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A '''pistonless rotary engine''' is an internal combustion engine+ that does not use piston+s in the way a reciprocating engine+ does, but instead uses one or more rotor+s, sometimes called '''rotary pistons'''. An example of a pistonless rotary engine is the Wankel engine+.

The term '''''rotary combustion engine''''' has been suggested as an alternative name for these engines to distinguish them from early (generally up to the early 1920s) aircraft engine+s and motorcycle engine+s also known as ''rotary engine+s''. However, both continue to be called ''rotary engines'' and only the context determines which type is meant.

The basic concept of a (pistonless) rotary engine avoids the reciprocating motion of the piston with its inherent vibration+ and rotational-speed-related mechanical stress+. the Wankel engine is the only successful pistonless rotary engine, but many similar concepts have been proposed and are under various stages of development. Examples of rotary engines include:

;Production stage:
* Beauchamp Tower+'s nineteenth century (theoretically adaptable to use internal combustion)
* The Wankel engine+
* The Atkinson cycle+ engine
;Development stage:
* The Baylin Engine+
* The Engineair engine+
* The Liquidpiston+ engine
* The Crankless engine [http://www.crankless.net]
* The Hamilton Walker+ engine
* The Quasiturbine+
* The Ramgen Integrated Supersonic Component Engine+
* The Rand cam engine+
* The RKM engine+ (RotationsKolbenMaschine)
* The Sarich orbital engine+
* The Tri-Dyne Engine+
* The Trochilic engine+ * The Wave disk engine+
* The Moto Turbine Radiale by Jean Claude Lefeuvre [http://dai.ly/aFvCa5]
* The Jonova engine+
* The Renault-Rambler lobular rotor engine (Spanish pat nº 0313466)
;Conceptual stage:
* The Gerotor+ engine
* The Rotary Engine by Jose-Ignacio Martin-Artajo, SI [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ziM7Cfv_wYU]
* The Jose Maria Bosch-Barata engines ( Spanish pats nºs 0228187, 0254176 and 0407242)

* Range extender (vehicle)+


* Jan P. Norbye: 'Rivals to the Wankel: A Roundup of Rotary Engines', Popular Science, Jan 1967, pp 80-85.

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 Pistonless rotary engine+ A pistonless rotary engine is an internal combustion engine that does not use pistons in the way a reciprocating engine does, but instead uses one or more rotors, sometimes called rotary pistons.