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People Are Funny - Gas Station Attendant

Add to EJ Playlist  Art Linkletter hosted he show during its run on television from September 19, 1954 to April 1, 1960. In one stunt, a contestant would win a prize if he could sustain a phone conversation with a puzzled stranger (picked at random from the phone directory) for several minutes without the other party hanging up. The series received Emmy nominations in 1955 and 1956. Although the series ended on April 1, 1960, the network aired encores until April 13, 1961, making People Are Funny the first game show to air repeats. On March 24, 1984, a "reconstituted" version of People Are Funny with Flip Wilson as host returned to NBC where it was telecast until July 21. Cast Art Linkletter ... Himself (1 episode, 1954) Roger Dollarhide ... Himself (1 episode, 1958) Produced By John Guedel Assistant Director Henry Gilbert Filming Locations: Stage 1, NBC Studios - 3000 W. Alameda Avenue, Burbank. Production Co: Artel Productions, John Guedel Productions --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- -----

Outlaws - Shorty

Add to EJ Playlist  Outlaws is an NBC Western television series, starring Barton MacLane as U.S. marshal Frank Caine, who operated in a lawless section of Oklahoma Territory about Stillwater. Tonight's Story "Beat The Drum Slowly" A judge gathers up a "gang" to rob a casino with a reputation for cheating. His accomplices include two brothers who have been cheated there and a shady saloon girl. Things aren't quite what they seem, however, and the brothers are shocked when, as they're pulling off the heist, the judge suddenly pulls out a knife and stabs the casino owner to death. Cast Don Collier ... Deputy Marshal Will Foreman Barton MacLane ... Marshal Frank Caine Jock Gaynor ... Deputy Marshal Heck Martin Alfred Ryder ... Jack Duane Edward Binns ... Sam Decker Hampton Fancher ... Mike Duane Vivi Janiss ... Chloe Duane Robert Harland ... Clem Decker H.T. Tsiang ... Chen Leonard Nimoy ... Logan Lane Bradford ... Ben Garth Larry Chance ... Rafe Sloan Harry Raybould ... Jason Pierce Norman Willis ... Jackson Danny Borzage ... Fight Spectator (uncredited) Gene Coogan ... Juror (uncredited) Jimmy Noel ... Bartender (uncredited) Phil Schumacher ... Juror (uncredited) Jack Tornek ... Townsman (uncredited) Directed By Jesse Hibbs Screenplay Written By Daniel Mainwaring Associate Producer John Banse Executive Producer Frank Telford Producer Joseph Dackow Original Music By Hugo Friedhofer Cinematography By Harkness Smith Film Editing By Edward K. Milkis Art Direction George W. Davis, William Ferrari Set Decoration Henry Grace, Don Greenwood Jr. Original Air Date: November 3, 1960 Season 1, Episode 5 Production Co: National Broadcasting Company (NBC) Filming Locations: Paramount Studios - 5555 Melrose Avenue, Hollywood --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- -----

Hancock - The Economy Drive

Add to EJ Playlist  More Information http://movie-ar ocks-half-hour- the-economy-dri ve/

The George Gobel Show - Jeff Hunter

Add to EJ Playlist  George Leslie Gobel (May 20, 1919 -- February 24, 1991) was an American comedian and actor. He was best known as the star of his own weekly NBC television show, The George Gobel Show, which ran from 1954 to 1960 (the last season on CBS, alternating with The Jack Benny Program). Tonight's Guest "Jeff Hunter" Mickey is mistaken for a visiting French author. Cast George Gobel ... Himself - Host Jeffrey Hunter ... Himself Details Country: USA Directed By Bud Yorkin Original Air Date: February 5, 1955 Season 1, Episode 15 Production Co: Gomalco Productions --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- -----

