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ship career
|Ship country=UK
|Ship name=HMS ''Eskimo''
|Ship operator=Royal Navy+
|Ship builder=J. Samuel White+
22 October 1958
20 March 1960
21 February 1963
|Ship decommissioned=August 1980
''Sikumi Ungaskitumi''
("Fire and Ice")
Scrapped in 1992

ship characteristics
Tribal class frigate+

service record

'''HMS ''Eskimo'' (F119)''' was a Tribal-class+ frigate+ of the Royal Navy+ in service from 1963 to 1980. She was scrapped in 1992.

''Eskimo'' was built by J. Samuel White+, of Cowes+,Gardiner, Robert and Chesneau, Roger (1995). p. 518 at a cost of £+4,670,000. The frigate was launched on 20 March 1960 and commissioned on 21 February 1963.

''Eskimo'' began her third commission in October 1966. In 1967, ''Eskimo'' transferred to the Mediterranean Fleet+, with which the ship took part in a number of port visits and exercises. In June, ''Eskimo'' replaced her sistership ''Ashanti''+ off Aden+ in response to the start of the Six-Day War+. In 1968 she took part in Portsmouth 'Navy Days'.

In 1976, ''Eskimo'' served as the West Indies Guardship. She escorted Queen Elizabeth II+ aboard ''Britannia''+ as part of America's Bi-Centennial celebrations. ''Eskimo'' returned to the Caribbean in 1977.

Due to a manpower shortage in the Royal Navy, ''Eskimo'' was reduced to the reserve in 1980, being placed into the Standby Squadron+, and in 1981 was put on the disposal list. In 1984 she was cannibalised for spare parts for three Tribal-class frigates sold to Indonesia+. On 16 January 1986, ''Eskimo'' was towed from Portsmouth to Pembroke Dock to be used as a target, but was not used as such. In May 1992 she was towed from Pembroke to Bilbao, Spain to be scrapped.


|1964||1966||Commander E R Anson RN

1966 - 68 commander S A C Cassels RN

|1968|1968||Commander J F Kidd RN

|1974|1975||Commander A Grose RN+

|1976|1978||Commander Christopher Morgan+ RN

|1978|1979||Commander P G J Murison RN



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Tribal class frigate:

HMS Eskimo (F119)+ HMS Eskimo (F119) was a Tribal-class frigate of the Royal Navy in service from 1963 to 1980. She was scrapped in 1992.