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'''Antena 3''' is a Spanish terrestrial television channel owned by Atresmedia+ which also owns Onda Cero+, one of Spain's most listened to radio stations. It started broadcasting via analogue throughout Spain on 25 January 1990 with a programme fronted by journalist Miguel Ángel Nieto, thus becoming Spain's first nationwide private television station; before this, RTVE+ had a state monopoly.

Some of the most popular programmes broadcast by Antena 3 include ''Aquí no hay quien viva+'', ''Física o Química+'', ''El Barco+'', ''Los Protegidos+'', ''Los Simpson+'' and ''El Internado+''. Some of its programmes, such as ''Física o Química'' and ''Tu cara me suena+'' gained international success and many duplicate programmes were produced worldwide. Antena 3 is listed as the third channel on television sets throughout Spain, except certain autonomous communities where the autonomous television station occupies channel 3. Its current headquarters are located in San Sebastián de los Reyes, near Madrid+.

The biggest winners for the channel are ''The Simpsons+'', ''El Internado+'', ''DEC'', ''El Diario'' (a daily talk show run by Sandra Daviú) and the ''Noticias'' (particularly the evening edition run by Matías Prats).

Antena 3 dramas and sitcoms in the past and present include ''Manos a la obra'', ''Canguros'', ''La casa de los líos'', ''Los ladrones van a la oficina'', ''Hermanos de leche'', ''Vecinos'', ''Cañas y barro'', ''Compañeros'', ''Un paso adelante'', ''Policías'', ''Fuego'', ''El pantano'', ''Ada madrina'', ''Dime que me quieres'', ''Lleno por favor'', ''¿Quién da la vez?'', ''Farmacia de Guardia'', ''Menudo es mi padre'', ''Nada es para siempre'', ''Aquí no hay quien viva'', and ''Los hombres de Paco+''.

Antena 3 Internacional is another channel owned by Grupo Antena 3, with distribution handled by MVS Comunicaciones+. The channel serves the Americas (including the United States, Mexico and Central America) and the Caribbean+. Antena 3 Internacional was founded in 1995. The channel retransmits programs from the domestic Antena 3 schedule, along with live news programming, but due to rights issues with others who might hold rights to their shows in the Americas, some programming might air on a delay of several months or only after its original run has been completed.

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Antena 3 was fined €215,000 by the Court of first instance of Brussels for repeatedly misusing fake photos of a homicide to illustrate what the channel presented as Moroccan police brutality at Gdim Izig (Laayoune) in Western Sahara. The pictures in fact showed bodies of victims of a quadruple homicide in Casablanca. The Rachidi family whose relatives' photos have been "repeatedly misused in bad faith" is still awaiting for "a public apology" from Antena 3.

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Antena 3 (Spain)+ Antena 3 is a Spanish terrestrial television channel owned by Atresmedia which also owns Onda Cero, one of Spain's most listened to radio stations.