How to : Fix ERROR 1015 iPhone 3G STUCK ITUNES-STEP BY STEP!
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Uploaded: April 19th, 2011 (3 years, 3 months ago)
If you  had your iPhone 3G unlocked and  jailbroken on the iPad baseband  (06.15.00) and updated/restored into  iTunes and you got the 1015 error code,  then follow this guide to get your  iPhone running in no time.
NOTE:  YOU HAVE TWO OPTIONS, first is to follow THIS guide and fix your iPhone 3G, the  other is to downgrade to ios3.1.X with  my other guide (link below) and fix the  iPhone....Downgrading is a much BETTER  option as it will make your iPhone 3G  way faster and its much easier to do.   If you're lock/home button is/are broken then you have no choice but to  downgrade. 
Click on the link above ^ to downgrade to 3.1.2  or 3.1.3 ^  
Download links: (All  of them are available at the website  below) 1015-for-iphone-3g-model-a1241/ 
If you  need help with any steps ask them to  this website and I'll try to answer  ASAP:  
The video had a 15 minute time  limit but after that your iphone will be fixed.
NOTE: FOR "NO SERVICE ISSUE" you  need to watch this video AFTER fixing  error 1015: 
If you DON'T have an AT&T Sim card and need to "hacktivate" then click here:  
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Kip McLaughlin: When I go to recover with the custom file, it does not show error but it will not finish installing. It just stalls out. Help?
Patrick Kemp: Or... You could just use TinyUmbrella to kick it out of recovery mode.
Jordan O'Neill: Dislike
Farzan Mukhtar: Will this work with Windows 8
cashbill delos reyes: thanks
Kyle Morley: where is the custom file!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jaycob Johnson: OMG seriously dude thank you so much ive been looking for how to restore it for over 5 hours and you taught me in 15 THANK YOU SO MUCHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tamrez Manan: it always reboot after around 70% of the apple logo... and again i get 1015 error me
lwst82: After I tunes says it's finished restoring the custom firmware, I no longer get the 1015 error but my iphone is still frozen and it goes back to the screen with the itunes and usb symbol transposed over the slide and emergency call image. FAIL.
Evelynn Marie: | files And just click on this for the RedSn0w 0.9.6
Ben Jamin: worked great, thanks!
Gury Martinez: hello I have a problem restoring my iphone 3g is stuck in restoring software and it doesn't download complete anyone could help me?
shahnawaz hussain: hey... this really works .. the steps and explanation was very clear and understandable. I have removed my iphone 3g out of error 1015. Thank you so much 
kartik mutya: At 6.37 use option instead of shift for mac
Lee Rickter: u have 2 firmwares but only custom firmware? where is the custom restore?
sanskar lamsal: My ipod 3 gen 8 gb was kept for restoring Suddenly power cut occoured and it has stucked showing itunes and a connector I can't open it and my computer also doesn't recognise nor itunes What can I do? Please help me.
Anzo Anzoo: my friend you toooooooooooooop men thanks 
Zivar Rockoo: i hope it works 
RAPIDFIRE_GAMING: keeps do the appleicon loop what can i do
Nick Hafez: WOOOOOAAAAAAAA..... it working... thnz a lot bro...
Right sprite: Yeah Buddy!
Antoninno Galliorio: Thanks ! 
Georgia - Tbilisi: Thanks!
Monir Hasan: Three words. Monetize Machine Software. (Search for it on Google) My partner is currently making $3,000 every single month using it.


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