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'''Secondigliano''' is a relatively modern suburb in the north of Naples+, in southern Italy.

Secondigliano lies between San Pietro a Patierno+ and Scampìa+.

The name may derive from a contraction of "secondo" (second) and "miglio" (mile) since the area was at the second milestone on the old road to Capua+. Alternatively, the name may derive from the Roman family name "Secondili." The area was a feudal holding in the Middle Ages+ and not incorporated into the city of Naples until the Fascist period+.

Secondigliano is relatively modern, the result of extensive building in the 1970s and 1980s,as a result of Law 167 (1962) and by the public housing institute IACP -Istituto Autonomo Case Popolari, (Law 865, 1971). The area has been the focus of studies and analysis because of the initial difficulties of settlement of a part of the settled population moved from the historic city

The area yet has enormous social problems similar to those in adjacent communities: high unemployment, truancy and drop-out rate from school, drugs and the pervasiveness of organized crime, the Camorra+. Secondigliano is the site of one of the most important maximum security prisons in Italy.

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*Scissionisti di Secondigliano+


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Secondigliano+ Secondigliano is a relatively modern suburb in the north of Naples, in southern Italy.
 Secondigliano Alliance+ The Secondigliano Alliance (Italian: Alleanza di Secondigliano) is a strategic alliance of Camorra clans in Naples and its hinterland which controls drug trafficking and the extortion racket in many areas of Naples in the 1990s.
 Secondigliano (Naples Metro)+ Secondigliano is an under-construction metro station that will serve Line 1 on the Naples Metro. Secondigliano station, designed by Antonio Nanu, along with the Miano and Regina Margherita stations, will serve the Secondigliano and Miano areas.