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The '''Second Dynasty''' of ancient Egypt+ (or '''Dynasty II''', c. 2890 – c. 2686 BC) is the latter of the two dynasties of the Egyptian Archaic Period+, when the seat of government was centred at Thinis+. Save for the time of its last ruler Khasekhemwy+, it marks one of the most obscure periods in ancient Egyptian history.

Though archaeological evidence of the time is very scant, contrast of data from the First+ and Third+ Dynasties indicates important institutional and economic developments during the Second Dynasty.

The names of the actual rulers of the Second Dynasty are in dispute. For the first five pharaoh+s, the sources are fairly close in agreement. Known rulers, in the History of Egypt+, for this dynasty are as follows:
! | Name
!Years Reigned

| 38

|Nebra+ (maybe identifiable with Weneg+)


|Senedj+ (maybe identifiable with Horus Sa+)

However, the identity of the next two or three rulers is unclear: we may have both the Horus+-name or ''Nebty'' (meaning ''two ladies'') name ''and'' their birth names for these rulers; they may be entirely different individuals; or they may be legendary names. On the left are the rulers most Egyptologists place here; on the right are the names that ultimately come from Manetho+'s ''Aegyptica'':
! | Proposed Ruler
! Manetho's List

| Seth-Peribsen+
| Kaires+

| Nepherkheres+

| Sekhemib-Perenmaat+
| Sesokhris

With the last ruler, we return to an agreement:
! | Name
!Years Reigned

| 17–18

Although Manetho+ states the capital was at Thinis+, the same as during the First Dynasty, at least the first three kings were buried at Saqqara+, suggesting the center of power had moved to Memphis+. Beyond this, little can be said about the events during this period; the annual records on the Palermo stone+ only survive for the end of the reign of Nebra+ and for parts of Nynetjer+'s. One important event possibly happened during the reign of Khasekhemwy+: many Egyptologists read his name ("the Two Powers arise") as commemorating the union of the Upper+ and Lower Egypt+s.



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Second Dynasty of Egypt+ The Second Dynasty of ancient Egypt (or Dynasty II, c. 2890 – c. 2686 BC) is the latter of the two dynasties of the Egyptian Archaic Period, when the seat of government was centred at Thinis.