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New Testament manuscript

Sinope Gospels
Gospel of Matthew+
Sinope 1899
Bibliothèque nationale de France+
| It is written in very large uncial letters. The manuscript is very lacunose.

; Contents
: Matthew 7:7-22; 11:5-12; 13:7-47; 13:54-14:4.13-20; 15:11-16:18; 17:2-24; 18:4-30; 19:3-10.17-25; 20:9-21:5; 21:12-22:7.15-14; 22:32-23:35; 24:3-12.

It contains five illuminated miniatures:
* the festival of Herod and death of John the Baptist (folio 10 verso)
* five thousand fed (folio 11 recto)
* four thousand fed (folio 15 recto)
* the healing of a blind man from Jericho (folio 29 recto)
* the cursing of the fig tree (folio 30 verso).

It was written in the 6th-century. The style of illustrations suggests Syria or Palestine (even Mesopotamia) as the place of its origin. The codex was purchased in 1899 at Sinope+ (hence its name), by a French officer from an old Greek woman. Its text was published by Henri Omont+ in 1901. At least one authority has suggested this manuscript has an association with a church at Çiftlik, which was under archeological excavation in 1998.

According to B. H. Streeter+ it is a tertiary witness of the Caesarean text-type+. This opinion was supported by Bruce Metzger+. Aland+ placed it in Category V+, which means the Byzantine text-type+.

43 leaves (all but one) of the codex now are located at the Bibliothèque Nationale+ of the ''Manuscrits occidentaux'' (Supplement Grec. 1286) at Paris+.

* List of New Testament uncials+


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Sinope Gospels+ The Sinope Gospels, designated by O or 023 (in the Gregory-Aland numbering), ε 21 (Soden), also known as the Codex Sinopensis, is a fragment of a 6th-century illuminated Greek Gospel Book.