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'''Roxana''' (; Old Iranian+ ''Raoxshna''; sometimes '''Roxanne''', '''Roxanna''', '''Roxandra''' and '''Roxane'''), was a Bactria+n princess and a wife of Alexander the Great+. She was born earlier than the year 343 BC, though the precise date remains uncertain, and died in c. 310 BC.

Roxana was the daughter of a minor Bactrian baron named Oxyartes+ of Balkh+ in Bactria (around modern-day Balkh province+ of Afghanistan+), and married Alexander the Great+ at a young age, after he visited the fortress of Sogdian Rock+. In 327 BC Alexander married Roxana despite the strong opposition from all his companions and generals.

After Alexander's sudden death at Babylon+ in 323 BC, she bore him a posthumous son called Alexander+. After Alexander's death, Plutarch claims that Roxana murdered Alexander's other widow, Stateira II+, as well as either Stateira's sister Drypteis+ or Parysatis II+ (Alexander's third wife).

Roxana and her son were protected by Alexander's mother, Olympias+, in Macedonia+, but her assassination in 316 BC allowed Cassander+ to seek kingship. Since Alexander IV was the legitimate heir to the Alexandrian empire, Cassander ordered that he and Roxana be killed c. 310 BC.

* Roxana is one of the main characters in ''The Romance of Alexander and Roxana'' by Marshall Monroe Kirkman+, 1909, reprinted 2010, ISBN 978-1-160-01995-8.
* Roxana appears as one of the characters in ''A Conspiracy of Women'' by Aubrey Menen+, 1965.
* Roxana appears as one of the minor characters in ''The Persian Boy+'' by Mary Renault+, 1972, ISBN 0-394-48191-7. Renault uses the spelling ''Roxane''.
* Roxana appears as one of the characters in ''Funeral Games+'' by Mary Renault+, 1981, ISBN 0-394-52068-8. Renault uses the spelling ''Roxane''.
* Roxana appears as one of the characters in ''Alexander: The Ends of the Earth'' by Valerio Massimo Manfredi+, 2002, ISBN 978-0-7434-3438-6.
* Roxana is the main character in ''Roxana Romance'' by A. J. Cave, 2008, Hardcover ISBN 978-0-9802061-0-4, eBook ISBN 978-0-9802061-1-1.
* In the film ''Alexander+'' (2004), Roxana is played by Rosario Dawson+.

* Balkh+
* ''Alexandre et Roxane+,'' opera by Mozart+


* by Jona Lendering+
* from Charles Smith's ''Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology'' (1867)

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Roxana+ Roxana (Ancient Greek: Ῥωξάνη; Old Iranian Raoxshna; sometimes Roxanne, Roxanna, Roxandra and Roxane), was a Bactrian princess and a wife of Alexander the Great.
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