Crochet Beanie / Hat and Neck Warmer in 1 - Part 3 of 3 Tutorial
By: bobwilson123 | Minutes: 8:12 | Views: 524,316
Uploaded: March 8th, 2011 (4 years, 3 months ago)
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Here is the link to  Bethintx1 Awesome video hannel_video_title 
The pattern that  Beth uses is entitled, "The Convertible" by Deborah E Burger tion=com_content&view=article&id=128:the -convertible&catid=59:hats&Itemid=214 
Free Written Pattern - 2012/01/free-written-pattern-and-video-t utorial_24.html 
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97grad: Just finished making one of these tonight. Loooooove it. Thank you for sharing.
Cadams'crochet: Pretty darned clever,never would have thought of this, thank you for sharing.
Gloria Zapata: Espectacular, desde Colombia
Guechtieng Srauy:
Carmen Grech: the best
Lucía De la Barreda: ¡Eres maravillosa! You are awesome! Saludos desde México. Greetings from México.
michelle thong: Thanks a lot for your good idaea (^_^)
Chris E: goott dooooooooooooooooo it
Kathleen Fiedler: I am pretty new to YouTube but not new to crochet. But I am finding it very enjoyable to look up new things and letting you show me how to do rather than beat my head on the wall for an hour. Thanks Bob
lucienne goutaudier: B.J.R je ne comprend pas car je ne parle aucune Langues Etrangere désoler es-ce possible que cela soit en Francais. Merci.fifi03
Heather C: Oh my days, how awesome is this, it's really easy to make and I'm making some for Christmas. Thank you so much for sharing and taking your time to help others to crochet. I actually learned to crochet a couple of years ago by watching your vids, so a very big thank you to you and have a wonderful Christmas, you'll defo be warm ;) 
Kathy Chin: of all the tutorials on YouTubbe, yours is by far THE BEST and easiest to follow (and i've searched all tutorials) so thank you for your amazing projects and vids! keep up the great work!!
wanda gray: very nice I will be making some of these for sure you are the best thank you so much I have dyslexia and cant read the patterns so the video 's are so good for me
Rosa Domingo: Me han gustado muchísimo tus gorros 
Kelley Anderson: thank you for sharing and guess what? think I made it too big and will have to try again to make it smaller. lol Love to learn from you. sincerely yours, Kelley :-D
blanca mimbela centurion: lindo
LoskoolXD: How to make alittle skirt girl cro chet B. 
Carolyn L: I just completed this project for my mom-in-law's birthday gift. I absolutely LOVE it. My favorite part was learning the i-cord (eye-cord?). Cant wait to use that again. If not for your fantastic video instruction I would have never figured it out. Thank you for all of your clear and simple tutorials. I watch them whenever possible. 
Justa bonilla: lindo 
kaptachara: osom
Ida Kaktus: Auch wenn ich kaum englische Wörter vertsehen kann, learning by doing. Und noch eines ich hatte eine Freude an den immer super schönen lackierten Fingernägeln =)
sugarsnap mama: Love!! Thank you for a great tutorial!
GammieT: I find it so much more easier and quicker using 2 double ended knitting needles when making the I chord. 
sarah lorince: If you are using two strands of yarn how many balls of each colour yarn would you need? 
Lee Ann Steinmetz: I've never even heard of an I chord, so I learned something new. This will come in so much more handy than a magircle. Plus, this hat looks so much nicer. Am getting ready to start this hat now! Thanks so much!


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