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Residue Curves for Methyl Formate Chemistry

Add to EJ Playlist  http://demonstr ations.wolfram. com/ResidueCurv esForMethylForm ateChemistry The Wolfram Demonstrations Project contains thousands of free interactive visualizat...

Residue Curve Map for Methyl Acetate and Isopropyl Acetate Chemistry at 1 atm

Add to EJ Playlist  http://demonstr ations.wolfram. com/ResidueCurv eMapForMethylAc etateAndIsoprop ylAcetateChemis tryA/ The Wolfram Demonstrations Project contains thousands of free...

Residue Curve Map for Methyl Acetate and Isopropyl Acetate Chemistry at 1 atm

Add to EJ Playlist  http://demonstr ations.wolfram. com/ResidueCurv eMapForMethylAc etateAndIsoprop ylAcetateChemis tryA The Wolfram Demonstrations Project contains thousands of free ...

Colored powder / residue / chemical in Aluminum foil

Add to EJ Playlist  Scrubbed a regular aluminum foil from local supermarket, see the chemical /residue that comes out from it. Am sure its something you would'nt like to eat.

Ohio University Forensic Chemistry Lab, GSR Analysis

Add to EJ Playlist  Undergraduate students in a Forensic Chemistry Lab show us how to perform gunshot residue analysis (GSR). The production of this video was supported through ...

IEAM Podcast 1: Discussing the Tissue Residue Approach with Guest Editor Jim Meador, Part 1

Add to EJ Playlist  Part 1 of IEAM's interview with Dr James Meador discussing the theory and application of tissue concentrations (internal concentrations) as the dose metric f...

Chemical Simulator

Add to EJ Playlist  An interactive laboratory practice system connected to a scientific simulator to dynamise and evaluate access to the laboratory for first year Chemistry stud...

Sequence Determination One Terminal Residue at a Time

Add to EJ Playlist  We're now ready to illustrate how the Edman degradation process facilitates the sequencing of polypeptides one N-terminal residue at a time. Learn the concep...

The Show - Episode 004 [Forensic Chemistry]

Add to EJ Playlist  Episode 004 aired December 20, 2012 and features special guest, Forensic Chemist, Dr. John "Jay" Tobin from Stevenson University, Baltimore County, Maryland....

Scene of the Crime: Forensic Chemistry at Notre Dame

Add to EJ Playlist  Student's in professor Marya Lieberman's Forensic Chemistry class recently participated in a CSI-type class project that found them exploring a "crime scene"...

Fragmentation Methods: Bridging the Gap between Quantum Chemistry and Large Systems

Add to EJ Playlist  Talk from The Frontiers in Computational Chemistry International Workshop --------------- --------------- --- Fragmentation Methods: Bridging the Gap between Q...

Determining the N-terminal Residue

Add to EJ Playlist  Determining the sequence of amino acids in a protein requires a sequence of chemical reactions that selectively cleave one peptide from the chain at a time. ...

Gun residue burning

Add to EJ Playlist  SAC chemistry summative.

Gun Shot Residue

Add to EJ Playlist  A presentation on Gun Shot Residue presented by SIFS INDIA. FSP- 404 BALLISTICS AND FIREARM IDENTIFICATION Course Introduction: Ballistics is a term-referred.. .

Fuel from agricultural residues

Add to EJ Playlist  Ralf Hortsch, managing director of Clariant's Straubing biorefinery, explains how their new plant uses the latest technology to produce fuel from residues le...

54 Gun Shot Residue; Summary Forensic Science Fingerprinting; Polymers & Fibres; Firearms

Add to EJ Playlist  We have all seen forensic scientists in TV shows, but how do they really work? What is the science behind their work? This course aims to explain the scienti...

Holeyboard by Chemistry Design Werks

Add to EJ Playlist  http://chemistr m/ Introducing the Holeyboard from Chemistry Design Werks. The latest Holeyboard MKII is the result of countless prototypes tes...

Biofuels as Renewable Energy: Ethanol From Crop Residue

Add to EJ Playlist  http://www.mda. s Tom Rothman, former Minnesota farm broadcaster and current Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation Board Chair, nar...

√ Petroleum Refining - Crude Oil - Production of Materials - Petrochemical - HSC Chemistry

Add to EJ Playlist  http://www.prim m/cd2 Fossil fuels such as coal, petroleum and natural gas are important sources of energy for industrialised countries. These ...

What gunshot residue tests tell us

Add to EJ Playlist  Gunshot residue tests, which are often performed at crime scenes to determine whether a person was involved in a shooting, only verify whether someone was in...

Plotting Vapor-Liquid Phase Equilibria (VLE) Binodal/Residue Curves, Part 4

Add to EJ Playlist  Use CHEMCAD's residue curve map and binodal plot tool to visualize the azeotropes (in this case isopropanol/ben zene, water/benzene, and a ternary azeotrope f...

Filter paper separates wheat from water | Separation Methods | Chemistry

Add to EJ Playlist  Filtration is a process by which we can obtain clean drinking water. It separates liquids from solid particles. A simple filtration process is shown in the v...

Fisher Chemical Standards

Add to EJ Playlist  Fisher Chemical Standards • Inorganic calibration standards for Atomic Spectrometry (AAS, Graphite Furnace and ICP), Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS) and Ion Chrom...

Developments in High-throughput Multi-residue Pesticide Analysis using Fast Chromatography

Add to EJ Playlist  To register to view the full presentation please visit: http://www.seps rmation/Events/ Webinars/927-/D evelopments-in- High-throughput -Multi-resi...

XCAT Handheld Detection System -- Sample Collection - GSR (Gunshot Residue)

Add to EJ Playlist  The XCAT handheld detection system, which has just been selected as one of the year's 12 Really Cool New Police Products by the POLICE® magazine, features au...

Distilled Water vs Tap Water vs Reverse Osmosis Bottled Water...Residue Test

Add to EJ Playlist  I used a Megahome water distiller to illustrate the differences between distilled water, tap water, and reverse osmosis bottled water. (residue test) "Yes, A...

Mutating a Residue in UCSF Chimera (Part 1)

Add to EJ Playlist  This video demonstrates how to make a mutation and accommodate said mutation using USCF Chimera.

Multi-residue Methods on High Sensitivity Triple Quadrupole LC/MS.

Add to EJ Playlist  To register to view the full version of this presentation for free please visit: http://www.seps rmation/Events/ Webinars/2672-/ Multi-residue-M e...

Gun Shot Residue

Add to EJ Playlist  Forensic collection of GSR.

Calculate the Waters of Hydration

Add to EJ Playlist  Calculate the number of waters of hydration present in a sample of Epsom Salt (MgSO4*XH2O) given the following data. A 1.5000 g sample was heated with stirri...

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