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Shut Up, You!

Add to EJ Playlist  Upon meeting a genie, a girl makes a stupid wish.

Mr. Z Meet Stefany 1 and 2 [a035 and a060].wmv

Add to EJ Playlist  Did you like these clips? Would you like to see integrally clips? Would you like to see others similar ones? Then, copy the link indicated in our YOUTUBE channel.

PUMA Excurse Styled for Foot Locker

Add to EJ Playlist  The PUMA Excurse is THE only shoe you'll need this summer! You can find them in Foot Locker stores across Europe starting on May 23rd. Leave the rest behind, but don't leave home without 'em!

chaparro piggy


Kevin mounting Hailey :)

Add to EJ Playlist  yeah we had a little too much fun that day ... things went on.. just saying

Down Goes Juice Man!!!!

Add to EJ Playlist  Lauren makes a bet with CutTv that she can carry Juicy a 250 pound animal 9 blocks downtown toronto.

carrying tim for a long time

Add to EJ Playlist  im 5'5" and i weigh 123 im carrying my 6'3" and 160 pound brother haha yup

piggyback ride for chris

Add to EJ Playlist  its rlly short cuz chris was hittin me to make me go faster.mor willl come to all my piggyback fans? lol liliana was recordin :]

scavenger hunt

Add to EJ Playlist  #49 give or get a piggy back through a crowd.

funny video

Add to EJ Playlist  thats me!!!!!! i'm sooooo strong for being a little girl HA!!

funny video

Add to EJ Playlist  thats me!!!!!! i'm sooooo strong for being a little girl HA!!

KO Lifts

Add to EJ Playlist  lift and carry

shoulder and piggyback rides

Add to EJ Playlist  shoulder and piggyback rides


Add to EJ Playlist  READ THIS. That's my cousin Ryan, He is 6'1, 228lbs Check him out at RedandGreenAppl

Lift [01]

Add to EJ Playlist  Strong woman lift man!

John Gets a Piggyback Ride

Add to EJ Playlist  But he's too heavy. Ellen (the piggyback-giver )'s channel: http://www.yout lenwalmer

Lifting Chris!

Add to EJ Playlist  jenny carrying chris in chemistry class.

FLaCa & SHaKiiSh

Add to EJ Playlist  Shakish takes a piggy back ride on Christina LoL

pferdchen reiten

Add to EJ Playlist  da bü besteigt des klaxi pferdchen und dan ged da punk ob. klaxi hauds hoiwats auf und bü hod de greste gaude dabei gg

Flex Appeal donkey calf raises

Add to EJ Playlist  Kiana Tom performing donkey calf raises with a big guy on her back.

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