Crochet Beanie / Hat and Neck Warmer in 1 - Part 3 of 3 Tutorial
By: bobwilson123 | Minutes: 08:12 | Views: 458,579
Uploaded: March 8th, 2011 (3 years, 8 months ago)
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Here is the link to  Bethintx1 Awesome video hannel_video_title 
The pattern that  Beth uses is entitled, "The Convertible" by Deborah E Burger tion=com_content&view=article&id=128:the -convertible&catid=59:hats&Itemid=214 
Free Written Pattern - 2012/01/free-written-pattern-and-video-t utorial_24.html 
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Carolyn L: I just completed this project for my mom-in-law's birthday gift. I absolutely LOVE it. My favorite part was learning the i-cord (eye-cord?). Cant wait to use that again. If not for your fantastic video instruction I would have never figured it out. Thank you for all of your clear and simple tutorials. I watch them whenever possible. 
wanda gray: very nice I will be making some of these for sure you are the best thank you so much I have dyslexia and cant read the patterns so the video 's are so good for me
Rosa Domingo: Me han gustado muchísimo tus gorros 
Kelley Anderson: thank you for sharing and guess what? think I made it too big and will have to try again to make it smaller. lol Love to learn from you. sincerely yours, Kelley :-D
blanca mimbela centurion: lindo
LoskoolXD: How to make alittle skirt girl cro chet B. 
Lee Ann Steinmetz: I've never even heard of an I chord, so I learned something new. This will come in so much more handy than a magircle. Plus, this hat looks so much nicer. Am getting ready to start this hat now! Thanks so much!
sarah lorince: If you are using two strands of yarn how many balls of each colour yarn would you need? 
Justa bonilla: lindo 
Ida Kaktus: Auch wenn ich kaum englische Wörter vertsehen kann, learning by doing. Und noch eines ich hatte eine Freude an den immer super schönen lackierten Fingernägeln =)
sugarsnap mama: Love!! Thank you for a great tutorial!
GammieT: I find it so much more easier and quicker using 2 double ended knitting needles when making the I chord. 
lili Morales: wuau is good
kaptachara: osom
lissa0269: thank you for the video! it was a great watch! gonna go get my hook out now!
Monica tejiendo:
Matapa O'Harry: Love your video :)
asluna16: love interesting the combination of hat & scarf set (2 in 1 ).
Prudence Cichy: Great tutorial...My daughter's birthday is in a few days and guess what she is getting as a gift. Thank you so much!! I love your videos!!
eddayao: Now my question is?can you kindlyost a tutorial for a slouchy ha using the berry stitch please...thank you
bobwilson123: @roohafzagailani Your welcome :)
Nicole Hallak: this turned out amazing! thanks for posting it(: i did mine in grey-also doubling up the yarn and i absolutely love it! and when i did the top stitch to close the hat, i weaved it through lower, so that when it was tight, it looked like a flower :)
bobwilson123: @Stephy27Pooh yes :O)
xoxomspencer: Thank you for the amazing tutorials! I've advanced so much since I started watching and crocheting along with your videos :) I've made this hat to give as a holiday gift! Thank you :) "Happy Crochet!"
shoshana192: I am so happy I found your videos! I can't wait to make the scoodie!!!


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