NoD / FKK - Tanz im Quadrat (2010)
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Mandy Lion: What the fuck did I just watch? 
Johnny Money Green: Looks like she's trying to rape him.
Ольга Орлова: Уроды! Европейские извращенцы! И вы ещё учите нас не противится фашизму? Вы только распространяете заразу пошлости и человеконенавистничества.
dante d: so stupidity mixed with pervertism?
ll: It pretty obvious the man were gays.
Kevin Allen: Tribbles the whole lot of you. This is a performance piece, yes in the nude, stripped of their clothing, baring them to all, her issues aggressive and non stop, not dealing with them, just outwardly attacking those around her. None of you seemed to have caught that, you concentrate on the nudity, judge how they look, the abstract of their interaction, and judge. This is one of the problems we have in America, the majority of you judging those around you... why can't you just enjoy this art? if you don't like it, say nothing and move on. You came here because you probably saw some nude bodies in a thumbnail and wanted to see people having sex, that's what I wanted to see, but I got this instead, actually I'd rather watch this than some fake porn... which is not allowed on YouTube, there are other sites for that.
J.T. Mekjian: Not a single one of those dudes had a boner. This is clearly some form of bizarre ritual designed to promote purity and self control. The women attempts to entice the man but he must (literally) fight her off. That or it's just nude wrestling. its hard to tell.
nazia siddiqui: I mean girl and a girl
Tommy Persklint: How the flying fuck did i end up here?
beltsazar4689: thumbs for the boys for not having boner while wrestling with the girls
orlos The Druid: ....what....the.....FUCK.....
David Schuurmans: What the fuck .....?? 
Margarita Warld: Что это блять?
mursie100: That's enough YouTube for 2015
Doug DeGrave: Oven-worthy edginess .
Big Bambu: Esa chica de fijo es de esas k le gusta k la amarren y le hagan de todo...sadomasoquista Interesante...
Меган Фокс: Гейропейское искусство, фигли))
Stephen Elkins: I have to say this is the oddest thing I have ever seen on Bizarre! What is this practice called? What is the purpose? 
Fanis Patitsas: Is this the caveman version of theater? Is humanity indeed degenerating so fast?
LongLiveFor13: Look at those disgusting
vexedne: Well, I have no clue what I watched here but it was interesting and the underly meaning (or perception of them anyway) weren't lost on me. I'm a super open minded dude but that was slightly more vulnerable than I would have been comfortable with, not even the being naked in front of people part but more the relentlessness of the other person while being naked. 
Slim Scrimshanks: I thought the opposite of most people here from this obscure Nudity production in a Warehouse Theatre. It’s not about people being naked and fooling around?!... More like the tormented trails between men and women without the sexual monster raising its usual horny head... I though; a clever ad vanguard production of Romeo and Juliette... or more like the everyday…, “A day at the Office”? Fighting over who uses the Photo Copier next..? 
dona anod: Nice art Somebody can add me on skype- singlegentle.18 Thanks 
Rey Nahpets: *MOTIVATIONAL SEMINAR for RAPISTS!* So **this*& is where all the rapists go before their next big hit!
JRX Studios: All that slamming must really hurt. I could feel the uncomfortably sounds of slammed.


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