How to : Fix ERROR 1015 iPhone 3G STUCK ITUNES-STEP BY STEP!
By: iHelpCorner | Minutes: 15:01 | Views: 1,324,852
Uploaded: April 18th, 2011 (2 years, 12 months ago)
If you  had your iPhone 3G unlocked and  jailbroken on the iPad baseband  (06.15.00) and updated/restored into  iTunes and you got the 1015 error code,  then follow this guide to get your  iPhone running in no time.
NOTE:  YOU HAVE TWO OPTIONS, first is to follow THIS guide and fix your iPhone 3G, the  other is to downgrade to ios3.1.X with  my other guide (link below) and fix the  iPhone....Downgrading is a much BETTER  option as it will make your iPhone 3G  way faster and its much easier to do.   If you're lock/home button is/are broken then you have no choice but to  downgrade. 
Click on the link above ^ to downgrade to 3.1.2  or 3.1.3 ^  
Download links: (All  of them are available at the website  below) 1015-for-iphone-3g-model-a1241/ 
If you  need help with any steps ask them to  this website and I'll try to answer  ASAP:  
The video had a 15 minute time  limit but after that your iphone will be fixed.
NOTE: FOR "NO SERVICE ISSUE" you  need to watch this video AFTER fixing  error 1015: 
If you DON'T have an AT&T Sim card and need to "hacktivate" then click here:  
Hope you  liked this video, please comment, rate,  and subscribe.  Don't forget to click  the "like" would mean a lot  to me.  Subscribing is free and will  give you updates on my new videos for  other iPhone issues, tips, tricks, and  jailbreak guides..what do you have to  lose?
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Kip McLaughlin: When I go to recover with the custom file, it does not show error but it will not finish installing. It just stalls out. Help?
vivek chotaliya: i am stuck in recovery mode i followed you instructions carefully but i ended up with recovery mode not able to enter dfu mode
Joel Kariuki: Thanks a milli dude!!
cnissu shrestha: Thank You very much you're truly a Genious
Solar Arti: i can't fix my iphone 3g, it was stopping at half step
Fernando Lozollo: did verything that i was supposed to and my iphone still trying to restore via itunes it was working great until it got stuck half way the loading bar under the apple logo waited for 30 minutes going to an hour still stuck on the same part of the loading bar ;/
Right sprite: Yeah Buddy!
Jay Halley: Seriously bro ur da best, frm da bottom of my heart I thank u a million bro, u resurrected an iphone from the dead no joke, thank u 4showming me the ways of the jedi... master.... 
rion lukito: why my iphone still eror 1050 , after they were put through this tutorial
Hackmaster231: you have earned a subscriber good sir.
Jim Rooney: Excellent Tutorial.
Prince Boateng: in the final step, my iphone has stuck in the middle of process.. what to do? 
Carmela Gil: It wont turn off. when i press home button and other button on the top. what to do.
anderson kawano: thank you!!!! :D
foodie14: It still tells me the same thing
almirah hugo: Thank you! :D
kartik mutya: At 6.37 use option instead of shift for mac
N4O966: thx
Kyle Morley: where is the custom file!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anes Bradic: I love you man,!!!!It's working
blueyhonda: Great video, very helpful. This helped me install Whited00r when I encountered this error. Thnx. Liked and subscribed.
Abdul Latif: well u guys very kind guy that i found with patiently help one another... thanks n best regards atif_rockid
Zivar Rockoo: i hope it works 
Alex Morris: cannot get my phone to turn off when plugged in. please advise. Thanks!


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