Peterbilt. Class Pays. Leland Martin - Royal Purple Peterbilt!
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Uploaded: February 27th, 2009 (5 years, 6 months ago)
Peterbilt. My favorite trucks and the best out there. Argue all you want. Song is Royal Purple Peterbilt by Leland Martin. All rights to him.
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Ladytrucker67: Well I wouldnt care what color is it..Petes are the only way to go..them hooded ones that is..we drove black ones until Julian Martin was killed in his plane , then Mark Martin his son took it over & then he had to have um all painted the color of his # 6 Nascar..but the Petes are the sharpest trucks on the roads.& I love this song....
Johnny Scoles: THE BEST SONG EVER 
MrSchmidtman: This is REAL country music!!! Not the B.S. there playing now. What ever happened to country Dan Dixon? He Rocks!!!
Jason Krahn: I drive a 2010 Peterbilt 388 and it's PURPLE!! :)
aaronseyfert: Just love this song and all of them just wish I could here them more. I just got off the road about 3 months agao.
farmmo4ever: @TheRebel183 they play it on our local station, prob because Leland Martin is from rigt here in the good ol' Missouri Ozarks. Great song
ZoeToots: I won't argue with you...these are some fine looking trucks! Love the song, never heard it before!
SuperRedneckson: who the hell posted dislike on this song wtf
123peterbilt: awesome song my dad drives a 2006 purple peterbilt 379 decked tp the heel
MegaTrucker08: i gotta tell ya you got good taste in trucks. i drive truck myself and petes are the way to go
raymond washington: nice video, i seen most of this picture on truck paper
Gracee Martin: I love this song
northerndipper: sweet vid, haha there is a 389 in there, but the one at 3:20 is awesome
darush012: good song, I have the cd< but those are some nice peterbilts, I have seen a couple royal purple ones out there but they aint as common as they should be
MrOtisrox: @dogfach royal purple peterbilt
carolinacoondawg: @MossyOak83 looks like 379's to me.
saltillo82: esta cancion la escuche en xm radio satelite en mexico y me gusto mucho , saludos
sportyNsmart: i luv this song i heard it first on the road wit mr grandma and grandpa. and there is nthin worng wit a purple truck atleast it aint pink lol
poe539: Like it
puff1n2: This song will stick in your head for days! Love it. Matter of fact--all his songs rock! Leland is one of the nicest persons to meet! Thanks Leland!
Peterbiltprisoncell: No problem man. Glad you like it.
Iron Donkey: FMFAO!!!!! I drive a purple pete swear to god. love this song man.
Danny Philipsen: Yeehaw! Strangely, it's kinda good!
mongo731: Hey brother, once XM America was booted for the current lame ass station, I couldn't get these great songs anymore. Thanks for the post and please keepthem coming!! GySgt Dan Jones Ubaydi Iraq
TheLargecars: well the truck at 1:22 is a 389 with stock factory headlights the truck at 1:33 is a 379 with custom lights the time u set in ur post makes it confusing to tell witch one u mean


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