Quads of a MuscleMonster
By: Jon Cannon | Minutes: 4:27 | Views: 153,133
Uploaded: April 7th, 2009 (6 years, 3 months ago)
As you stare with envy and worship at my monsterous quads, I slowly flex them so you can see the sheer massive size of them twist and bunch before your bulging eyes. You never have or will see ripped, titanic masses of pure muscle like this. And just when you thought you couldn't comprehend the incredible sight before you, I show you how paper thin my skin is - barely able to contain all the huge Musclegod muscle you are drooling over. I like how with just a quick flex of my overdeveloped muscles, I can make you lose control...
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Pranav Agrawal: I am grateful for the upload. Youtube is made for this sort of thing.My homeboy used to be bullied. He said he was going to grow muscles. I did not believe him. Then in just a few weeks he packed on 40lbs of genuine muscle. He made use of the Muscle Building Bible - look for it in Google. He does not get bullied any longer. I signed up the other day. See what goes on. And this guys emails are great!!!
Pranav Agrawal: I am grateful for the upload. Youtube is made for this sort of thing.My homeboy used to be bullied. He said he was going to grow muscles. I did not believe him. Then in just a few weeks he packed on 40lbs of genuine muscle. He made use of the Muscle Building Bible - look for it in Google. He does not get bullied any longer.
STeven Childs: farking huge!
Kristoffer Kjellin: I just couldn't stand it anymore when he showed his back... Too freaking hot.
Mohammed: and know buy some special pants for ur legs
nzbodybuilder: @pachuco1674 Mate, you're thick. If he abused roids, then he wouldn't have such fantastic muscle development! Abuse = incorrect use = shit health and shit muscular development. You have to know what you're doing to get this type of development. It's obvous you have no clue.
benmormcq2: Now go run a mile as fast as you can, i'll be laughing my ass off after the first 400m
mattsnow81: Got to be the hugest quads ever, but I don't envy you.
xXCREEKSTARXx: WAnna reduce Pollution? Get the truck behind HIM and let him pull it
Avatar1338: @pachuco1674 even if he does, to get to a level like this it takes more than 10 years of training, even with steroids!
Avatar1338: @icerink99 its Outwork Ft Mr Gee - Elektro
tmasters27: @Buffpussy They are powerful and I respect the work put in to get them but tht is just a stupid statement sir lol Not being able to run would be horrible
Buffpussy: @tmasters27 i'd eagerly and thankfully give up the ablility to run for the rest of my life to have a set of thighs like his!
Dolan uwotmate: I bet he enjoys the chaffing.
Daniel Gentzen: @MrKorezT no it's not
increhivle: i dont know why i was watching this.
icerink99: What is this music? So cool...
tmasters27: Thats gotta feel weird having your legs tht big..Do you have problems walking??And I bet you couldnt run for more than 20 feet at a time..Like a fuckin gator lmao
Jeff Francis: tyler vargas are bigger
jim beatrice: To each their own... I like seeing his quads, and if he is a self worshipper? who cares
bobthebuilder12346: that looks digusting
MrKorezT: This is Tom Platz -.-
zignationer: hahahah you fag. stop taking the roids and film a video 1 year later and we'll se how big they are
biggestofthemall1: roids


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