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6 October 2007
Telewizja Polska+
''Wiesz więcej'' (You know more)
16:9+ 576i+ (SDTV+)

Polish digital+
MUX+ 3
Hot Bird 9+ (Europe+)
10719.25 H SR 27500 5/6 (FTA+)
Cyfrowy Polsat+
Channel 65
Channel 15
Orange TV+
Channel 10
UPC Poland+
Channel 320
Channel 103

'''TVP Info''' is a Polish+ news channel, run by the public broadcaster+ TVP+. It is dedicated to information programmes, airing nationwide news bulletins from 6:00 to 23:30 CET+.
Its main offices are located at the TVP news compound in central Warsaw+. TVP Info can be watched on terrestrial television and cable networks.

TVP Info replaced TVP3+ in 2007 and was launched October 2007. It had regional branches in most of the major Polish cities and, similarly to the France 3+ in France+ or Rai Tre+ in Italy+, for couple of hours every day it broadcast regional programming+, including local news and reports (from 17:00 to 20:00 CET and from 21:45 to 22:15 CET every day). These were transferred to the revived TVP Regionalna+ in September 2013.

TVP Info broadcasts news bulletins every half an hour around the clock. In addition during the day are broadcast current affairs programs:
* ''Poranek Info'' (''Info Morning'' - morning news from 5:55 to 11:00 CET)
* ''INFORozmowa'' (''INFOTalk'' - afternoon talk show)
* ''Twoje Info'' (''Your Info'' - interactive talk show)
* ''Puls Polski'' (''Pulse of Poland'' - reporters magazine)
* ''Dziś wieczorem'' (''Tonight'' - interview led by journalists "Wiadomości+" TVP1+)
* ''Minęła dwudziesta'' (''Eight p.m. has passed'' - talk show)
* ''Forum'' (talk show)
* ''Panorama dnia'' (''Panorama of the day'' - main news program, broadcast daily at 22:00)
* ''Jan Pospieszalski: Bliżej'' (''Jan Pospieszalski: More closely'' - controversial talk show, accused of favoring right-wing parties)
* ''KOD dostępu'' (''Access code'' - talk show hosted by Barbara Czajkowska)


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 TVP Info+ TVP Info is a Polish news channel, run by the public broadcaster TVP. It is dedicated to information programmes, airing nationwide news bulletins from 6:00 to 23:30 CET.
 TVR Info+ TVR Info was a niche TV channel that broadcast 24/7 mainly news, utility information, and live traffic images from the major cities through the country.