Tales Of Tomorrow - The Window, starring Rod Steiger

Add to EJ Playlist  Tales of Tomorrow is an American anthology science fiction series that was performed and broadcast live on ABC from 1951 to 1953. The idea for this science fiction television series began by Ted Sturgeon and Mort Abrahamson, together with the Science Fiction League of America. Its original name was going to be "Tomorrow is Yours".A deal was struck between Richard Gordon and George Foley, this entitled the producers of the show to have first choice of any of the 2,000 short stories and 13 novels by the various author members of the 'Science Fiction League of America'. It was meant to be the first science fiction show for adults, as there were already many for children It aimed to integrate mystery with science fiction, for a fast pace and suspense, it also gave authors such as Arthur C. Clarke their first televised adaption of their works. Tonight's Story: The Window Live telecast of Tales of Tomorrow keeps being broken into by a phantom broadcast of a cheating couple preparing to launch her soused husband out a window. The Tales crew scramble to investigate if the caper's real & if so, how can they interrupt the murder already in progress? Cast Mort Abrahams ... TV Producer Merle Albertson ... Daughter William Coburn ... Father Roger De Koven ... Announcer Robert F. Lewine ... Agency Executive Frank Maxwell ... Al Don Medford ... TV Director Muffet Peter ... TV Studio Secretary Rod Steiger ... Henry Virginia Vincent ... Jean Jim Walsh ... TV Studio Floor Manager Merle Worster ... TV Studio Chief Engineer Directed By Don Medford Teleplay Written By Frank De Felitta Story By Enid Maud Dinnis Produced By Mort Abrahams Sound Nick Carbonaro Original Air Date: November 7, 1952 Season 2, Episode 10 Production Co: Dick Gorden Productions, George F. Foley, SFS of America Filming Locations: 144 West 57th Street, Manhattan, New York City --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- -----

Bargain Hunt 01/03/03 - Stuffed Dog Episode

Add to EJ Playlist  This is the Bargain Hunt BBC show me and my Matt Taylor was on. We bought: cigarette machine, hip flask and a stuffed dog!

A Home Of Your Own

Add to EJ Playlist  A Home of Your Own is a 1964 British comedy film about the trials and tribulations which abound when a young couple attempt to buy their their dream home off-plan. Any similarities between this and buying an off-plan home in Cyprus are purely co-incidental. Cast Ronnie Barker as the Cement Mixer, Richard Briers as the Husband, Peter Butterworth as the Carpenter, Bernard Cribbins as the Stonemason, Bill Fraser as the Shop Steward, Norman Mitchell as the Foreman, Ronnie Stevens as the Architect, Fred Emney as the Mayor. Also starring Janet Brown, Gerald Campion, Bridget Armstrong, George Benson, Douglas Ives, Jack Melford, Thelma Ruby, Tony Tanner, Aubrey Woods, Helen Cotterill, Barrie Gosney, Harry Locke, Thorley Walters and Henry Woolf

TV Show I Remember Mama

Add to EJ Playlist  The tale of a Norwegian immigrant family in America. One of TV's first sitcoms. Stars Dick van Patten as Nels, one of the family's sons.

Eric Sykes - It's A Fair Cop: The Italian Actress (1961)

Add to EJ Playlist  In tribute to Eric Sykes, who has now sadly passed on. A true giant of British comedy and one of the last of that post-war generation of comedians. This was the first radio series to star Eric Sykes. By this time, he was already very well known and had starred in his own TV series ("Sykes and a..." had already started the previous year with Hattie playing Sykes' sister), and written numerous other comedy shows for radio since the end of the Second World War including material for Frankie Howerd who performed the first sketch of Sykes' accepted by the BBC in 1947 (the 'Two Elephants' sketch, available on my channel), however, he didn't actually write this series himself, John Junkin and Terry Nation (later to create the Daleks) wrote the scripts. Set in Blossom Hill Police Station, Sykes played a constable answerable to his superior, Sgt Deryck Guyler, who, in turn, was answerable to Superintendent Leonard Williams (who would become better known for another copper the following year on television, playing Sergeant Twentyman in the first series of Z Cars before his early death). This series had many similarities to the long running TV series that began a year earlier, as not only did Guyler play a copper, but Hattie Jacques was to play Sykes sister. Making up the full compliment was resident prisoner Dick Emery, a jobbing criminal who had learnt to make himself comfortable in his many stays in Cell Number 1. The same cast would also play multiple other characters as required (Leonard Williams was the postman Tom, Hattie played the Italian actress in one episode, a young lost schoolgirl in another and a landlady in another. As well as playing the crook Pringle who has been staying with the police for years, Dick Emery also played a guest spot in each episode as a drunk who stumbles into Sykes in each episode for a bit of patter). There were 8 thirty-minute episodes broadcast on the BBC Light Program from 22nd May to 10th July 1961 but the BBC didn't retain any of the episodes. One episode was returned to the BBC as part of the Treasure Hunt campaign, although it was mis-labelled as being broadcast on 16/06/61 (likely to be either Ep 4 - 12/06/61 or Ep 5 - 19/06/61). I have four episodes of this rare series but don't know which episodes they are as they are undated and have no offical titles to identify them. The four episodes here are; 1. The Italian Actress 2. The Lost Little Girl 3. Pringles Release 4. Renting A Room

