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Atef Sedky
عاطف محمد نجيب صدقى
Prime Minister of Egypt+
Hosni Mubarak+
29 August 1930
Tanta+, Egypt+
Cairo+, Egypt+
10 November 1986
2 January 1996
Ali Mahmoud Lutfi+
Kamal Ganzouri+
National Democratic Party (Egypt)+
Sunni Islam+

'''Atef Muhammad Naguib Sedky''' (29 August 1930 – 25 February 2005) (, IPA-arz|ˈʕɑːtˤef mæˈħæmmæd næˈɡiːb ˈsedʔi
Sedky was born in the Nile Delta+ city of Tanta+. He was a lawyer and economist by training, receiving a doctorate in economics from the University of Paris+ in France+. Before becoming Prime Minister, he was the director of the Egyptian Central Auditing Agency. In 2004, Sedky fractured his thigh. He died on 25 February 2005 at a Cairo hospital. Sedky was survived by his German+-born wife, Ursula, and their two children Ahmed and Sherif.

As prime minister, Sedki supervised and sometimes criticised reforms suggested by the International Monetary Fund+. In November 1993, he survived an assassination attempt in Cairo+ by the militant Islamic group Vanguards of Conquest+, which resulted in the death of a schoolgirl called Shaimaa. On 2 January 1996, he along with his cabinet resigned; his post was filled two days later by Kamal Ganzouri+. Sedki is the longest serving Egyptian prime minister since the Khedivate+ in 1878.

Sedki died on 25 February 2005.




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Atef Sedki+ Atef Muhammad Naguib Sedky (29 August 1930 – 25 February 2005) (Arabic: عاطف محمد نجيب صدقى‎‎, IPA: [ˈʕɑːtˤef mæˈħæmmæd næˈɡiːb ˈsedʔi]) was the Prime Minister of Egypt from 1986 until 1996. He replaced Ali Mahmoud Lutfi on November 10, 1986.
 Atef Sedki Cabinet+ The Cabinet of Atef Sedki governed Egypt from 1986 until 1996.