Is Osita Iheme (Porpo) prepping up to marry.?

After his close pal and partner in mischief got married, the rumors has been swelling on Osita Iheme's plans in the same regard and other activities he is engaged in. He chose to remain reclusive but finally decided to come forth and shed light on his plans for the future. Osita what have you been up to? Your fans are complaining that you have gone underground. ..I am not underground. I am still very much around and I am good. My fans should not worry. I am still around. Have you done any movies this year? I Just finished shooting a movie titled "Karangiya",a hausa movie. A little bird told me that you have started screening the kind of movies you pertake in. Is there any truth this? ...I am not in a lot of movies anymore because of the kind of stories and marketing strategy that has affected the movie industry. All these part 1 2 3 4 movies are not my style anymore. The little bird also whispered to me that you have increased your movie fees like the others. How much are you worth per movie? ...Yes my fees have increased but I cannot give an exact fee for now because it depends on the negotiating power of the person approaching me with the movie script. What are your plans for the rest of the year as concerns your profession? And on your private life, should we expect any wedding bells this year for you? ...I am actually working on a project, talent and skills , I am raising fund for the unemployed with good talent and also providing a platform for them And the 3rd edition of Osita Iheme quiz competition for secondary schools is on course Wedding bells? God is the greatest, everything will fall into place at the appointed time. Thank you for the interview Osita and all the best with the project up your sleeve. Thank you too.

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