BBC Panorama The Secrets of Scientology (Complete)

Add to EJ Playlist  ORIGIN OF SCIENTOLOGY EARLY HISTORY The first official Church of Scientology was founded in 1953 by science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard, in the city of Camden, New Jersey. Hubbard was assisted by his wife and several disciples. The organization promotes a set of beliefs about mind, body, and spirit that are referred to collectively as Scientology. This belief system includes substantial material from the self-help regimen prescribed in Hubbard's commercially successful book Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, published in 1950. WHO WAS L. RON HUBBARD? Born in Nebraska, L. Ron Hubbard studied civil engineering at George Washington University for one year before being discharged for poor academic performance. During his service as a naval officer during World War II he was three times removed from leadership positions and was the subject of a disciplinary hearing, but was discharged honorably in 1950. Until the publication of Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, Hubbard was primarily known as a science fiction writer. He spent most of his adult life promoting Dianetics and Scientology. He returned only briefly to writing science fiction during the latter years of his life. L. Ron Hubbard died in 1986. SCIENTOLOGY BELIEFS Scientology is based on a self-help regimen described in Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, by L. Ron Hubbard. Dianetics is known within the scientology organization as "Book 1″; however, all of Hubbard's written and spoken words are considered to be Scientology "scriptures." The organization directs each member to read and listen to these books and lectures at great personal expense. At the core of this belief system is the doctrine that each individual is a "thetan" or soul. Thetans are said to be essentially immortal, living through past lives and long past the deaths of their current bodies. To unlock one's true power and ability as an immortal thetan, one must engage in very costly "auditing" or spiritual counseling. According to Scientology, auditing removes any and all negative influences and psychic barriers. Only after extensive auditing are Scientologists presented with an esoteric origin myth involving an alien overlord and intergalactic genocide. The problems of ordinary life, according to this story, are caused by lost souls who inhabit and influence individuals and can be removed only through more highly priced auditing. Thus Scientologists are exhorted to continue up "the bridge to total freedom." SCIENTOLOGY DANGERS The Church of Scientology claims to be a religion and enjoys a questionable charitable tax exemption in the United States. However, former Scientologists and anti-Scientolog y activists have exposed many serious misdeeds by this organization and its leadership: Free speech violations Human rights violations including suspicious deaths, torture, coerced abortions, the deliberate separation of families, and human trafficking Illegal actions such as harassment, slander, libel, extortion, and vexatious lawsuits--condo ned and encouraged when directed toward those who challenge or defy Scientology practices Fraudulent activities including questionable tax exemptions and charitable status in various countries including the U.S., unsafe drug rehabilitation practices, irregular business practices, and bogus educational and charitable organizations designed to infiltrate schools and recruit young people

Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em Series 1 Episode 3

Add to EJ Playlist  Love Thy Neighbour... Betty's mother turns up at the Spencer household unexpectedly, suitcase in hand, after leaving her husband and collapses on their couch. Betty feels that Dr. Smedley should be contacted, and Frank is the one left to do it, but with the phone box out of action, he pays a visit to his new neighbour, Mr. Faraday. Frank calls Dr. Smedley but gives him Mr. Faraday's address rather his own, and causes a misunderstandin g. After all the confusion, Frank locks himself out of the house, and once again has to trouble Mr. Faraday, this time for the use of his ladder.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - S01E06 - [Legendado] [Final]

Add to EJ Playlist  Copyright BBC Two - Todos os Direitos Reservados. Obrigado a todos que assistiram até aqui, espero trazer coisas ainda melhores. " Até Mais, e Obrigado Pelos Peixes! "

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - S01E05 - [Legendado]

Add to EJ Playlist  Copyright BBC Two - Todos os Direitos Reservados.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - S01E04 - [Legendado]

Add to EJ Playlist  Copyright BBC Two - Todos os Direitos Reservados.

