breaking in mini shetland pony bucking accident
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Uploaded: June 27th, 2010 (4 years, 4 months ago)
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Andy Lam: woman that tiny pony is for kids only. u are way too heavy for it. go and ride something else if u want to something in between your legs.
TheSillySmarties: why dont u learn how to care for horses before attempting to sit on them. Drunk Idiots
Nneka1963: This should be a "Catherine Tate" sketch: 1. with Lauren. 2. with Derek & 3. with that crazy Posh Mum!!! Now, that would be funny!!! ;o)
ahmad asfour: stupid pony it should be happy if one like you riding him
myminishetlands: That is really mean to the pony :( you can see he does not want to be ridden...
HopalongBarrelRacer: dude learn a little about horses before you do something with them. Your scaring the poor fellers.
UnionJ Jcat: learn about horse you dont just sit on em !!!!
Horselovingirl4: very nicee let her ride it!.
dodgere16: You saucy load of cunts my birds rode horses since she could walk and that PONY is a Shetland pony and there used to drag coal up from deep in the mines! They can take up to 14 stone you thick septic tank (yank) mugs you ain't got a clue she happens to be a qualified instructor! So watch your fuckin mouths you fat load of burger eatin shit bags the only horse you've ever rode is your dad you broke load of cunts I hope your country starve you peasant scum!
Shannon palin: your too big for that pony, bastards and its nervous are unhanded..... only a ;prick would do that, why not break it in right,.. you'd have a great kids ;pony, not a wild one
mahina barney: This is terrible why would you do something like that!?! Maybe you should learn about mini ponies before you try a stunt like this! You were frightening the poor guys!
HorsesRLifee: dude,fuckoff. YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT HORSES. I'd like you retarted british accent to get kicked in the head by that mini!
jemma Saurin: Just lurn
madmadz4donkeys: lovely horse but you should probably put a bridle on it for more control lol
Shelby Mcwilliam: u have scarred that pony for life. HE HAS NOT BEEN HANDLED!! get him used to that before u go sitting on him INCORRECTLY!!! you r bad owners and should not be allowed to have any animals if this is what u do. Also the amount of noise and the number of people in that confined space would have seriously freaked that pony out
abbykoda123: why dont you learn more about horses before you do this?
Shelby Mcwilliam: yeah, well she's crap. looks like she doesn't have a clue. U dont throw urself at a pony and sit side saddle. U let them get used to u then u put a little weight on them and build up to u sitting on them. U CUNT! in my eyes that is animal cruelty
Nneka1963: PS, I forgot that funny cockney couple, but you (making this video) can play yourselvles!!! lol :o)))
dodgere16: Fuck off shelby you little smelly fat tramp there've been in a field for four months you grotesque piece of cunt infested cum dripping slag whore there've pulled carts four 5 years you thick inbred aids suffering mug


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breaking in mini shetland pony bucking accident
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