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Dollhouse Wooden Floor Tutorial

Add to EJ Playlist  blog post with links and supplies list http://www.shar 4/01/video-tuto rial-miniature- ml

Behind the scenes: 1/6 Scale House

Add to EJ Playlist  Introducing the 1/6 scale wooden house. This is a big and heavy house. House dimensions: length 120cm, width 70cm, height 70cm and weight ???

Rec Room Battles 27. Match 3

Add to EJ Playlist  Pete Chambers vs. Bryan Pappagio

Louis vs Coenraad submission wrestling

Add to EJ Playlist  This video will appeal to all fans of real submission wrestling. Coenraad proves to be a very real competitor for Louis, who has won all his real wrestling matches to date. 50 minutes of high energy, all action wrestling. You can download this and many other videos at www.untamedcrea

BM 2012 Junioren (Freistil) - 66kg [395]

Add to EJ Playlist  Bayerische Meisterschaft 2012 Junioren (Freistil) - 66kg Pool B R3 Welk, C. vs. Rottenaicher, J. 7:2 / 9:2 (SS) Westendorf (21.01.2012)

Men Wrestling (Video 1)

Add to EJ Playlist  Two great guys enjoy wrestling together

Little Man Fights Big Man

Add to EJ Playlist  FBF 1: The Beginning. We are a couple of guys from Colorado with a passion for Mixed Martial Arts. Here is one of our live sparring sessions. Sorry about the quality, it was a dark basement so I adjusted the color. Please Subscribe, Comment, or Like! Much appreciated and more videos are on the way!!!


Add to EJ Playlist  BOUT 6: DAMIEN BRADFORD VS. ALLAN LEE............ ............... Our first image of this match is of a cute, nicely built scruffy blond who fills out his brief bright yellow speedo very handsomely. Maybe hefts got what it takes. Hope springs eternal. Enter Damien Bradford, who with brutal precision has laid waste to everyone who has stepped up to the mat to face him. Hefts an awesome sight! That spectacularly muscled framed poured into a very hot red and yellow bikini, which can barely contain his perfectly round muscled butt. His abs are in high relief. Hefts the lean mean machine. As with all Damien Bradford bouts, this one is no-nonsense, all business right from the get-go. He is supremely confident, arrogant, tough, rough and ripped. When the action starts and the challengerfts lack of skill, stamina and conditioning become evident, we know itfts just a matter of time. Damien slowly destroys Allan Lee, clamping on one sleeper variation after another, dumping him to the mat when he starts to sag, releasing him before he goes out. He scares and softens his quarry, toying and playing with the blond hair boy at his leisure and at his pleasure. He knew from the start that this pretty blond thing is his for the taking, and hefts gonna take him when hefts good and ready. In the end a nasty body scissors/sleepe r combo does the mean trick.

Mike and Aaron going at it

Add to EJ Playlist  Visit http://lutavslu

rojo vs. pantera negra (part-2)

Add to EJ Playlist  additional action from the rojo - negro bout; latinos 1

PEA split

Add to EJ Playlist  whestleing split

kyle vs andrew L 3

Add to EJ Playlist  one of the best matches ever between these very intense great match between the two And guess wat were back

White bear submission

Add to EJ Playlist  jordan gets his salad tossed-zach. idc about my techinique in the video the kid was being cocky. i was toyin with him the whole time since i want to hurt him rather than just beat him quick and painless. the camera also only did about 30 seconds at a time so some parts it skips.

Submission fighting juniors

Add to EJ Playlist  24/05/2009, Moscow, ADCC grappling. Alexander Kustov fights

Nailton Vs David- Jiu Jitsu- Part 2

Add to EJ Playlist  Nailton da Cademia de Muay thai e Jiu Jitsu Equipe Shadokan l contra david tirando na brincadeira um jiu jitsu de leve ;D no segundo Round ;D

Wrestling Meat clip

Add to EJ Playlist  This a clip from an original a HIS video no longer in form 1981 that gave me and many others the wrestling bug. Supposedly it has been digitalized, but I haven't seen it yet. The latter part of the film is too X for You Tube, but this part of a scene I first saw in a bar (whole movie was too racy for the laws there at the time too!) Naturally, I love the bodyscissors!

Wrestling Turks 10-1-A

Add to EJ Playlist  Young Turks angry grappling at outdoor Sakarya wrestling tournament. For more videos or to order the full length feature visit http://www.turk m/gallery.html

Wrestling Turks 6-2-G

Add to EJ Playlist  Turk kids in kispets fight to win in deep grass. For more videos or to order the full length feature visit http://www.turk m/gallery.html

Wrestling Turks 6-2-C

Add to EJ Playlist  Oiled wrestlers in grassy field, teens bare-chested, barefoot. For more videos or to order the full length feature visit http://www.turk m/gallery.html

Tap out!

Add to EJ Playlist  Our 160 lber makes his opponent tap out before the pin!

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