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201103廣東家具展 人體彩繪 (6).MPG

Add to EJ Playlist  現在的市場真是難做...花大錢 參展還要挖空心思搞噱頭,推創意 .....

SAVE THE WORLD - a message by ladiART

Add to EJ Playlist  This video conveys the message that we humans are like uninvited guests who generate waste and misuse this planet. If we do not learn to live in tune with nature, we will perish. The Earth will survive. Produziert 2010 als Denkansatz zum Umgang mit dem Gastplaneten. Skulptur und Idee: Hans Peter Ladstätter - m Film und Musik: Harry Triendl - www.kunst4life. net Bodypaint: Bernhard Witsch - om Model: Julia Rabatscher

Nude in a Scarf, Naked Busker Dance in London

Add to EJ Playlist  Nude in a scarf naked busker dance on london underground by royal albert hall.

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