[TUTORIAL] How to Mod the Nerf Vortex Proton - Modification Guide
By: Coop772 | Minutes: 10:29 | Views: 73,374
Uploaded: September 16th, 2011 (3 years, 1 month ago)
This is a video  guide covering how to modify the Vortex  Proton. I cover the spring relocation  modification (for more power) and go  over the trigger box to explain the  locks. I show how to modify the blaster  to allow it to deprime, too.
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TheMTGNMClub14: he sayed trewrk
Tom lepage:
Dhruvan Gopinath: How do i do this. The thing popped over the ridge and went flying and it wont stay down.
Carson Wolfe: are u rich
aveoxus: @jjhill182 thats what she said
Coop772: @Matthew8088 Not a modification guide, no
nikmatt11: dLove your vids Coop! You have a talent, my friend!
Coop772: Don't write "first", yo. It's annoying.
jjhill420: lol shaft doesnt fit
Chuck Norris: cool
makeitgo: Very well done! Excellent tutorial and execution. Keep it up..
MrFREEsnoopy: "some size holes dont allow my shaft to fit in" smooth coop
Grundeluffagus: he said shaft
iatemytwofeet: lol, "that dumb little pice"
Coop772: @Dylan81nerfer Yeah
randomguyonstreet586: this is the best tutorial ive ever seen you do, its just so clear and not quite like your older ones, it would be great if you do a remake of your old longshot ones, it would be sweet!!!!!!!!!
kwalits: your mods are so cool! im 11 and i eally like to mod nerf guns so far i only have modded 1 an painted 2 but i alway swatch your vids cuz they aer fun to watch so thx for posting them!
Charlie Crank: Thank You for the MOD info - you the man
jerm781: Thanks for the guide Coop, maybe now I'll mess with removing my locks.
WhenInDoubtSemtex: Great vid coop!
thegruntmaster117: wont allow the shaft to fit in gigity gigity all right!
Airsoftdays: @Coop772 Awesome Mod, is the range test coming out soon?
ultranewt: you could get pretty beasty at reloading this blaster with some practice
Coop772: @MaverickMan1197 No
1nickman1999: Thanks for the mod tutorial I love this I did it to my proton and its amazing