How to : Fix ERROR 1015 iPhone 3G STUCK ITUNES-STEP BY STEP!
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Uploaded: April 19th, 2011 (3 years, 6 months ago)
If you  had your iPhone 3G unlocked and  jailbroken on the iPad baseband  (06.15.00) and updated/restored into  iTunes and you got the 1015 error code,  then follow this guide to get your  iPhone running in no time.
NOTE:  YOU HAVE TWO OPTIONS, first is to follow THIS guide and fix your iPhone 3G, the  other is to downgrade to ios3.1.X with  my other guide (link below) and fix the  iPhone....Downgrading is a much BETTER  option as it will make your iPhone 3G  way faster and its much easier to do.   If you're lock/home button is/are broken then you have no choice but to  downgrade. 
Click on the link above ^ to downgrade to 3.1.2  or 3.1.3 ^  
Download links: (All  of them are available at the website  below) 1015-for-iphone-3g-model-a1241/ 
If you  need help with any steps ask them to  this website and I'll try to answer  ASAP:  
The video had a 15 minute time  limit but after that your iphone will be fixed.
NOTE: FOR "NO SERVICE ISSUE" you  need to watch this video AFTER fixing  error 1015: 
If you DON'T have an AT&T Sim card and need to "hacktivate" then click here:  
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jeremy abiba: where can i download that RedSn0w 0.9.6 rc12 plsssssssss cuz i cant find any of that reply asap sir thanks
Margarita Santana: what if my home button is broken
Vardas Pavardenis: nope, not working. still 1015
Teshia Ballon: my problem before having this problem was that my wifi can't recognize networks.... it says 'choose network'.... I'm pretty sure the wifi's on coz i can surf the net on my laptop.... how do i fix this problem?
Gury Martinez: hello I have a problem restoring my iphone 3g is stuck in restoring software and it doesn't download complete anyone could help me?
Schweppess Tonic: Best tutorial! U R the King!!! Cheers!!! ;)
Arvin Balquin: thanks a bunch sir! :D only thing is my 3g can't detect wifi. Do you also have a fix for this?
Gerald Pitt Pineda: whre i can get the custom mode
Kristi G: after it finishef restoring its shows to me a logo with "steve jobs" and a word writed in serbian that it means HELLO plsss HEELP how to get it off
Waramu Murumu: dude i got 2005 error... what should i do? pls help
Just Castillo: my problem now is when i did this it doesn't read my sim cards i already try using another sim still the same
Pardeep Saini: whihc file do i open form redsn0w? please help!
Margarita Santana: what files should i download?
netherhow: bless you kind soul I wasn't sure where to find a custom ipsw but I made one using sn0wbreeze (I just did one to reset to baseband and not jailbreak). I used the sn0wbreeze-generated ipsw with this tutorial and it's the first thing I've done that has actually worked. I tried doing the same thing before with the regular redsn0w and it does not work, it definitely has to be redsn0w 0.9.6 and I would not have known that if I hadn't watched this video. So thank you a hundred times thank you!
Sabry Abdallah: Thank you very much, really it is very helpful video, after many failed trying finally I could restore my I phone.
Joaquín Mejia: Esto si funciona
Filip Rumac: if you are still stuck try this: 1: download redsn0w_win_0.9.11b4 2:restore ios 4.1.2 just like you would normaly let it get the error 1015 3: let your phone go in recovery mode 4: open redsn0w_win_0.9.11b4 5: navigate to extras and click recovery fix 6: follow the instructions and your phone should :)
Kristi G: its shows to me a logo with "steve jobs" and a word writed in russian or something plsss HEELP
jack saimen: thanksssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss sssssssssssssssssss
Dominik Januszek: Help !! iPhone1,2_4.2.1_8C148_Custom_Restore ???
Sam Cross: Thanks dude, Worked for me after some lil troubles :D. The cydia thingy still going as its can't start for some reason.
Fat La: Thanks alot for this one! It's really saved my business
sik mentech: thank you so much this tutorial the best (errore 1015) iphone 3G WORKING 100/100
Ronald San Miguel jr: can anyone help me?
Jigar Patel: Dude thank you SO much! It worked on both of my Iphone 3G's! You are the man, man!


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