Caterina Valente - The Breeze And I
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Caterina Valente singing  The Breeze And I.
Caterina Valente (b. January 14,  1931, Paris, France) was born into an  Italian circus family. Her mother was a  clown and her father was an accordion  player; as a child she worked in the  circus as well. She performed in Europe  as a singer for several years, but her  career as an internationally known  vocalist began in 1953 when she joined  Kurt Edelhagen's band in Germany. She  was soon signed to Polydor and made her  recording debut for them the same year.  Her first big hits came soon after that. Two songs written for her by Cuban  composer Ernesto Lecuona charted in  Europe and eventually England and the  U.S. "Malaguena" was her first big hit,  followed by "Analucia" which when  re-released in an English version as  "The Breeze and I" became a top ten hit  in both the U.K. and the U.S.
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Rita Farioli: Una delle voci piu' belle e melodiche che il cuore puo' ascoltare.
JOHN PARRY: Absolutely superb rendition.I first heard this song in the late 1950's and it has always stayed with me.
Jerome Delaney: Rene, that was more like an F sharp. That was really high and I doubt she could do that any more. She is around my age and the vocal chords stiffen a little when you get to that point in life.
tintunbirha: I was directed to this song while listening to the hindi piece "yeh raste hai pyar ke". The similarity is there but for the first line only. This one is better sung. However both are worth listening.
Rene Martin: Could somebody, please, elucidate me: that high note at the end, was it a C or a D?
Regina Yeh: 優美動聽~
Minoru Aihara: イスタンブル なつかしいです 嬉しいです
Rita Farioli: una meraviglia sentir cantarela bravissima Caterina Valente.
jay capp: When I think of Caterina Valente,I always think of this great song,sung by her.Mmmmmmmm
My Space: Love the breeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeze and I, brings out the summer time in me.
John Reeves: i had this record played on family favourites on sunday when i was doing national service in berlin reme workshops 1955
Archie Morrison: One of the best versions of this song
Rich Pulin: Caterina was one of my favorites! A young lady carries the Valente period forward...listen to her sing "Lovin You" & "Waiting For You" in their entirety at ily
2768Paco: Such a great lady...such great memories. It was a wonderful time. She was such a great talent for us all to enjoy while eyes swell up. Thanks for posting this.
Jacqueline Sergio: Love WWFM. I knew this had to be Spanish in origin. Then Caterina.....I'd forgotten her. Lovely.
bazjay38: This is a song that pops into my head from time to time - especially the part where she just uses her voice without lyrics. Reminds me of my childhood years. Thanks for sharing.
margaret arnaout: I just love her voice....she has such talent...I love listening to her
geoffrey parsons: benhur They dont make music like this anymore excellent voice and orchestra
EDGARDO J. HERRERA DISEÑADOR ARTISTA: The breeze and i are saying with a sigh that you no longer care the breeze and i are whispering goodbye to dreams we used to share Ours was a love song that seemed constant as the moon ending in a strange, mournful tune and all about me, they know you have departed without me and we wonder why, the breeze and i the breeze and i
Gabriel Mendes: uma vos de oiro.
Gabriel Mendes: fantástico Catarina Valente uma senhora da canção.
Jim Southern: In May of 1955, "The Breeze & I" was #8 in Billboard and #9 in Cashbox. Caterina truly rates among the greatest of the female vocalists of any era. What a thrill to hear her sing this great song.


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