 45:33

Noam Chomsky on Iran, the 2012 Presidential candidates, Anonymous, and the Internet [Part 1 of 2]

Add to EJ Playlist  ^^Push CC to get English captions - First question "Will the US or Israel attack Iran?" starts at :32. This is Part 1 of 2. Part 2: http://www.yout =ioJkxCXWJMs On Feb. 14, 2012, I sat down with Dr. Noam Chomsky at MIT to ask him questions covering an array of topics. Part 1 Questions: ONE - Will the US or Israel attack Iran? TWO - What have been the affects of the US-lead sanctions against Iran? THREE - What makes Iran such a threat? Could Iran really attack the US? FOUR - Is there a 2012 Presidential candidate that you think would make a good world leader? Or is it just politics as usual? FIVE - What is your take on Anonymous' attacks on government and corporate websites and personnel? SIX - Do you think the internet has helped "level the playing field" between the powerful and the powerless? SEVEN - Has the internet, where anyone can be a publisher, as apposed to only a few distributors of information prior to the internet, changed the Propaganda Model that you wrote about in Manufacturing Consent? Part 2 Questions: EIGHT - In Bahrain, today is the one-year anniversary of the brutal suppression of peaceful protestors by both Bahrain and Saudia Arabia. Do you ever see successful democratic uprisings taking place in either country? NINE - You recently said that Turkey should be proud of its civil disobedience. But currently there are more than 400 university students in jail. Does this show the civil disobedience is not working? The government seems to be getting more totalitarian, not less. - Sebati Ladikli, Political Science Major at Ankara University TEN - Do you think the United States, Britain or France should supply arms to the Free Syrian Army? ELEVEN - Do you think the Security Council should eliminate the power to veto international law? TWELVE - In your decades of activism, what events have been the most memorable for you? THIRTEEN- Education is becoming unaffordable. Bloomberg reported that University of California fees have increased 145% since 2004. Why is tuition increasing so sharply all over the country? Can these increases be traced simply to our economic problems?

Interview with Pir Zia Inayat-Khan

Add to EJ Playlist  An interview with Pir Zia Inayat-Khan from the October 2008 Sufi Conference held on Asilomar Conference grounds. Recorded Saturday, Oct. 18th, 2008. More information about The Sufi Conference can be found here: http://www.sufi index.html

How Old Can We Get?

Add to EJ Playlist  Links to learn more: Like us on facebook! http://www.Face Gaming All music by Jake Chudnow: http://soundclo now General info on aging: http://en.wikip enescence Oldest People Ever: http://en.wikip ist_of_the_veri fied_oldest_peo ple Oldest People who are STILL ALIVE: http://en.wikip ist_of_living_s upercentenarian s Article on age and the first person to be 150 (in the future): http://www.inde ews/science/has -the-elixir-of- youth-come-of-a ge-1971341.html Moratlity Rates by age: roup.aspx?Graph _Group_Id=347 Biological Immortality (Hydra, for example): http://en.wikip iological_immor tality Survival Curves for different types of organisms: http://www.stma l/science/APBIO /Populations/su rvivorship_curv es.htm Methuselah Tree: http://www.pbs. org/wgbh/nova/m ethuselah/expl_ grove.html Pando: http://en.wikip ando_%28tree%29 Intense, new things are remembered as happening more slowly: 7-time-slow-eme rgencies.html Scientific paper about emotions and memory: http://www.spri ntent/mmt872257 1771083/fulltex t.pdf "Flashbulb Memories": http://en.wikip lashbulb_memory NPR program on how long our lives "feel": http://www.wbur .org/npr/122322 542/why-does-ti me-fly-by-as-yo u-get-older Slashdot's comments section on NPR's topic is good: http://science. ory/10/02/03/00 34214/why-time- flies-by-as-you -get-older Graph of year-by-year as percentage of total life: http://jdueck.n et/article/160/ this-is-your-li fe


