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Polytechnic Institute of Santarém - Portugal - Presentation

Add to EJ Playlist  Institutional video presentation of the Polytechnic Institute of Santarém - 2013.

ESTGV goes mobile - Internship in the Polytechnic Institute of Viseu, Portugal

Add to EJ Playlist  This video is a small overview of my internship in the Polytechnic institute of Viseu, Portugal. in 3.5 months I developped an application to display the website of one of their departments.

Euroweek 2011: Water 4 World

Add to EJ Playlist  Euroweek 2011 é uma conferência europeia promovida pelo Instituto Politécnico de Coimbra. A iniciativa já conta com 17 edições e explora o tema "Water 4 The World". Maria João Pinto...

VII RIBEIRINHA da Egitúnica...Festival de Tunas Femininas do I.P.G. da Guarda a 21-3-2015

Add to EJ Playlist  Festival Anual da Tuna Feminina do Instituto Politécnico da Cidade da Guarda, Egitúnica, tradição do Ensino Superior em Portugal... Annual Festival of the Female Tuna of Polytechnic Institute...

Daniels Public Lecture: Josemaría de Churtichaga "Polytechnic Senses"

Add to EJ Playlist  On February 25, 2014, architect Josemaría de Churtichaga presented the 2013-2014 Frank Gehry International Visiting Chair in Architectural Design lecture at the Daniels Faculty. Each year,...

Jos Klaczynski and Francisco Dias

Add to EJ Playlist  Josef Klaczynski (The Netherlands) and Francisco Dias (Portugal) Dinner at the Hotel Soleil in Peniche (Dissemination Conference on Agritourism - Leonardo da Vinci Project - hosted by GITUR...

European Day of Speech & Language Therapy 6 March 2014

Add to EJ Playlist  "Multilinguism, Many Languages, Many Cultures, One Communication" This video was realized by lecturers & students of Degree Program Speech & Language Therapy - Superior School of Health of...

Codex Veritas (Trailer)

Add to EJ Playlist  Trailer of an historical/myst ery adventure film to be released soon. The video was produced by the k0d3r2 (Karl, Ghus, Phil, Walt & Reyane as a special guest) for the university subject...

Tricky Mind Short Film

Add to EJ Playlist  A short Film portraing the diferent and intimate life of a Autist boy. Even though his thought might not be real, this diagnosys takes him to diferent places and meet diferent people. The way...

IPT Electric Mini 1

Add to EJ Playlist  IPT Electric Mini - the electric car was built at Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Polytechnic Institute of Tomar, Tomar, Portugal http://www.ipt. pt.

Iris and Rhodee from The Netherlands

Add to EJ Playlist  Iris and Rhodee from The Netherlands After the dinner at the Hotel Soleil in Peniche (Dissemination Conference on Agritourism - Leonardo da Vinci Project - hosted by GITUR - Turismo Research...

Dinner at Peniche - Dissemination Conference on Agritourism

Add to EJ Playlist  Dinner at the Hotel Soleil in Peniche (Dissemination Conference on Agritourism - Leonardo da Vinci Project - hosted by GITUR, the Tourism Research Unit of the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria...

Letter from the future

Add to EJ Playlist  This presentation was used by the Sakarya University, Turkey delegation to the Intercultural Education for Sustainability Erasmus project at the Polytechnic Institute of Guarda, Guarda, Portugal....

Leaving campsite in Mirandela, Portugal..

Add to EJ Playlist  Mirandela (Portuguese pronunciation: [miɾɐ̃ˈdɛlɐ]) is a city in Mirandela Municipality in northern Portugal. The city itself has a population of about 15 000. Mirandela is famous for...

Cidade de Luz

Add to EJ Playlist  Help us caption and translate this video on http://www.amar / 3D animation by Pedro Ribeiro & Marco Neiva, at the computer Graphics and Multimedia course in the ...

Robot Builds Ramp by Randomly Flinging 3,600 Toothpicks

Add to EJ Playlist  "Materials and Mechanisms for Amorphous Robotic Construction," by Nils Napp, Olive R. Rappoli, Jessica M. Wu, and Radhika Nagpal from Harvard University and Worcester Polytechnic Institute,...

Portugal: CP Class 1400 diesel departs from Castelo Branco on a Lisbon to Covilha train.

Add to EJ Playlist  CP Class 1400 diesel locotmotive number 1409 departs from Castelo Branco whilst working the 1208 from Lisbon Santa Apolonia to Covilha. Recorded 10th March 2004.

Polytechnic Institute of Leiria

Add to EJ Playlist  Located at Leiria, Caldas da Rainha and Peniche, Leiria Polytechnic Institute is a public institution of higher education that prides itself in delivering an education of recognized quality,...

3D Shinkansen

Add to EJ Playlist  Help us caption and translate this video on http://www.amar / 3D animation by Thiago Gonçalves & Vasco Duarte, during the computer Graphics and Multimedia course...

L7 - Students’ Union (Leeds Polytechnic 1990)(DHV 2012)

Add to EJ Playlist  00:00 - *Fast And Frightening (*cuts in - very short) 00:38 - *(Right On) Thru (*with tracking problems) 03:56 - Scrap 07:06 - Broomstick 10:54 - Packin' A Rod 13:04 - Sex Bomb 15:35 - Deathwish...

Adventure Race 2012 - Tai Poutini Polytechnic (TPP)

Add to EJ Playlist  Tai Poutini Polytech's outdoors programme is home to some of the most hard-core students in the country. Near the end of their Polytech year, the students are put through a grueling 24 hour...

Nirvana - Leeds Polytechnic, Leeds 1990 (AMT #1)

Add to EJ Playlist  10/25/90 - Leeds Polytechnic, Leeds, United Kingdom AMT #1 - amateur video Blew 4:04 Been A Son 6:14 Negative Creep 9:09 Stain 11:35 Lithium 15:53 Spank Thru 19:03 Breed 22:41 Floyd The ...

IPS Polytechnic Institute of Setúbal

Add to EJ Playlist  Vídeo Institucional do Instituto Politécnico de Setúbal.

University ambushed

Add to EJ Playlist  The killing of Polytechnic University Vice President Augustus Cesar in Manila late Wednesday night has blown open the corruption controversy in the PUP's office of the president. This report...

Rizalian in Basel Switzerland (Sandoz Chemicals Ltd.) Global Pinoy

Add to EJ Playlist  Rizal High School Batch 1982 RHS Scientist of The Year 1982 BSc Chemical Engineering Mapua Institute of Technology MIT CHE-CHM Student Council President 1987 MSc Materials Science and...

The Eating Tales Episode 2: Shake the Hand that Feeds You - Portugal

Add to EJ Playlist  More on : www.theeatingta m/veraelentari The episode Shake The Hand That Feeds you is a short introduction to sustainable farming in Portugal and it is a small piece...

Ganja State University by MRH

Add to EJ Playlist  Ganja State University (GDU, Azerbaijani: Gəncə Dövlət Universiteti) is a public university located in Ganja, Azerbaijan. According to the resolution of the Soviet of People's Commissars...

NTU Singapore Polytechnic Invitational Wushu Competition 2014, Chun Yen, Nan Quan

Add to EJ Playlist  Performer: Chun Yen (4th Position) Routine: Hu He Shuang Xing Quan (虎鹤双形拳)

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