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'''Opuwo''' is the capital of the Kunene Region+ in north-western Namibia+. The town is situated about 720 km north-northwest from the capital Windhoek+, and has a population of 15,000. Pieter de Villiers+ of the Congress of Democrats+ is the town's mayor.

The name Opuwo was given by the commissioner of Ondangwa+, Mr. Hugo Hahn, who came in search of land to build an office. Upon his arrival, he asked local headmen to give him land where he could build an office. The headmen gave him a small plot, and when the headmen tried to give him more land, Mr. Hahn responded saying "''Opuwo'' (it’s enough for me). I don’t want any more land". That is how Opuwo got its name. The local residents of Opuwo called it ''Otjihinamaparero'' at the time, and some still call it that.

Hugo Hahn called the land '''“Ohopoho Otjitopora”''' which means "they see the bore hole and their water comes out". The name Otjihinamaparero was changed to Opuwo in 1974 due to orthographic reform.

The first office to be established in the Kaokoland+ area was the colonial administrator in Swartbooisdrift+ on the banks of the Kunene River+. This was the administrative centre of the area from 1925 to 1939. Afterwards, administrative control of the area shifted to Ohopoho, later called Opuwo.

The police station in Swartbooisdrift was run by Sergeant Herbert, and his aim was to receive the Angola Boers+ who had trekked to Angola+ out of refusal to accept the British government in South Africa+. Sergeant Basson took over the office at Swartbooisdrift, and excavated Opuwo's first bore hole. Basson had the nickname “''Katjiriamakaja''” (a person who eats tobacco).

Opuwo is governed by a town council that has seven seats.

The Opuwo Town Council hosts the annual Opuwo Trade Fair, which was launched in 2012. The festival combines a modern business exhibition with cultural performances, live shows and entertainment. Opuwo Trade Fair takes place in the month of May.



Opuwo+ Opuwo is the capital of the Kunene Region in north-western Namibia. The town is situated about 720 km north-northwest from the capital Windhoek, and has a population of 15,000. Pieter de Villiers of the Congress of Democrats is the town's mayor.
 Opuwo Rural+ Opuwo Rural is an electoral constituency in the Kunene Region of Namibia. It was created in August 2013, following a recommendation of the Fourth Delimitation Commission of Namibia, and in preparation of the 2014 general election.
 Opuwo Constituency+ According to 2011 census Opuwo constituency have about 27 272 inhabitants. The constituency have been divided into constituencies, Opuwo urban and Opuwo rural based on delamination committee recommendation of 2013. However, the constituency is still under the DTA councilor Hon.
 Oluwole Akinyele Agbede+ Oluwole Akinyele Agbede is a professor of Water resources and Geotechnical engineering at the University of Ibadan.
 Oluwole Babafemi Familoni+ Oluwole Babafemi Familoni is a professor of Chemistry at the University of Lagos and member of the governing council of the Institute of Chattered Chemists of Nigeria.
Wole Soyinka+ Akinwande Oluwole "Wole" Babatunde Soyinka (Yoruba: Akinwándé Oluwo̩lé Babátúndé S̩óyinká, pronounced [wɔlé ʃójĩŋká]; born 13 July 1934) is a Nigerian playwright and poet.
 Oluwole Olayiwola Amusan+ Oluwole Olayiwola Amusan is a Nigerian academic and incumbent Vice Chancellor of Adeleke University, a private university owned by Chief Adedeji Adeleke, the father of Davido, an award-winning Nigerian musician.
 Opunohu Bay+ Opunohu Bay is a bay on the island of Moorea, Tahiti. It is a narrow, straight, 3-km long bay with a water depth of about 80 metres at the mouth.
 Opuo language+ The Opuuo language is a Nilo-Saharan language spoken by the Shita of Ethiopia and South Sudan. It is a member of the Koman languages, and has a lexical similarity of 24% with Komo.
 Christopher Oluwole Rotimi+ Christopher Oluwole Rotimi (born February 20, 1935) is a retired Nigerian Army Brigadier General, diplomat and politician.