Add to EJ Playlist  Learn more: Bear Grylls' awesome kid-names: http://celebrit ybabies.people. com/2009/01/15/ bear-grylls-wel comes-son-huckl eberry-edward-j ocelyne/ Michael Collins: http://en.wikip ichael_Collins_ (astronaut) Very cool article about Collins and the speech Nixon had ready in case Armstrong and Aldrin didn't leave the moon: http://www.guar nce/2009/jul/19 /michael-collin s-astronaut-apo llo11 Veritasium's moon video: /Bz9D6xba9Og List of man-made objects on the moon: http://en.wikip ist_of_man-made _objects_on_the _Moon to scale distance between earth and moon: http://upload.w kipedia/commons /e/ef/Earth-Moo n.png Moon reflectors: http://en.wikip unar_laser_rang ing_experiment Blind Willie Johnson "Dark was the Night, Cold was the Ground": http://www.yout =BNj2BXW852g Golden Record: http://voyager. acecraft/golden rec.html Earth from 4 billion miles away: http://en.wikip ile:Pale_Blue_D ot.png

گنج قارون فردین آ رمان ظهوری شباویز فروزان یاسمی

Add to EJ Playlist  Hundred Years Of Iran Cineman, AliAbbasi.BlogF a.Com, www.Youtube.Com /FilmAliAbbasi, www.AliAbbasi.N et, سینمای ایران به روایت علی عباسی پژوهشگر و منتقد فیلمهای آبی و رابی انتقام برادر حاجی آقا آکتور دختر لر جعفر و گلنار قیصر گاو تنگنا ضربت طوقی صلوه ظهر کاشان صامت و ناطق تهیه کنندگان و صاحبان کمپانی پروژکتور شهرفرنگ تئاتر جهان سینماگران پیشرو مظفرالدین شاه لاله زار علی بی غم گنج قارون سپنتا مرادی لرتا نوشین دهقان عکاسباشی صحافباشی معتضدی عهدیه فرهاد مهراد جنتی عطائی خرسند عطا کاردان آذرکلاه مرتضوی فخرالدین پورتاش مارشال منش قریبیان سخائی علامه زاده فاضلی گنجاپور عارف ایرج آزیتا سوسن آغاسی یساری روحپرور میری تاجیک مهوش پریوش آفت جبلی مقامی بنان رفیعی وثوق ارحام صدر نصیریان فنی زاده انتظامی یدی بدیع زاده رامش هایده حمیرا مهستی گلپا گیتی سلی ستار ابی داریوش فروغی فرخزاد وفایی پوران الهه دلکش کیوان افشین پورهاشمی واثقی شمسا ملک بلور نوذری تابش فردین قهرمانی هاله آفرین نیلوفر کتایون پرخیده آرزو آرام افروز شیلا لیلی افسون ژاله علو سام کاظمی ژورک فروهر شجریان بیژن معین آذرشیوا کریمی وحدت یاسمی بیک ایمانوردی پوری بنائی ملک مطیعی اسداللهی وثوقی فروزان نوش آفرین وجستا نازی مرجان رکسانا افروز سحر گرجی عبادیا فهمی انور میثاقیه منفردزاده موزیک رقص مهدی رئیس فیروز موشق سروری خاچیکیان خاکدان دریابیگی کوشان قائم مقامی جعفری مقدم پوری بنائی تجدد سرکوب نادری راد هاشمی پیشوائیان شهرزاد حاتمی تقوائی مهرجوئی کیمیائی بیضائی مقدم نادری محسنی قنبری نقشینه شهلاریاحی فروزان ناظریان تاجی احمدی کیمیاوی کاووسی ملاپور روح انگیز سامی نژاد آوانس اوگانیانس ظهوری آرمان ماروتیان حالتی شباویز روحانی گلپایگانی منطقی ذکائی بهبودی فرامرزآصف سپند امینی روشن دادستان امیر حیدری بشارتی کعبه ای بهرامی

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