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July 2003
480i+ (SDTV+)
Ten Broadcasting+
''Get Turned On''
Ottawa+, Ontario+
Hustler TV (2000-2014)
Penthouse TV+
Red Hot TV+
Skinemax HD+

Bell TV+
Channel 775
Shaw Direct+
Channel 681
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Bell Fibe TV+
Channel 775
Channel 952
Optik TV+
Channel 5501
Channel 235
Channel 302

'''Exxxtasy TV''' is a Canadian+ English language+ exempt Category B+ specialty channel+. It is a pay television+ adult entertainment+ television channel consisting of explicit adult material, primarily pornographic films, aimed at male audiences. The channel is owned by Ten Broadcasting+, a company owned by Stuart Duncan (80.01%) and LFP Video Inc.+ (19.99%).

In December 2000, TEN Broadcasting Inc. was granted approval for a television broadcasting licence by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission+ (CRTC) for a channel called ''TEN - Channel 1'', described as "a national English-language Category 2 specialty television service devoted to adult entertainment programming, including adult entertainment films, talk shows, phone-in shows and other programming on the theme of sexuality. This will range from entertainment material to educational and analytical material on sexuality and health."

In June 2003, TEN reached a deal with Larry Flynt Publications+ to brand the channel under the ''Hustler+'' name. It was subsequently launched in July 2003 as '''Hustler TV''', initially on StarChoice+.

It was Canada's first 24-hour subscription specialty service devoted to explicit adult content. Since that time, several other similar channels have been launched including Red Hot TV+, which is also owned by Ten Broadcasting, and several other channels by various other owners. Before its launch, Playboy TV+ (USA) was readily available across Canada.

On August 30, 2013, the CRTC approved Ten Broadcasting's request to convert Hustler TV from a licensed Category B+ specialty service to an exempted Cat. B service.

In mid 2014, due to Larry Flynt Publications+ and Hustler Video+ reducing the amount of titles produced, Ten Broadcasting effectively dropped the Hustler TV brand. The channel rebranded soon afterwards as '''Exxxtasy TV'''.


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 Exxxtasy TV+ Exxxtasy TV is a Canadian English language exempt Category B specialty channel. It is a pay television adult entertainment television channel consisting of explicit adult material, primarily pornographic films, aimed at male audiences.