Charissa Thompson Leather and Black Tights 09 13 12 HD
By: foxcnnTV | Minutes: 4:00 | Views: 80,468
Uploaded: September 14th, 2012 (2 years, 10 months ago)
Charissa wearing black tights and  actually a shiny pleather dress. Best  part is she wears traditional sexy high  heels, rather then the frankenstein  platforms that so many women use to get  taller.

Wish they would bring back some of the segments where they sit on chairs with no desk(Beadle did it a few times  with some food game). Still, this was a  very nice show for seeing how great  Charissa looks. Hannah rocks some great  dress/hosiery combos, but not lately.  Better step up her game because CT is  the queen of the network right now.
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John Doe: she looks like jenny mccarthy 
George Foreman: Charissa Thompson has a man face. I see why she has to date ex black athletes trying to get more attention drawn to herself. Do you really think she would of dated J Williams in the real world if he wasn't a ex baller?
Adrian Steele: WOW! She looks very hot! I really love her sexy black tights, sexy black pleather dress, and sexy black heels. I want to rub her tights, feel her dress, and rub her heels. She looks hot in glasses, too! She is so hot!
MR CODY: i just came over her face
florcom1: I agree I love traditional high heels without the giant platform. The worst part of it is most women who wear those stupid platforms can't even walk in them. Nothing is sexier than pointy sky high heels with no platform.
Arthur Penn: What a TEASE she is
powergirlfanatic: so sexy!
Richard Munoz: Bootleg Michelle Beadle
Duece Six: im fkn in love with this girl.
Kalan Ferguson: I would love to shoot my seed in her uterus so she can have my child.
bochumerjungs1848: She looks cute and sexy with Glasses
tsruwtterb: It's tough to fill Beadle's shoes, but one way to win over people ... look like this. My goodness. She is HOOOOOOOT in that get-up. Wow.
jason wier: she is double fit
CrazyEddi3: Excellent, I look forward. Once again man, great channel keep up the good work.
foxcnnTV: Yes she did. Looks very good from the first 15 minutes I edited thru so far. Probably be a stand alone vid, but she has worn nice hosiery a few times this month. Maybe a compilation of October for the other days.
CrazyEddi3: In black tights today apparently.
Philip wu: I want to kiss and caress her black pantyhose legs
Ken Jones: Charissa swallow my cum
SHB113: people that use the word "hip" don't really know what is or isn't "hip"
FCA1975: Charissa know how to look sexy and not over do it.
Steve Malzoney: How do you record and put stuff on youtube?
CrazyEddi3: First time in tights? Good looking out.
Robert Lane: soo love babes in leather
Christopher Chesanek: Hi! Thank You For Your Kind Message! I Do Have To Correct In On This Important Matter! I Really, Really Love Fashion Tights And Pantyhose!!!!!!!! Yes! I Would Be Interested! I Happen To Work As A Marketer And Salesman Distributing An Assortment Of Famous Woman's Designer Pantyhose, Stockings And Tights From Here In The U.S.A. And Around The Globe! I Frequently Travel To East Asia And South East Asia, Particularly In Tokyo, Japan, Taipei, Taiwan And Bangkok, Thailand! Thank You!
foxcnnTV: @ adam burgess I understand you like Jenna Lee, she is a beautiful woman. I just don't have time to record everyone like I used to. You could record her yourself if instead of trying to insult myself and subscribers. If you don't like the channel or vids, just don't watch them.


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