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'''Abu Ishaq Ibrahim ibn Muhammad al-Farisi al Istakhri''' (aka '''Estakhri''', , i.e. from the Iranian city of Estakhr+, b. - d. 957 AD [346AH]) was a Persian+ medieval geographer in medieval Islam+ and traveler of the 10th century.

Estakhri created the earliest known account of windmill+s. His Arabic language works included ''masalik al-mamalik'' (مسالك الممالك, "Traditions of Countries") and ''Suwar al-Aqaaleem'' ( صور الاقاليم, "Shapes of the Climes").

He was a traveller whose geographical work has been translated into German by Mordtmann+. When Istakhari was in the Indus Valley+ he met another celebrated traveller, Ibn Haukul+.

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Estakhri+ Abu Ishaq Ibrahim ibn Muhammad al-Farisi al Istakhri (aka Estakhri, Persian: استخری‎‎, i.e. from the Iranian city of Estakhr, b.
Mian Qaleh, Fars+ Mian Qaleh (Persian: ميان قلعه‎‎, also Romanized as Mīān Qal‘eh and Mīyān Qal‘eh; also known as Estakhrī, Kūh-e Qal‘eh, Kūh-i-Qal‘eh, and Kūh Qal‘eh) is a village in Rudbal Rural District, in the Central District of Marvdasht County, Fars Province, Iran.
 Estarkhi+ Estarkhi (Persian: اسطرخي‎‎), also rendered as Estakhri, may refer to:
Estakhrgah+ Estakhrgah (Persian: استخرگاه‎‎, also Romanized as Estakhrgāh) is a village in Dasht-e Veyl Rural District, Rahmatabad and Blukat District, Rudbar County, Gilan Province, Iran.
Estakhr, Fars+ Estakhr (Persian: استخر‎‎; also known as Estakhr-e ‘Olyā) is a village in Kuhestan Rural District, Rostaq District, Darab County, Fars Province, Iran.
Estakhrak, South Khorasan+ Estakhrak (Persian: استخرك‎‎) is a village in Arabkhaneh Rural District, Shusef District, Nehbandan County, South Khorasan Province, Iran.
Estakhr-e Garuk+ Estakhr-e Garuk (Persian: استخرگروك‎‎, also Romanized as Estakhr-e Garūk; also known as Estakhr-e Gorank, Estakhr-e Karnak, Estakhr-e Karūk, and Estakhr Korūk) is a village in Sarduiyeh Rural District, Sarduiyeh District, Jiroft County, Kerman Province, Iran.
Estakhr Sar, Tonekabon+ Estakhr Sar (Persian: استخرسر‎‎) is a village in Baladeh Rural District, Khorramabad District, Tonekabon County, Mazandaran Province, Iran.
Estahuiyeh+ Estahuiyeh (Persian: اسطاهوييه‎‎, also Romanized as Estāhū’īyeh; also known as Estakhr, Estākhū’īyeh, Istahu, and Ostāhū’īyeh) is a village in Raviz Rural District, Koshkuiyeh District, Rafsanjan County, Kerman Province, Iran.
Estakhr-e Bijar+ Estakhr-e Bijar (Persian: استخربيجار‎‎, also Romanized as Estakhr-e Bījār) is a village in Kurka Rural District, in the Central District of Astaneh-ye Ashrafiyeh County, Gilan Province, Iran.