Steve Quayle GENESIS 6 GIANTS Pt. II
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Conclusion of the presentation "Return  to the Days of Noah"
2.21.2013 on The  Hagmann Report
Fascinating discussion with author,  researcher and leading authority in the  exploration of the Biblical accounts of  giants--and how they may be manifesting  in the present day--as well as in the  Future.
There were giants in the earth  in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the  daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men  which were of old, men of renown.
  -Genesis 6:4

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Carol Tomaro:
TheStratplayer1: Satan tempted Adam and Eve to eat the fruit of Knowledge and they sinned. God Does not lie, he is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. When you sin you die forever. There are two deaths. You die and you go into the grave, believers and everyone else who repent are saved. They are raised from the first death to everlasting life with Jesus and God in a perfect world where there is no sin, no murder, no rape etc... Sinners die the second death. Satanist's die in the fires of Hell.
PIWarsVideo: You've been on my mind and heart Darling--we need to talk soon.
Jerrae Lyn: Thank you dear for posting.... caught the first hour and was like :(...and here it is. This one by far is one of his best broadcast. Very informative...a must listen to...twice maybe thrice ...must wrap our heads around this and be spiritually ready for this the blood if the Lamb we endure and overcome...much love and prayers for you ...dearest brother ....!:)
Pfsif: Boy, this guy take the long way around the barn? Good stuff, but could have been 1/2 the time.
CRXUGLYKID: do u know the military bought the majority of ammonition, and there stocking up.its gonna hit the fan
PIWarsVideo: You sound very astute--Thank You Sally
International Organization for Mans Enlightenment: PLEASE POST IT ALSO!!! THANKS
Glenn White: Catherine, I to feel that more people should be made aware of the information spoke of here... My one regret is that guys that have a platform and a mega- horn like these guys do not use the media that people are open too... People will get this into their spirit if they are made aware of this information God said, let them with ears to hear and eyes to see.
PIWarsVideo: Thanks for the encouragement and kind words O'D-. I'm mostly sad for these kids who come trolling around here, because they don't have a Clue. But some of them are good for comic relief, every now and then... ;-D
Oz White: Interesting about the 72 demons, I wonder if there is a connection between islam's 72 virgins and the 72 demons lol. Perhaps those that commit jihad are given 72 demons instead of 72 virgins...Just being facetious
PIWarsVideo: This Is one of the Most Fascinating presentations I've Ever heard--God Bless My Brothers Down Under watch?v=oJhyYn0xjdI
Sonja Grinstead: ...If I thought it would bring Bro Quayle to my home to impart to me of his spirit of wisdom and knowledge, ...I would make a little chamber on the wall, and set for him there a bed, and a table, and a stool, and a candlestick; and it would be that when he comes he should turn in thither!!! ...THANK GOD FOR YOUR WONDERFUL GIFTING AND FAITHFULNESS! words of mine can express my greatfulness!
PIWarsVideo: going to church is Good; but remember that You are The Church--He says Where 2 or 3 are gathered in my name, There Am I, also--pm me if you ever need anything :)
Swiss Knight: God bless you brother Steven Quayle! Thank you 3x more than infinity! Never stop and be brave and upright so our Lord may love you! Sin no more! Rise a Knight! Blessings from Switzerland! Thank you family Hagmann, never quit! Endure father/son! ENDURE!
nopackdrill: excellent thanks for this Rob, much appreciated!
PIWarsVideo: Thanks Mark--Glad it Blessed you.
PIWarsVideo: thank you
sallymaggiespotty: Yes this does happen.Some video titles relating to mechanical issues end up mixed with animal planet videos.
PIWarsVideo: God is not a Man that he should lie--Adam and Eve walked in the garden With God; until they disobeyed; and were separated from God. Jesus Christ gave His sacrifice to rectify us back to God. Why did Jesus Christ utter Eloi Eloi lamech sabatani on the cross, when The Father turned His eyes away from Him? God can't even Look at Sin; and Jesus Christ bore All of the sin of All humankind, past, present and future. In that moment, Jesus Christ first knew separation from God, because of My Sin.
PIWarsVideo: agreed--but the children are trained in the public education system to denigrate Scripture; it's a planned dumbing-down of the culture; thank you Catherine
darkknight26662: this is a true vision of what god is and what the bible has fortold good job brother
TheMarch124: another time the fan's switch clicked by itself, this was once i had stopped attempting obes. another time was when i was counting from one to three for my little step sister to listen. i said one..two..and then there was A 3 in my ear. i've also had sleep paralysis and i don't believe its something that can be scientifically proven or induced. i believe its some kind spiritual attack. i couldn't move and i saw a black figure standing over me with its hand just wavering above me. the words


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