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|name=King Chungseon of Goryeo
|succession=King of Goryeo
|father=King Chungnyeol of Goryeo+
|mother=Princess Gyeguk
|spouse=Lady Jo
Lady Hong
Lady Seo
Princess Botapsillin of Yuan
|death_place=Dadu+, Yuan Dynasty+ China

Korean name|
rr=Chungseon wang|
mr=Ch'ungsŏn wang|
hangulb=왕원 ''later'' 왕장|
hanjab= ''later'' |
rrb=Wang Won ''later'' Wang Jang|
mrb=Wang Wŏn ''later'' Wang Chang|

Goryeo monarchs:
'''Chungseon of Goryeo''' (20 October 1275 – 23 June 1325) (r. 1298 and 1308–1313) was the 26th king of the Goryeo+ dynasty of Korea+. He is sometimes known by his Mongolian+ name, '''Ijirbuqa''' (益知禮普花, means 'small ox'). Adept at calligraphy and painting, rather than politics, he generally preferred the life of the Yuan+ capital Beijing+ to that of the Goryeo capital Kaesong+. He was the eldest son of King Chungnyeol+; his mother was a Yuan royal, Princess Gyeguk+, a daughter of Khublai Khan+ also known by her Mongolian name/title Qutlugh-kelmysh.

In 1277, Chungseon was confirmed as Crown Prince; in the following year he travelled to China and received his Mongolian name.According to the above, He got a Mongolian name at hist birth time.-->

In 1296, he was married to the Yuan Princess Botapsillin+. However, the king already had three Korean wives, the daughters of the powerful nobles Jo In-gyu+, Hong Mun-gye+, and Seo Won-hu+.

Chungseon's mother died in 1297, and this was followed by a violent purge brought on by allegations that she had been murdered. Perhaps upset by these evens, King Chungnyeol petitioned Yuan to abdicate the throne and was accordingly replaced by Chungseon in 1298. Faced with intense plotting between the faction of his Mongolian queen and his Korean queen+, Chungseon returned the throne to his father shortly thereafter.

He became the PrinceThe title ''wang'' (王) can be translated as "prince" (e.g., zh-hant|瀋王+ (Simplified Chinese+ characters: ; Mandarin Chinese+ Pinyin+: Shěn Wáng; Korean+ hangul+: , Revised Romanization+: Sim-wang) in 1310. He is a very rare case of personal union+s in East Asia+. He retired from the throne in 1313, and was replaced by Chungsuk of Goryeo+. Chungseon was briefly sent into exile in Tibet+ (lately Sakya+) after the death of the emperor Renzong+ of Yuan (元仁宗) but was permitted soon thereafter to return to Beijing, where he died in 1325.
* 1275: He was born as the first son of Chungnyeol of Goryeo+.
* 1291: He was installed as Crown Prince of Goryeo in Mogollia.
* 1295: Return to Goryeo as a
* May, 1325: Passed in Mongolia. -->

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* (Author: Ahn, Jeong-Hee) (Didital Collection, Donga Univ, South Korea)





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 Chungseon of Goryeo+ Chungseon of Goryeo (20 October 1275 – 23 June 1325) (r. 1298 and 1308–1313) was the 26th king of the Goryeo dynasty of Korea.