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rojo vs. pantera negra

Add to EJ Playlist  nice bout between Pantera Negra and Rocky Rojo. From Latino Wrestling 1 DVD @

Father vs Father wrestling 01

Add to EJ Playlist  CATEGORY: General Wrestling and Stuff Son tags his father to battle another dad. Which father wins? Nice pin in the end ! Tags: Bodybuilder, Wrestling, mat wrestling, muscle wrestling, wrestler, Father Vs Father, wrestling daddy, gay wrestling

Dave Calbrese Ab Bashes The Ox

Add to EJ Playlist  Complete video available at: www.musclebash. com

Muscle Boy Gut Bashed.mp4

Add to EJ Playlist  Hot muscle boy gets his abs worked over

Daniel_Benda_vs_Dmitry_Vorobev YOUTUBE HD.wmv

Add to EJ Playlist  In a match that will leave you breathless, we have put the unstoppable Daniel Benda against the never say die, Dmitry Vorobev. Each competitor is hungry for victory and will do whatever it takes to come away champion. Sometimes however, more than sheer will is needed to win a wrestling match and soon the skill and training of one of these men proves to be the ingredient needed to turn the tables and claim the title.


Add to EJ Playlist  Showing off my muscles...

muscle flex

Add to EJ Playlist  flexing biceps,pecs and abs

hoy guy

Add to EJ Playlist  very hot video... not mine


Add to EJ Playlist  Playin with my pecs

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