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Edmonton Homeless about to takes a piss on the floor - August 16, 2014

Add to EJ Playlist  Edmonton SERIOUSLY needs to provide more public restrooms for the homeless. They're peeing/pooping everywhere in downtown and it is disgusting. (I've go plenty of more footage) TWO Helpful tips when visiting Downtown Edmonton / China Town 1. If you see a strange wet area on the floor, don't step in it. 2. If you see wet area with some brown objects in it. DEFINITELY DON'T STEP ON IT. Reason's why Edmonton needs PUBLIC WASHROOMS: - Peeing in between cars. - Pooping / peeing / puking in front of local business. FUN POOP FACT: When they "poop" in front of the business, a large amount of flies and wasps swarm around the poop. Then the critters fly into the shops. Help spread the word: #EdmontonNeedsT oilets

Nasty girl peeing on herself in downtown San Diego

Add to EJ Playlist  #drunk #ratchet #sandiego #downtown #gaslamp #thesehoesaints anitary #nastybitch #pollypissypant s

Pipì sulla Colombo Roma

Add to EJ Playlist  Una donna scende dalla macchina e fa la pipì in mezzo al traffico sulla Cristoforo Colombo Roma-Ostia

drunk vegas girls gotta pee

Add to EJ Playlist  drunk girls pee's outside casino doors


Add to EJ Playlist  Cause Yes its ladies night and the feelings right....


Add to EJ Playlist  I had to check CCTV footage and found these delightful ladies relieving theireselves at lunchtime. But the public toilets were open and only 40 yards away !

Crazy Lady pees on and then poops in bmw

Add to EJ Playlist  I played a show in Myrtle Beach Sc outside and outside the show afterwards this happened. I don't think I have ever laughed so hard in my entire life.


Add to EJ Playlist  I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor ( )

15 ,2

Add to EJ Playlist  Este v�deo se ha subido desde un tel�fono con Android.

Jqjqjjq 15 minutos

Add to EJ Playlist  Este v�deo se ha subido desde un tel�fono con Android.

Polic�as meando en los carnavales

Add to EJ Playlist  Este v�deo se ha subido desde un tel�fono con Android.

Copia de Ba�os p�blicos al aire libre. En los carnavales

Add to EJ Playlist  Este v�deo se ha subido desde un tel�fono con Android.

Carnaval 2013 - Porto Velho - Jatuarana Sul - 11/02/13 - Apenas alguns minutos de filmagem

Add to EJ Playlist  Carnaval em Porto Velho é sinônimo de baderna, violência, bebedeira e desrespeito total. Agora os próprios órgãos públicos legalizaram a bandalheira - autorizam mas não fiscalizam.

Drunk CHICO girl

Add to EJ Playlist  Fun night in Chico with our drunk friend... she had to piss right now

Kobieta sika na śniegu

Add to EJ Playlist  http://mokrespr m/

Halloween Prank

Add to EJ Playlist  They didn't answer the door _

video chistoso personas orinando en plena calle

Add to EJ Playlist  este video esta grabado por mismo espero ke comenten es muy bueno se cagaran de la risa

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