Open All Hours - The Pilot

Add to EJ Playlist  Comedy giants Ronnie Baker and David Jason both on screen together it isn't a surprise that this is a much loved sitcom. Pilot Episode

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - S01E03 - [Legendado]

Add to EJ Playlist  Copyright BBC Two - Todos os Direitos Reservados.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - S01E02 - [Legendado]

Add to EJ Playlist  Copyright BBC Two - Todos os Direitos Reservados.


Add to EJ Playlist  Compilation on British comedy films of the 30s 40s 50s 60s

Look Out for Spider-Man! -Random Retro Bonus Round! #14

Add to EJ Playlist  This episode of Random Retro can do anything a spider can! Cause we're watching the Spider-Man '67s cartoon! That's right, Random Retro now encompasses movies and TV shows, so we've got something for everyone!

Spy Smasher - Complete Serial! - 1942 - 12 Chapters

Add to EJ Playlist  Considered by most one of the best serials ever made! Alan Armstrong, aka Spy Smasher, battles a Nazi villain known as The Mask, who heads a gang of saboteurs determined to spread destruction across America. This is a public domain piece. Kane Richmond ... Alan Armstrong (Spy Smasher) / Jack Armstrong Marguerite Chapman ... Eve Corby Sam Flint ... Adm. Corby Hans Schumm ... The Mask Tristram Coffin ... Drake (as Tris Coffin) Franco Corsaro ... Capt. Pierre Durand [Chs. 1-4] Hans von Morhart ... Capt. Gerhardt [Chs. 1, 8, 12] Georges Renavent ... Gov. LeComte [Ch. 3] Rudolph Anders ... Dungeon Col. Von Kohr [Ch. 1] (as Robert O. Davis) Henry Zynda ... Lazar [Ch. 1] Paul Bryar ... Lawlor Tom London ... Crane Richard Bond ... Henchman Hayes Crane Whitley ... Hauser John James ... Henchman Steve rest of cast listed alphabetically: Lowden Adams ... Maitre D', Hotel Royale [Ch. 5] (uncredited) Frank Alten ... Captain of Guard, Headquarters [Ch. 1] (uncredited) Roy Brent ... Hanging Party Soldier [Ch. 2] (uncredited) John Buckley ... Walker, Launch Heavy [Ch. 8] (uncredited) Yakima Canutt ... Armored Car Driver [Ch. 9] (uncredited) Tommy Coats ... Hanging Party Leader [Ch. 2] (uncredited) John Daheim ... Clayworks Thug [Ch. 10] (uncredited) Arvon Dale ... Thornton, Code Expert [Ch. 11] (uncredited) James Dale ... (uncredited) Dudley Dickerson ... Train Porter [Ch. 1] (uncredited) Martin Faust ... Blacksmith [Ch. 2] (uncredited) James Fawcett ... Thug [Ch. 1] / First Warehouse Cop [Ch. 6] (uncredited) Bernard Fein ... Sloan (uncredited) William Forrest ... Gerald Douglas [Ch. 12] (uncredited) Martin Garralaga ... Commandant [Ch. 2] (uncredited) Duke Green ... Lumber Heavy [Ch. 7] (uncredited) Ray Harris ... Hanging Party Soldier [Ch. 2] (uncredited) Vinton Hayworth ... Camera Shop Clerk [Ch. 6] (uncredited) Howard Hughes ... Barn Thug [Ch. 3] (uncredited) Bob Jamison ... Clayworks Thug [Ch. 10] (uncredited) Jerry Jerome ... Burns, Camera Shop Thug [Ch. 6] (uncredited) Hans Joby ... Sub-Quartermast er (uncredited) Eddie Juaregui ... Clayworks Thug [Ch. 10] (uncredited) Bert LeBaron ... Ed - Mechanic-Thug [Ch. 6] (uncredited) George J. Lewis ... Stuart, Warehouse Spy [Ch. 8] (uncredited) Carey Loftin ... Launch Heavy [Ch. 8] (uncredited) Walter Lowe ... Clayworks Thug [Ch. 10] (uncredited) Pat Moran ... Acme Cafe Waiter [Ch. 1] (uncredited) Jack O'Shea ... Acme Cafe Customer [Ch. 1] (uncredited) Ray Parsons ... Livingston, Collins Plant Guard [Ch. 4] (uncredited) Gil Perkins ... Sub-Valve Sailor [Chs. 3-4] (uncredited) Lee Phelps ... Jail Guard [Ch. 12] (uncredited) Charles Phillips ... Barn Thug [Ch. 3] (uncredited) Hugh Prosser ... Flight 4 Squadron Leader [Ch. 7] (uncredited) Charles Regan ... Acme Cafe Manager [Ch. 1] (uncredited) Loren Riebe ... Pipeworks Thug [Chs. 6-7] (uncredited) Buddy Roosevelt ... Lieutenant (uncredited) David Sharpe ... Warehouse Sniper (uncredited) George Sherwood ... Jailer [Ch. 12] (uncredited) Cy Slocum ... Martinidad Private [Ch. 2] (uncredited) Leonard St. Leo ... Martinidad Lieutenant [Ch. 2] (uncredited) Tom Steele ... Clayworks Thug [Ch. 10] (uncredited) Robert R. Stephenson ... Sub Crewman (uncredited) Duke Taylor ... First Sentry at HQ [Ch. 1] / Fritz - Bat-Plane Pilot [Ch. 4] (uncredited) Ken Terrell ... Second HQ Sentry [Ch. 1] / Third Warehouse Cop [Ch. 6] / Raygun Thug [Ch. 7] (uncredited) Louis Tomei ... Joe, Warehouse Thug [Ch. 8] (uncredited) Sid Troy ... Gold Heavy [Ch. 9] (uncredited) Nicholas Vehr ... Whipmaster-Dung eon Guard [Ch. 1] (uncredited) Max Waizmann ... Auto Records Clerk [Ch. 6] (uncredited) Robert J. Wilke ... Chief Government Agent [Chs. 1-2, 10-11] (uncredited) Bill Wilkens ... Pipeworks Thug [Chs. 6-7] (uncredited) Bill Wilkus ... Pipeworks Heavy [Chs. 6-7] (uncredited) Bud Wolfe ... Craig, Second Warehouse Cop [Ch. 6] (uncredited) Carleton Young ... Taylor, Barn Thug [Ch. 3] / Power Clerk (uncredited)

