Jenna and Julia's Boy Transformation!
By: SevenSuperGirls | Minutes: 4:08 | Views: 3,983,660
Uploaded: February 27th, 2014 (1 year, 4 months ago)
What happens when Jenna and Julia become bored and have the good idea of transforming into boys?!
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Katheryn Whitaker: Julia looks like a boy
Xiomy Vargas: OK so like around d April my friend shoyed me the last part and she said what do you think of them I said I liked the boy in the black jacket and then she restarted the video and she showed me the part where Jenna and Julia where and I turned red and she said I was lesbian so I cried a lot until my best friend that's a boy came and hugged me but then he told me he told my friend to do that and that I should be mad at him so I was he later came back again and said sorry
Fahad Khan: Jenna and julia are looking just like boys
Kendra Garza: Juli looks mor laic a boy
Dawson Poolaw: I like u want to date 
chingusaranghae: you look like you are real boys
Emalie Hostetler: One With Blue Hoody Looks More Of A Boy
Kristen Taylor: You girl(guys)lock amazing 
chelseatheswimmer〈3: Julia looks more like a boy then Jenna
JD Bratz: I think Julia looked more like a boy
youtuber 987: No offence but julia looks more like a boy than jenna
Laila Amaya: I'm a tomboy
Reese Katovich: Oh my gosh! Julia actually looks like a boy!👦🏻
Kitty Kat: Julia looked AMAZING
Alara Lingerfelt: Jenna friend looks good to hear about the same time as well 😒💞
Alara Lingerfelt: You guys are going well 
Christmel: Julia looks a lot like a boy
Sunny59223 ROBLOXProductions: Who else noticed Julia wore her hoodie the wrong side?
Israa Tahir: Julia really looked like a boy B-)
Ashlyn Zimmerman: lol
Smidders: Julia looks like Justin bieber a long time ago
Claudia Diaz: Wow you look exacly like a boy.😮😮😮😮😮😮👍💪👀
Viengsam Phouthavong: Julia looks more like a guy cause Jenna,s jacket
Theleighashow: You look good as a boy
irish “Fitzy” red: Okayyyyy... :/


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