The Night America Trembled 1957 - H.G. Wells' War of the Worlds

Add to EJ Playlist  The Night America Trembled 1957 is probably one of the best films I have seen that proves, at least to me, the point that Americans have always been gun happy freaked out paranoid hicks. And that's why I love them, and I love this movie. The Night America Trembled is-as far as I know-the first movie of the events that happened during the radio broadcast of Orson Welles doing H.G. Wells' War of the Worlds on October 30, 1938. (Although not related, on October 28, 1940, Orson Welles met H.G. Wells in San Antonio, Texas; a local radio station KTSA recorded the conversation, which was likely the only meeting between the two) Oddly enough Orson Welles is never actually mentioned by name in this flick. Bad blood from the radio broadcast still I guess. Anyway, Newsman Edward R. Murrow adds modern perspective to '50s audiences about subsequent events that make this Orson Welles production still seem frightening to anyone who didn't hear the beginning of the broadcast having switched from Bergin and McCarthy on NBC. I first saw the remake "The Night that Panicked America" when I was just a little Lush I couldn't believe how realistic it sounded. I thought myself it was a brilliant joke. In this original movie however the director of the radio play and Orson Welles are depicted as two different people when they were actually one and the same. Also, the sound of the Martians' opening their ship was visualized as the sound man manually spinning a bare record turntable when it was actually the opening of a jar. (The remake shows this magnificently) What makes this Version best though are the Westinghouse commercials with John Cameron Swazee for various nuclear products! Also worth mentioning are the early performances of Warren Beatty, Ed Asner, Warren Oates, James Coburn, Vincent Gardenia, and, for Honeymooners fans, Frank Marth and a very young John Astin on the typewriter! This film was (as mentioned) remade in 1975 as The Night That Panicked America which is also a brilliant film.

Gang Busters - Episode 1 (TV Series, 1952)

Add to EJ Playlist  Episode 1: Bailat-Fiaschet ti (March 20th, 1952) Detectives set out to track down a gang of international jewel thieves who have just stolen more than a million dollars worth of valuables from an estate in New York. [Public Domain Video]

The Ghost & Mrs. Muir - Amateur Night - 2-22

Add to EJ Playlist  Full episode of the classic tv show. Mrs. Muir and family help put on a show to raise money for a new Seaman's Home. Starring Hope Lange and Edward Mulhare, with Reta Shaw and Charles Nelson Reilly, Harlen Carraher and Kellie Flanagan. First aired February 27th 1970.

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